Justin Bieber Racist Comments Unearthed, Singer Uses N-Word; Rappers Respond

Justin Bieber uses the N-word in unearthed footage of the singer as a 15-year-old.

Footage has surfaced of a 15-year-old Justin Bieber using the N-word.

The singer asks why Black people are afraid of chain saws and uses the N-word in his answer to his question. Someone in the clip can be heard asking him not to say it. 

According to TMZ, the footage was offered to them four years ago. They say they did not use it because the singer was 15 at the time and that he "immediately told his friends what he did was stupid." The site says one African American person was present when he said this and adds "that really doesn't matter much." 

The video was posted today (June 1) by "a British pay site," according to TMZ.  

TMZ reports that sources say Bieber is "frustrated and sad" and that he wants to address it publicly. The site says he will do so in the next day. 

Some have responded to this footage being released, including Killer Mike, who laughed at a comment made about Bieber on Twitter. Amanda Seales, who has gone by Amanda Diva, also commented on this, saying "GET HIM OUTTA HERE." Lord Jamar has also posted the clip of Bieber's comments on his timeline. 

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  • Anonymous

    Literally last heard that joke in probably 3rd grade, this is fucking stupid.

  • Anonymous

    The history of music has always been about dramatic evolution. Someone coming along and breaking the mold and steering each genre in an entirely new direction that forever changes it for the better. The day the Beatles dropped Sgt Peppers on Rock and created and began a new era. The day Nirvana dropped Nevermind on the world, and effectively ended the glamour rock era with a single song. Well hip hop, guess what, that day is here. And I will always remember the day this album dropped as the sea change. Sure, Cudi is out there, Lupe and Talib are sending a positive message, and ab soul, danny brown, kendric, hopsin and others are rowing in this direction. But this album is just on another level. Moving . . .thoughtful . . .honest. . . creative. As a person who has struggled with my own vices, a dad with kids, a man who wants to be a better person - this albumn reduced me to tears . . . a first for hip hop. The closest thing to this I can remember is the day that Nirvana dropped smells like teen spirit. I remember watching that video, and just thinking wow. I have never seen anything like this, its new, refreshing and incredible. For those of you who may be to young to remember, I would just tell you to pull up the Cherry Pie Video from Poison (#1 on the charts the day before Nirvana's album released) and compare it to Smells like teen spirit. And then pull up Two Chainz "birthday song" and compare it to Mac's "same love" or "Thrift shop." Its a new day in hip hop, and its future is brighter thanks to Macklemore!!

  • wendy

    thats not even how the joke goes, it goes there was a black kid and a white kid, and the black kid says my dad got a new car and it goes honke. honke. and white kid says o ya well my dad jus got a new chain saw and it goes run nigg. nigg. nigg.

  • ano

    if he made a jewish joke about the holocaust, jews will have him shut down. if he made an muslim joke, you know muslims dont play especially about their religion, but a black joke? its all good. smh come black people wake the fuck up.


    This nigga would never talk that shit in front of gucci. 1) Big = 6 foot 2 300 pounds 2) Bad = kills niggas smashes niggas with bear bottles, throws bitches out of a moving car, performs concerts with bullet proof vests, sells drugs. 3) Gucci the only true gangster in rap that is about that gangster life

    • youngjeezy678

      no one scared of Gucci not a grown man with a ice cream cone tattooed on his face. Are you serious lol Gucci. You must be 11 or close to that age. Next you going to say if Drake get in his face he gonna with he would have not said that lol. Gucci not going to say shit lol he know Baby might rape his ass too lol just like he did Lil Wayne and BG when they was kids.

    • Anonymous

      n what about big lurch...gucci hasnt eaten anyone big lurch 1 gucci mane 0

    • Anonymous

      well hes been pregnant for a couple years now so hes probably in the 250 range

    • Anonymous

      Gucci aint 300lb

  • Shakim Allah

    i aint got no problem with beiber, the racist assholes below however, can eat shit popsicles in the sun

  • Assassin221

    All you really need to know is that TMZ had it and didn't think it was worth reporting on.

    • Anonymous

      they decided more news about who he's with, how much he spent, and being the 1st there when he's pulled over is more important....got it

  • 510

    Personally as a nucca from "tha bay" ... shit was funny!!!

  • JayTwo

    We all tell jokes....who cares? I think I heard this joke from one of my best friends back in the day who is Mexican.

  • Kanye I Am God West

    I just wish you morons would use correct grammar whilst you insult.

    • Nice try

      Nice try, Shakim but you still sound stupid. Nas has excellent grammar. There's a difference between bad grammar and slang.

    • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

      Shakim, LMFAO!

    • Shakim Allah

      hey genius, you're on a HIPHOP site complaining about proper grammar??? WHO is the moron here? ctfuuuuuu , "Slang i use, upsets college professors" -Nas P.S. Tell your fucking mother that i will be over later tonight to vehemently fuck thee dogshit out of her, and force her to imbibe my seminal fluid, while your impotent father watches from the adjacent chair in the dining room. Next time you choose to speak to people with fecal matter on your tongue, do make a meticulous effort to discern from which poodle's anal cavity you've gotten it from...

    • JayTwo

      I'm with you Kanye...

    • Anonymous

      Fuck off grammar fag, this aint school.

  • Anonymous

    Just to show like all racists, he just wanted (still wants to be) 'black' or his ideas of 'black' is. Look at who he's been hanging with lately. Need I say more?

    • Anonymous

      Money, you are responding to the wrong comment for one because if you were rightly responding to the above comment then it means your reading comprehension is quite low. If not, then you would understanding the reason 'black' is emphasize in different spots and I stand by what I stated above because for one I am black and two if acting like a clown and emasculated way a la Wayne and these gender confused rappers is seen as being 'black' by that white pop singer then he has it all wrong. With regards to talent, money I got more talents than all these clowns put together; as far as money, I'm not rich but I am a proprietor i.e. my house I own, my car I own,I don't lease, I don't rent. Above all, I'm black and proud and a man..the asiatic black man, father of civilization, god of the universe.

