Papoose: "Nobody Is Better Than Me - Jay Z, Nobody"

Papoose says, "I'm definitely the King of New York."

Papoose says that he is the best rapper.

“Nobody is better than me — Jay-Z, nobody,” Papoose says during an interview with the Daily News. “None are more lyrically inclined than me. None of them. I’m definitely the King of New York. I am the greatest out of New York.

“More power to him,” Papoose adds, "but he’s not better than me.”

Papoose, who released his The Nacirema Dream album last year and the Cigar Society mixtape this month, details what he says separates him from other rappers.

“My pen game is the most immaculate,” he says. “I bring the most to the table on every level, concept, substance.”

Papoose, who is married to Remy Ma, says he is looking forward to her July 31 release from prison. 

“That’s going to be a very special day for me,” Papoose says. “They say I never smile, but they going to see me with a Kool Aid smile that day.”

In May 2008, Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison. The rapper was charged with shooting an associate, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, in 2007. 

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  • Anonymous


  • Lil ones

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  • Thugga boy

    put me on the list Thugacation all day HB4M PAPOOSE PA POOSE

  • Thugacation army

    Papoose pa poose fuck gay z thugacation army as arrive fuck em stan fuck ja rule stan fuck dentalmaboy fuck rick ross

  • Thugacation army

    Like Bush said either you with us or against us join the Thugacation army cuz were taking over Hip Hop DX

  • wakasaka the african boy

    Pap is world wide THUGGA THUGGA

  • Kim Su Yang

    even in corea we know papoose shit on jay z

  • Papoose K.O.N.Y

    Papoose is the lyrical one THE ALPHABELTICAL SLAUGTER

  • jah ze

    top 5 dead or alive 1.papoose 2.cassidy 3.jadakiss style p 4.crooked i 5.chubby jag

  • dj first

    yo pap is better then jay fuck the hater

  • Anonymous

    "Yes he is saying it's about sales, look..." Because money talks. If Rakim sold 15 million he'd be a legend cause then you could say he had both flow and the sales. It's hilarious when people shrug off cold hard numbers as if selling 30 million is something every rapper can do. Don't forget alot of Jay's past hits are still popular today. Do you call your friends and talk about Know The Ledge or Chocolate City? I'm betting no, but do set the record straight.

    • Big 18th Street Gang taking over.

      Hahaha, Bullshit! Some artists (such as Jay-Z) are great business people and are also really good at brainwashing the masses into making you think they are wonderfully skilled individuals. It's part of being a good business man. Jay-Z is the most overrated rapper ever and he certainly doesn't have any classic albums, not even his debut album that a lot of peeps weren't even feeling when it dropped. The rest of his albums are flashy pop albums but Jay got you thinking he is the GOAT. Just because you sell a bunch of records doesn't mean shit. Vanilla Ice had a hit record that sold too, does that mean he's skilled too? Think before you talk shit, you clown.

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  • Actually

    Most people are better than you. And that Definitely includes Jay-z.

  • mike

    maino gonna kidnap this nigga

  • Anonymous

    There is no denying that he is one of the best at writing and freestyling but his music isn't that great. In my opinion, you can't claim to be the King of New York but only represent the MC's/lyricists. He has completely neglected all the other aspects of Hip Hop that go into being a rapper.

    • Anonymous

      He might as well say all the Hip Hop artists from the 70's were complete shit because of the simple nursery rhyme style of music. In that case, there is nothing Hip Hop about him. He might as well be his own brand of music if lyricism is that important to him because he completely negated everything that Hip Hop is suppose to represent.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    The swag of a MC dictates that he says he's the best so I understand the comment but your not.

  • Greatest MC's Of All Time

    1 - Jadakiss 2 - Black Thought 3 - Grand Puba 4 - Z-Ro 5 - Gift of Gab 6 - Busta Rhymes 7 - Common 8 - KRS-One 9 - Kool Keith 10 - MJG As you can see, Papoose is NOT on the list.

  • imo

    Big L is the most overrated ny rapper and in general. he was nice but was just getting started wiht only 2 LP under his belt and was all punchlines and simple ass vocabulary. how the fuck in a right mind is anyone gonna tell me jay, nas, rakim, RA, pun and papoose arent better than big L

  • Anonymous

    I heard Remy is divorcing him when she leaves the pen...

  • slick

    this is all you need to know about the state of new york hip hop. in the golden era the debate was who was king big hov or nas now it's papoose or maino