    • A1

      Have you lost your mind? I mean, how is it that you can disrespect a mans ethnicity when you know weve influenced nearly every facet of white America. From our music to our style of dress, not to mention your basic imitation of our sense of cool walk, talk, dress, mannerisms. We enrich your very existence, all the while contributing to the gross national product through our achievements in corporate America. Its these conceits that comfort me when Im faced with the ignorant, cowardly, bitter and bigoted who have no talent, no guts. People like you who desecrate things they dont understand when the truth is you should say Thank you, man, and go on about your way

    • Someone jelly

      First off I am black, faggot. " little fag you ifolize" Im not the one who's obsessed with this kid you fuckin weirdo, many time you commented on this now?? Faggot.

    • Anonymous

      Na, you're the faggot, you fucking fruit, what I stated was facts and you fall in the same fucking category with that little fag that you idolize, fucking cornbread, stop trying to act black, ain't no 'can't we all get along' shit going here, fucker. Eat a dick.

    • Someone jelly?

      get over it faggot. Why you so obsessed with this kid?? Its obvious from the comments below that its the same person repeating the same bullshit,

  • d mac

    blame your ancestors for the word, if they weren't so evil and perverted with their treatment we probably wouldn't be here today having this discussion, nobody forced them to whip, cut off limbs, rape, torture their workers and then after that segregate, discriminate, kill, stalk, steal, jail from their former workers the question you weirdos should be asking is why do YOU wanna use it so bad? you ain't black and they use it to take it away from you, DO YOU FEEL LEFT OUT? wanna be down and cool that bad you wanna talk like the black kids, huh? y'all ain't crying about not using your OTHER race's slurs, we see y'all

    • d mac

      I'm more mad about net neutrality, know about that? then I come here and still read whites talking about welfare and chicken, "get over slavery", why you can't use the n-word, y'all ain't as colorblind as you think, your own are about to rob us and your attention is on "you blacks....."

    • Tha D

      Lol @ d mac/chill black guy. You need to calm down nigg@, your dumbass is real funny getting so emotional from behind your keyboard.

    • d mac

      I may be an uneducated, uninformed moron BUT IM REALLY ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING *blood vessel bursts*

  • Dear White Guy

    YOU ONLY FURTHER PROVE MY POINT lol Jusint isn't like this anymore, he likes kickin it wit tha brothas we know how to have a good time. but notice how you couldnt reply to my comment on any deeper level... you sir are BOOF

    • aggressive indian

      now that BLACK PEOPLE(people of color) make $$$ off the RACISM that YALL CREATED but CANT use (PUBLICLY) YALL feel some type of WAY now? yall been coming out with tyler perry movies for a decade now

    • Chill Black Guy

      LONG AWAITED REPLY, (sorry i was busy) emotional? nigga that shit was funny lmao YOU RESPONDING to me was FUNNY because it proves you MAD and EXPOSED. you PROVED my point by diverting from it my point was that WHITE PEOPLE have made tons of $$$ off RACISM now that BLACK PEOPLE(people of color) make $$$ off the RACISM that YALL CREATED but CANT use (PUBLICLY) YALL feel some type of WAY what's your stance on that sir? can you argue without insulting me ? or is that too much ?

    • White guy


    • Black guy

      Justin said it years ago... lets get over it. I certainly am not upset. Just as long as he doesn use the word in any manner again

    • White guy

      Waiting for ur reply here genius

    • White guy

      "YOU ONLY FURTHER PROVE MY POINT".....................huh? Did u even read my comment or are u just a simple minded retard,lol. Hopefully u can explain how I proved the "POINT" that you couldnt make, lmao. Sounds like ur getting real emotional there, maybe u cal ask justin for a kleenex lol.

  • Chill Black Guy

    DEAR WHITE PEOPLE no one has condemned your precious Justin lol IN FACT most black people, like myself, LAUGHED when they saw this nonsense lol but whats REALLY FUNNY is how DEFENSIVE yall have been in the past few hours. y'all always get DEFENSIVE when we find out what y'all talk about in quote on quote private. YES black people have made THOUSANDS even MILLIONS on racist jokes, innuendo, etc. but haven't we as a PEOPLE EARNED THAT RIGHT? lol i know it makes yall feel some kinda way to not have access to something, proven how yall have CONQUERED the world for that privileged lol but that''s beside the point. when YALL make RACIST jokes, yall look like assholes, because YALL have already profited off of RACISM. now when it's OUR turn, y'all actin FUNNY STYLE. y'all BOOF

    • jhdf

      nigga kill ya self! My nigga JA RULE would murk this fool!

    • History

      Yea, no other race besides blacks were mistreated. History only started 400 years ago. The people who built the pyramids, rome, greece etc were all treated great, got vacation pay, overtime, lunch breaks and sick leave. Only blacks had hard times. The jews who got starved to death, gassed and watched their children get tortured to death in front of them really had it pretty easy. How come y'all aint mad at your own people for SELLING you in the first place??

    • Pick up a history book

      yall have CONQURED the world Not all white people share the same history you fucking idiot.

    • White guy

      Yeah he's so "precious" to us lol. U can have him if u like, he seems to be more accepted in ur community then ours.

  • rideonemjixxer

    That word is the biggest double standard ever. Yes, he is an idiot for telling that joke on camera, but almost every black comic I've ever heard spends most of their time telling racist jokes. Hel, I'll bet almost everyone on this site has told a racist joke before. Not defending Justin, because I personally cant stand him, but people are too sensitive and love to play victim as soon as they see an op. Racist is here,and its not going anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    they hate Justin Bieber more then hate the N word but love using it.

  • Slim Shady

    I said it and you Blacks still buy my albums and praise me. You even DEFEND me calling you Ni**ers and saying your women are money-hungry dumb b*tches (Foolish Pride song). And Yet you wonder why we say you're stupid. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    But if Katt Williams said it everyone would laugh.

  • Imran Mohammad

    Fuck this little two faced faggot devil. Lets see this little wimp say that shit to a black mans face

  • chippa

    I wonder what's on Puffy's mind, he bought him a Lambo back in a the day.....Lol

  • AR

    This kid is a waste of space.

  • Real Talk 100

    Stop fighting NBA owners and teen pop singers. That's for pussies. Start fighting REAL racism in this country by our government...the War on Drugs, the fake War on Poverty, restrictive occupational licensing, police brutality, racist incarceration rates, piss poor government education, etc etc etc. And all the general oppression of all peoples: inflationary monetary policy, Wall Street bailouts, NSA spying.

  • Real Talk 100

    Racist jokes by 15 year olds are common and funny. RELAX. CHILL. Stop acting like uptight, tight ass, oversenstive pussies. The real civil rights generation had dogs sicked on them and fire hoses leveled at them and had to deal with real threats of lynching and cross burnings and FBI spying on them and bomb threats and real bombings etc etc. This new fake civil rights generation cries like pussies over fuckin Justin Bieber telling a corny racist joke.

  • DowJonez


  • Pharaoh

    So let me get this straight. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle etc can make millions from making racist jokes but a 15 year old kid can't make 1 racist joke without being condemned, is that right? FOH YOU BUNCH OF FUCKING HYPOCRITS sidenote: Fuck Justin Beiber too he's a leech on Hip Hop culture and should of never been let near it. Blame clowns like Raekwon for cosigning that shit happening...

    • WOOP

      Nigga cant even spell pharoah right n shit get it together blood you aint even from Yeeegypt 5

    • Anonymous

      ^ nigga FOH White people can't say nigga. OVER

    • WOOP

      ayo who is you my nigga get it straight justin beiber got blooded in back in 06 so dead that fuck shit i heard hes the reason a couple niggas walkin around toronto with facial scars n bullet wounds treal talk but i dont snitch so you didnt hear it from me n raekwon thought justin beiber was a girl n he was tryna holler at him so why not give a nigga a verse? niggaz is dumb as fuck blood

  • Anonymous

    "Lord Jamar has also posted the clip of Bieber's comments on his timeline." hhdx just got another $6.21 deposited into its account

  • 1

    Is that it?!? GTFO Plus it was a joke

  • Anonymous

    thought saying nigga was racist...if so, we have a lot of self hating blacks in rap.

  • wassd

    positively pounding pretty preteen pink pissing pussy

  • Jaffar

    lmao he said run nigga nigga nigga nigga!! dead

  • wassd

    to be really real i wish every day i was swimming in preteen pussy that worshipped me. it's a lot better than being cussed at by bitter black women my whole pathetic miserable fucking life. im 22. is it too late to become a teen pop sensation? i just want to be loved.

  • KnockKnock

    I dunno we all tell a racist joke from time to time, I really don't like this bieber kid much but I doubt he a racist and I think we should just move on.

  • Anonymous

    jesus. it's a bad joke. all these black people who have a go at him probably have some anti-white lines in their songs. hypocrites. Also, let's hate on something a 15 year old said.

  • Anonymous

    That was bad to say, but I think what eminem said was worse.

  • Stefanie Rabatsch

    Why is this surprising? Hitler was infatuated with Stef Rab before he gassed the Jews. Strom Thurmond hated black men but sure desired a black woman enough to nut in her to produce a black child...And finally I type this: Before Fox television was what it is today it pulled in a talented man by the name of Keenan Ivory Wayans to build the new channels viewership...Why? Because black people watch the most television and quickly buy into and support monetarily foolishness. Justin's trailer park trash parents and he know that if black people buy into you, you will be rich forever like Rick Ross. Hope all this intelligence doesn't cause hiphopdx to implode..It's run by Biebers too. Definition of a Bieber snot nose racist white boys that snuggle up to the culture for the money and the real hope of having the coolness of black rub off. They refuse to believe they have a superiority complex and also believe white privilege is not the ONLY reason why they have what they believe is a leg up.

    • Anonymous

      equal employment opportunity act nigggggggggggggggggggga bang bang

    • D

      haha you believe that a black scienteist made white people from grafting skin from a pig and a rat that makes you FUCKING STUPID and GULLIBLE and it means SCIENTISTS LAUGH AT YOUR DUMB ASS. You want people to take your race seriously quit believing in stupid ass science fiction and trying to pass it off as fact. - Jacob White

    • Stefanie Rabatsch

      You learned something new today didn't you yacub? I would say you're welcome but you mofos ain't grateful for zilch.

    • wasd

      nigga ive had some trash sluts back in the day before i had my whip. it's hard to get your dick into quality pussy. they standards is high as fuck and to be honest most of em dont care about u. so it make sense that hitler would be fuckin a jew and strom who dehydrated himself just so he could filibuster against civil rights would be fuckin a nigga bitch. notorious big said it best "reminisce on hoes whose coochie use to stink/while we rock house pieces and puffy gucci links" just cuz we fuckin em it dont give em props if anything it only make em mo raggedy cuz we had em while we was nothin. strom was 22 and she was 16. teenage love aint nothin but gettin u dick wet while u aint got shit to get a real aryan woman.

  • fuckcrackers

    Justin Beiber is young Donald Sterling..Hey lil wayne is fag boy still your friend

  • DBlood

    Nigga I aint even gonna front, i laughed my ass of at this. Fuck this guy tho.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber just went up a notch in my book. That puts him at notch 1.

  • Geusyd


    • Anonymous

      Proven fact British tabloids made more than three billi off harassing mj how many trillion they got rape outta this damn they started young

  • Geusyd


  • Tha Homie in His Basement

    What I learn most about white people from reading these mostly white comments, is that they have a massive superiority complex. They're very self righteous and think they're somehow "above" the things a lot of 'black people' choose to rap about. "How dare they talk about the struggles they had to deal with at the hands of white people, how dare they rap from the perspective a person from a white created ghetto, how dare they rap about having a better life after being deprived of anything and everything their whole lives. They should act like hipsters or pick up a dictionary and use big words to impress us. We control this shit and we should dictate what they do, even though they invented and we're just guests" lol That's what you guys sound like to me. White people have forgotten that they're just guests in our house. They have gotten WAAYYYY to bold and comfortable with this shit, look at these comments. They're no longer just buying rappers music for what it is, or accepting it... They actually think they can control it. They feel entitled to our music, as if it's the natural order of the world for them to take what we have. It's kind of unbelievable to me. It's articles like this that remind me why I don't have any white friends!!

    • Anonymous

      "Nigga you ain't have white friends cuz you ass is bitter and sensitive as fuck" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lord jamar. And it's the opposite on the internet. More racism towards white people than black on certain sites and that guests line takes the cake.

    • VIV

      Nigga you ain't have white friends cuz you ass is bitter and sensitive as fuck

  • Anonymous

    LMMMAAAOOO!!! yall dont even see what MEDIA is tryna do.... yall have fun with THIS lil sidebar shit.

  • Now

    Run niggas run whatever music you created we own it Hip Hop greatest rapper EM, R&B Justin Bieber and soul Justin Timberlake, Niggas go to F back to Africa, We rule your'll

  • Kizman

    Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks around the world...So why the fuck are ya'll worried about who can say "nigga" and who can't??? Muthafuckas that try to pretend or pacify the word nigga to mean jus somebody who's ignorant, regardless of race is following along with a RACIST agenda...Making you believe that calling somebody who's black a nigga isn't racist...That way they you can't bring them to justice...White people have the burden of proving that they are overall better than anyone else, so they are constantly thinking of ways to separate themselves from the prejudice mindsets of their grandparents, who were very honest and open about how they felt towards people of color. Today they cloak their bigotry with humor, cuteness and whit...A cowardly stance but much more effective because now they can execute racism and you'll buy into it because it's not overtly demeaning. If a white person calls you a nigga or thinks that shit is cool or tries to justify doing it because black people call themselves that word...do yourself a favor and get the fuck away from them ASAP...they are not your friend!!!

  • Anonymous

    It seems like the term "racist" is being very misrepresented here. being racist means you dislike a certain group based on their race. He made a dumb joke. Nowhere in his dumb joke was there an mention of blacks being inferior or him hating blacks. it was just somewhat of a play on words. The N-word is just a word. i do believe it's never appropriate to use for any race but he didn't use it in a racist manner, he was just being ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. US has gone batshit crazy with the race card. niggas supposed to be Gs but every time a white guy says nigga, they eyes wet.

    • Anonymous

      finally I don't think he's racist or bigot, but that's the prejudice showing, and him being in that spotlight he has to clear up his stance, joke, 15 or whatever but I will say, because of the arrests and talk of it being his "entourage" who's leading him astray (which so happen to be brothers in it), and the lil twist incident, don't be surprised that with all the people claiming he didn't use this in a prejudiced context will champion him "cleaning his life up", people have seen this change of events being played out as we breathe

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Who gives a shit? DX needs to put up a link to Drake's new songs 0 to 100 & Catchup on their front page. Both those tracks are fire! Drake will go down as one of the all-time greats when it's all said and done. Drake's throw away songs are classics.

  • Rantmaster2

    Y'all surprised? Everyone is racist especially when they think they are in private. Everyone has prejudices but "act" politically correct when there are people watching. Act like y'all never said fucked up shit about different groups of people. So again, y'all really surprised??

    • Anonymous

      1) He knew he was being filmed, so this wasn't in private. 2) Umm, no. Assholes say fucked up shit about other races when they think no one else is listening. Everyone else knows better. Please sit the fuck down and let the grown ups talk.

  • StizzyPR

    Nigs always butt hurt over jokes. The joke was actually funny.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    SURPRISE!! Who didn't see this one coming? And, of course, Killer Mike NEVER misses a chance to comment on white people! Fuck Biebs!

    • Anonymous

      Then he will go make another Run the Jewels album with a white guy that raps better than he does

  • Cap0ne

    It was only a joke! PLUS he was only 15 when he made the cotton field ni**a joke. My daddys dad was a anti race hate activist, and he said it was a totally non malicious (this means harmless) joke. JB gets a pass in kentucky. Your welcome to come and view our plentiful and well kept fields sir.

    • Anonymous

      ^proof they teach their kids the old klan pamphlets "grandpa said uncle jerry used to tell the jokes all the time at supper and at the barbershop" told you quick it wasn't him and it's a "malicious joke", but didn't explain to you how justin's context may differ than the original you weren't there to know why he quoted that, what his day was like and why it stuck in his mind to broadcast it and neither was grandpa, let's see if all them brothers in KY agree with your welcome mat

  • Anonymous

    It's official! Justin Bieber is the last straw. ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST IN NORTH AMERICA. It is time for us black people to move back to Africa where no one will be racist against us because we are the same color. Actually we are lighter from the slavemaster's blood. Let's trade in our Bentleys for mules. Our houses for a hut. Our restaurants for no food. Our clothes for no clothes. That will be the life!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "The site says one African American person was present when he said this and adds "that really doesn't matter much." ^ like he spoke for all, lol but this is where you young brothers and sisters need to pay attention because it may be YOU who is colorblind, you let your guard down not realizing you are the "token" friend who's existence gives them the pass to do dumb sh-t like that, don't be afraid to tell them to cut it out or stop f-cking with them, that "fun" may turn to a prank that goes wrong for the black because whites planned their fun at your expense bad part is what I said is for any group of people but we have a white superior/black inferior problem in the us...it goes for rich, important, and business as well...


    You wanted him, you got him! We most certainly do not want Justin Bieber back.

  • Dwight K Schrute

    I'm white, I dont give a fuck if it was a joke or not, export this little wannabe ass negro back to canada.

  • drake runs rap

    who cares jb still cool with drake and drake got jb a hood pass so he safe. Plus all these dark skin niggas allways act butt hurt over petty shit like this. Y'all take bad about us light skin niggas atleast we don't cry about stuff like this get over it

  • Krunk

    You can always tell who the white commenters are on this site. "It was just a joke", "It's no big deal". A lot of white people are always quick to dismiss some bullshit that shouldn't have even been said. It's rather interesting that many listen to hip-hop but don't see any issues with some little shit telling dumb ass racist jokes. It gives you a clearer picture on how Black folks are viewed. "Ya'll can entertain us but don't get mad if we view you as less than us" SMH Justin Bieber isn't even hip-hop but you have so many corny ass rappers dickriding him, trying to take their career to the next level that this is a relevant topic to discuss. Rappers were quick to condemn Donald Sterling but you'll see the ones who start backtracking and giving passes to this little boy because he's "down" or use the age excuse like folks are doing on this site. Sad.

    • Krunk

      @ Anonymous - Yes, it's not just white. But does that mean folks should give Justin Bieber some kind of pass because some Black or Asian person somewhere said something racist? Bieber got caught on video, regardless of age, saying something that wasn't even funny. It should be addressed. My point is that I find it funny some white people who profess to love Hip-Hop, which still is predominately black, can't grasp the concept that his "jokes" are offensive to some. I also think it's sad that some black rappers will give him a pass simply because he's a pop singer and they're too scared to address the situation for fear of not getting a JB feature. @ white man's world - thanks for proving my point about the mindset of some of the white youth who frequent a Hip-Hop website.

    • told y'all they ain't smart

      anybody who goes to a KFC knows they don't take food stamps so thanks for letting us know mommy still buys your food and daddy's teaching you the old klan stereotypes we see y'all slipping into the Chinese restaurants ordering that fried chicken trying to front like you don't eat it, LOL but pay attention to what that bigot said brothers and sisters, because if it was REALLY about being colorblind and equality, they wouldn't wish to uphold the discriminative system and say "get over it"

    • Anonymous

      Everyone on this earth is a little bit racist. It's not just white.

    • White mans world

      get over it lets face facts here. Almost every white person is racist some folks just hide it better than others. I bet you would still work for your white boss even if you knew he was racist. Most blacks would still collect their welfare checks and go to kfc even if they knew the manager was racist. Its a white mans world and you just have to deal with it. Not like you blacks will do anything about it anyways just like the clippers players who continued to play for Donald Sterling to get paid regardless of what he said or not.

  • Eaton center

    Justin Bieber is a bitch made. We beat his ass down here in Toronto last year.

  • SXCV

    Typical Yacub thinking, hahaha Word to Killer Mike

  • Justin Bieber

    I will be at the Apollo theater. Next month. I shall keep you posted. Peace niggas

  • Anonymous

    Really? Who gives a shit. it was a joke. hahahaha! Can't really take this serious. So a black person makes a joke regarding white people, does that make him racist? smh

  • Mike Simunaci

    and lil wayne just got done giving him props #idiot

  • Omar

    I love Justin Bieber and Im a black man. I fuck with you Justin, i know you aint racist

  • J

    So? who cares. Go on about your life.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, people need to keep digging shit like this up and get the biebs out of the mainstream spotlight. So damn tired of hearing about his Popsicle stick neck and that Selena Ho.

  • Anonymous

    So 5 years ago Justin Beiber told a racist joke please forgive me if I dont give a shit.

  • Anonymous

    Get ready for a new Lord Jamar article where he speaks on this

  • Anonymous

    Where is the article lambasting Killer Mike for his racist comments? Bieber is a clown but the guy was 15 years old and we have all said and done stupid shit at that age.

  • marshall mathers

    boo hoo he said the n word, lock him up quick smh its said every mother fuckin day

  • Anonymous

    Ross needs to control his lil bitches

  • Anonymous

    Bugatti Biebs always keeps it real!

  • >_

    You are some sad niggas if a 15 year old telling a stupid joke gets you pissed off and just shows your own immaturity.

  • Chainsaw

    I don't find it that rude but I'm white so I'm not entirely sure. It wasn't even funny so no point in even saying it.

  • Anonymous

    Not a big deal at all everyone has made a stereotype jokes, saying stereotype jokes doesn't make you a racist and second this is considered a stereotype and not racist..

  • Anonymous

    he's still gonna sell a ton of records even if black people stop supporting him..

    • TheRealness

      @Your Name *: i'm black and I don't even listen to Eminem even when he was hot dude is overrated and corny. And my favorite white rapper is Action Bronson/Beastie Boys..

    • Anonymous

      ^ The Game called it that, not Nas.

    • Anonymous

      @ Your Name. I'm not sure if you're trolling or just young. Eminem did say something like this. How did Nas put it, "on that black bitch track."

    • Your Name *

      Maybe so. And if so, it's just for a couple more years. It's mistakes like this that makes one career fatal. Look at Eminem. He's even more in a black culture doing his thing. HIP HOP. And not once does he even comes close to saying something like that. That's just being smart and not to forget; knowing your place. BIEBER IS A IDIOT !

  • p

    Not a fan of JB, don't think much of him either. But let be real he's not racist and i'm guessing he was just a kid in this video... the media though is going to love this

  • Third3ye

    I'm white and when I was 15 I was watching comedians like George Carlin and Bill Hicks. This fool was laughing at LAME & CORNY racist jokes that nobody over the age of 10 should laugh at. I heard that wack ass joke when I was like 7, it was unfunny then and its unfunny now.

  • bob

    really not that big of a deal. everyone black or white has said this joke before and because hes famous its considered racist. but if a black guy says anything about white people its no big deal right?

    • try again, dumbass

      lol Anonymous can't read..

    • @chillson

      Pleasure to meet the voice for all black people

    • chillson

      Not a Bieber fan either, but I agree. It's not that big of a deal and I'm black. He's 15 years old in that vid. WHO CARES!?!?!?

    • Guy

      im not saying what bieber said was okay but comparing him to donald sterling is taking it way too far.

    • Anonymous

      It's never a big deal when white people say something? Did you see what just happened to Donald Stering? You're retarded. I wish HipHopDX made people login through Facebook cause I'd love to find you and beat the retard out of you

  • Anonymous

    JB that nigga TMZ the devil

  • bg

    it's just a joke ok? jokes are based on stereotypes which are offensive in nature.. if you say a joke about blondes are you misogyny? racist racist racist everybody is yellin these days..

    • bg

      no... if man says a joke about blonde woman so blonde woman can see misogyny... as well as when black man hear a joke about black people which is says by white man so it could sounds racist to him... it's all what i'm talking about..

    • Anonymous

      Blonde jokes are about gender? Do you hear yourself? Women jokes are about gender. Blonde jokes are about the perceived stereotype that blonde people are stupid. There's generally a brunette female and redhead female who are portrayed as intelligent in blonde jokes. I'm done responding to low IQ bastards... There do exist jokes specifically about women ya know... Blonde jokes are about gender lmao go away back to your remedial classes

    • ff

      Actually blonde jokes are about gender. They are about blonde women. They're not usually unisex jokes that include blonde guys.

    • Anonymous

      Blonde isn't a gender... Do you know what misogyny means? Lol you should get some extra courses in this summer break...

  • Anonymous

    I'm assuming none of his pet house negros think anything about this, right?

  • Anonymous

    This is worse than what Sterling said and the whole black community went up in arms about Sterling. Yet because he's friends with black people it's ok? Fuck outta here

    • metv3

      This was a joke.....How is this worse? This was actually funny. Sterling saying he doesn't want black people going to his games and not renting to blacks & Hispanics is worse than telling a joke at 15.

  • Anonymous

    smh this kid will get away with it and his team will put him with loads of black rappers and smh

  • Anonymous

    Donald Sterling was also taped illegally and folks thrashed him, let's see if y'all do the same about this fuckboi


    Im a real street dude, hear me nigga ?? ... usually I dont like white people but I give props to da lil homie Justin !! feel me nigga ?? da lil home is co-signed by my black people Wayne, Drake and Ross ... he got real black friends!!! Justin is a talented kid, I support him. #CHI-RAQ

  • Anonymous

    what does this have to do with hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    This surprised the hell out of me...I was one of the few who supported this dude, but I guess he's just like all the others. Are all white people racist??? Damn, even the white people involved with black culture and have all black friends are racist as shit. This is why I don't allow any of these scumbags in my life. They will smile in your face then say shit on the internet or when they're around all white people and feel comfortable. White people are cowards, fuck um all.

    • Real Street nigga

      every white man is racist some just hide it better its a fact. Thats why us real niggas need to stick together

    • Anonymous

      Yes Justin Bieber is representative of the entire Caucasian population of Earth. I don't like black people because Chief Keef can't say a full sentence and makes terrible music. He represents all black people. See what I did there?

    • Wow really

      I don't think he's racist. In order to be racist you have to feel superior to others and I don't think he does. He just said a racist joke

    • Ra

      Calm down. It's a freakin' practical joke and u just acting like he joined the KKK. Jesus, must suck being you taking everything so freakin serious. And i never liked JB, just stating the obvious here.

  • Anonymous

    "Justin Bieber: you think you are black but really, you are Yacoubian. ask @lordjamar." LMAO

  • Anonymous


  • isaaclwetherbee

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  • Anonymous

    While you all compain of bieber, eminem made a song calling black women niggas.

    • Anonymous

      You're both wrong. He never called black women that in the song. Have you even heard it? However, he does say on Biterphobia: "So I'm bringing my nig' Proof for backup when I sing at my gig"

    • Anonymous

      He said blacks are dumb and only want your money. The song where he says the n word never came out. His lawyers blocked benzino and the source from releasing the tape.

  • Anonymous

    Black people stay losing. He called Usher Raymond a ni99er to his face and Usher did nothing. Ask L.A Reid.

  • Amanda Seales Looking For Work

    She's a nobody doesn't even have wiki was on some nick at night for a few episodes before getting cancelled then did radio shows after GET HER OUTTA HERE LOL....She's irrelevant HHDX

  • And?...

    Is anyone really surprised that Bieber used the N word in a joke? This was years back, and this kid wasn't any more mature than any other 15 year old would be at this stage in their life. People need to quit acting like they expect a kid to be racially conscious.

  • Anonymous

    The joke isn't even funny...

  • Wow really

    This one isn't so bad, I thought he went in but instead he told a joke A LOT of white kids tell at his age, just log into Xbox Live and on top of that it's not original at all.

    • Wow really

      What Everest campus did you go to?? You're the one with reading comprehension issues, no one said anything about getting offended on Xbox live. I asked why is the n word still offensive, clear difference. But anyways, JB should get a pass for this, I've said worse at 15. Especially when it just came out of my mouth, I didn't have to hear it first

    • Anonymous

      You guys really went somewhere else with your comments on this article. This is about Justin Bieber saying some racist stuff and you turned it into why do people get offended on Xbox Live. You all have to have like a grade school education lol

    • Wow really

      I'm not sure what you mean, Xbox Live is solid, especially when people keep finding themselves on the wrong side of the kill cam and call me the n word because of it. Why does the n word offend people anymore anyways? That word is sooooo old, it lets people know who's really inferior if that's all they have in their insult arsenal

    • Anonymous

      Well, if somebody really uses and pays for Live, they deserve to hear some shitty jokes. =Dddd

  • RC

    Is anybody honestly really surprised by this?? This punk is the definition of fakin' the funk straight up biter no style taker. He's only down with whatever makes money. He doesn't love us, he doesn't love the people or the culture. Everybody wanna be smiles & profit off us but on the low in private hates us. Kick these God damn culture vultures the fuck out the artform!!

  • Fuck Outta Here

    His music sucks and he's a spoiled little douchebag, but I'm not going to judge someone for some shit they said when they were 15 years old.

  • Anonymous

    he is not racist he is just stupid lets be real

  • Anonymous

    This shouldn't even be a surprise to anybody.

  • Doubl Negative

    These and other similar comments would only upset and offend me if I respected whites more. Hating whites for being racially prejudiced is the equivalent of hating spiders for having eight legs.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Amanda Seales???

    • Amanda Seales Looking For Work

      She's a nobody doesn't even have wiki was on some nick at night for a few episodes before getting cancelled then did radio shows after GET HER OUTTA HERE LOL....She's irrelevant HHDX!

  • p

    Ngga has lost its meaning. People nowadays use it as homie or other things. I'm black and i use it on a daily base multiple times a day probably lie most blacks. please stop being mad at this kid. that would be hypocrite

  • ff

    omg who gives a shit? yeah the kid is a fucking fag but c'mon don't sit here and pretend that none of you have said nigga when joking around or whatever with friends.


    Meh...How many of you have told offensive jokes about other races, the handicapped, women, other men, other women, gays, etc. Let's keep it 100.

  • STFUUIgnants

    Its part of their culture and psychology to hate black ppl and anyone non white...thats why the 5% Nation and groups like that SHOULD exist and is needed. If they dont exist their will still hate black ppl anyway

  • travis jones

    Fucking sensitive moons

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    It's okay guys my boss Rick Ross and Diddy gave him a nigga pass. They let him go to the clubs with them and have him take off his shirt. Rozay even brings him up on stage with him to pay tribute to 2Pac, Biebervelli tha Don is officially one of us.

  • dom

    im mixed race i personally hate justin biebers music, but i've heard this joke when i was 15 years old (i am now 21) theres so many more offensivew ones for example "an apple & black man fall out of a tree at the same time, which hits the ground first? the apple because the ropes holding the black man in the air" now thats offensive, so i really don't see why everyones acting like justin small dick i'm sorry dickhead, oops his second names bieber, has just had the kkk in his video

  • Jeremy

    Ok attention my black people, How many of you were actually offended by the first racist joke you ever heard. It must be the first racist joke if this joke offended you, Ive heard WAY worse in conversations with FRIENDs. To keep it short - Over-sensitive ass niggas, get the fuck over it. No one really gives a damn.

    • Anonymous

      ^^then they (and you) are sensitive then. plus, im sure black ppl making racial jokes about white ppl all the time, some which are just as "offensive" as the joke bieber said, therefore you mofos are some hypocrites...but go ahead and keep playing the race card cry babies

    • Anonymous

      a lot og ppl do give a fuck, you ignorant racist piece of shit

  • Rod Davis

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  • Jayceon

    This is nothing compared to anything Lord Jamar says about white people.

  • Real Nukka

    Lord Jamar will fuck this faggots throat while Mr Cee rapes his ass from behind for talking that shit

  • fuck yo opinion

    that was jus black humor even tho jb is a fuckin faggot stop cryin most black rappers hatin on white ppl and nobody says shit so stfu

  • Imran

    Fucking little racist worm. Any black person in the media who associates with this two faced devil faggot is a Uncle Tom.

  • GTFO

    All Justin's little white fans coming to defend their poseur God.

    • Anonymous

      correction: every single goddamn thing a white person says or does

    • Anonymous

      you don't need to be white or fan of bieber to have the common sense to realize that a racial joke alone is not hard evidence that bieber is a racist. if you got offended by this joke, and you have made jokes about white ppl, then you are a bitch and a hypocrite. enough with blacks crying out racism and pulling out the race card over every single goddamn damn a white person says or does. smh

  • KT tha Prophet

    all i see is an immature, insensitive 15 year old. i'm positive that every day a white teenager makes a similar joke somewhere in america. take the focus off of beiber and put it on the society that makes these jokes acceptable. this is not news people. move along.

    • Anonymous

      correction: disprove your theory

    • wow really is STILL retarded

      "Wait, government assistance is for blacks only?? Am I missing something? Hahaha, get real." you can't comprehend what you've read i see. nowhere in my comment did i say that government assistence is only for black ppl, i just simply stated that there are lots of blacks who rely on it. "Black people didn't ask for reparations, they were promised them and for lack of better word got reneged on." ^^Citation needed on this part where you prove that it's a fact that they were "promised" reparations. "Ok, white people literally have EVERYTHING else" If you're referring to the top 1-10% of white ppl, sure. If you are referring to other 90 percent of white people, then you're statement is wrong. "so why can't blacks have a joke here and there?" so countless black comedians (especially in the 90s) for many years who have literally spent their entire act making jokes about white ppl is here and there? black ppl, who make jokes about white ppl all the time is here and there? get the fuck out. "When has it ever hurt to be white??" ask the jews and every other euro white who are dead from enslavement and genocide centuries back...or did you think that slavery happened to blacks only? on top of that humans (regardless of race) gets hurt everyday, so your argument is weak and not well thought out at all. "equality is not here because we don't get treated as good as everyone else gets treated" talk to the cambodians, indians from asia, latins in el savador, talk to the "illegal aliens" in the us, im sure they would prove your theory about black ppl being the ONLY ppl on earth being mistreated based on race. "Welfare is a form of sorry for slavery, lmfao gtfo" yet many blacks happily accept it with no problem, lmfao gtfo!

    • Wow really

      Wait, government assistance is for blacks only?? Am I missing something? Hahaha, get real. Black people didn't ask for reparations, they were promised them and for lack of better word got reneged on. Ok, white people literally have EVERYTHING else, so why can't blacks have a joke here and there? When has it ever hurt to be white?? And equality is not here because we don't get treated as good as everyone else gets treated. Welfare is a form of sorry for slavery, lmfao gtfo

    • wow really is retarded

      "black kids can get away with stupid jokes, no one got reparations so we should be able to at least say something if we feel like it." so basically, because government assistence that many black ppl already have and rely on isn't enough, and because you want another hand out (aka reparations), that means that the double standards of blacks telling racial jokes vs. whites telling racial jokes is okay?? that is retard logic. "Equality isn't all the way here yet" yeah because getting more hand outs (im sorry, reparations) will be 100% vital in the demise of racism blacks and all other races face, riiiight!

    • Wow really

      black kids can get away with stupid jokes, no one got reparations so we should be able to at least say something if we feel like it. Equality isn't all the way here yet

    • Anonymous

      What about all the little black kids that make racist jokes too. cant focus only just one race but racism in general.

  • Anonymous

    Elvis, Eminem, Justin Bieber....and the list goes on.

    • wads

      eminem was a 15 year old preaching real knowledge that many black rappers say about their own women. gold digger by kanye west was a #1 hit. come on. the list goes on.

    • Burgundy

      Yep Em said that shit. But the Elvis thing never happened

    • Anonymous

      But Eminem made a whole song about how black girls are golddiggers and 'blacks only want your money'. I think it's called foolish pride.

    • CC

      Eminem made a song dissing a black girls that he use to date when he was younger should look it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDJDhVkRhtQ

    • Anonymous

      That whole Elvis thing is bullshit, he never said shit. It aint recorded anywhere, just a rumor started by haters.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem didn't say the n-word...

  • Anonymous

    It not a joke isn't this a fact.

  • SJ

    Not to defend him or anything but seriously, who hasn't told a racist joke at some point? Lets not blow this out of proportion.

  • Anonymous

    As many racist things are said daily about whites and jews on this site, nobody here has the right to cry about this like their offended. If you can't take it don't dish it out.

  • Please Stop

    A lot of people are saying that this isn't bad and they're wrong. Completely. Any racist comment is an ignorant one. This is no different. You can try to disguise hate with a joke, but the hate is real. The fact that you veil it with a set-up and what you might call a "punchline" doesn't make it any less offensive. A lot of people are saying that this is coming from a kid. That's true. However, it shows the type of racist minds he was raised by/around. For him to think this is acceptable is beyond comprehension, but it is likely a result of the parenting and influences he's had. This is sad, but this is how racism continues to exist, through teachings to children. Yes, this is coming from a kid, but that is still offensive...and sad to see. A lot of his fans are also saying it's okay because he has friends who are black. But that doesn't matter. Donald Sterling, who many of those same people bashed on, had a girlfriend who is a minority. Doesn't mean he isn't racist. This is what many racists say, that they have friends or they know people who are of a race they hate. That doesn't mean they don't hate a race or think poorly of a race. This is terrible any way you cut it.

    • bieber

      Your comment is ignorant. You can make a joke that offends without any hate behind it. It makes people laugh because they know that they shouldn't, not because they actually believe in it with all their heart. and in all honesty it's pretty clever even if it is based in a history of racism, its still basically just word play. Get your head around the words hate, and racist. racist hate would be continuously denouncing everything that black people do specifically because they aren't white, and being bitter about it all the time. this isn't racism, its a joke in poor taste. Just a hint for you, google black humor, it's got nothing to do with skin color either.

  • joseph1

    Eh, kids don't really know the significance and history of the word and the offence it can cause and kids say all types of stupid stuff without meaning anything by it. Meanwhile, there are REAL instances of racism that don't get mentioned because it wasn't said by a pop star.

  • Anonymous

    Call a black human with the N word is racist but when black people using the W word (white)nobody talks.

    • Anonymous

      Blacks people are so sensitive when they hear someone say n word, but they are the first to make fun of a chinese or Arab and that suppose to be ok cause their black, now that ignorant shit there.

    • DUH

      OOmmm, OK if you say so .

    • smh

      what are you talking about? "when black people using the W word (white)nobody talks."

  • Anonymous

    they cut out the 'fathers day' joke that one is probably more offensive than the chainsaw shit lol

  • Yeah

    They hate you cause they ain't you. Another wannabe black who happens to be racist.

  • Anonymous

    man thats a lil kid telling a joke..when i was 15 we said stupid shit like that too about all races n nationalities..i thought this was going to be some foul shit but im not even trippin on this..niggas act like u never told a white joke, especially as a youngster

  • Anonymous

    like nas said..."them racist faces is so tastless n basic"

  • Rob

    this isnt that bad damn. People tell racist jokes, so what?

  • Mack

    Can he overdose already?

  • gluver

    Maybe if black people stopped calling each other Niggaz then other people would stop calling us niggaz. White boys call each other white boys and that's why we call them white boys. Jews call each other Jews so that is what we call them. Other racial slurs are not used as much because people within their race don't disrespect each other on a daily basis. I went out to a club the other day and the words to the music were averaging 100 niggaz an hour. Even Lations call each other esse or amigo which mean friend. No matter how you slice it, Nigga means abused and downtrodden slave.

  • Anonymous

    Officer Rick Ross brought this crakkka out on stage with him to peform a 2Pac song... what a disgrace.

  • dilli

    black ppl too sensitive.. it was a joke. he would hang round black ppl if he was really racist. wonder what lil wayne has to say though..

    • @Iggg

      Somebody been watching too much "12 Years A Slave"

    • ...

      @Iggg: raping and having friends are two different things

    • Iggg

      Overused statement by racists: I'm not racist I have black friends!!! White slave owners had sex with some of their female slaves then continued to degrate, beat and even kill them. But they're not racist right...because they had sex with them.

  • Anonymous

    justin can say what the fuck he wants and every rapper still want to work with him, anyone remember the eminem racist track ?

  • Anonymous

    he looked less gay at 15

  • Anonymous

    White devils being racists. How surprising..

  • vBc

    big deal, wasn't even that bad.

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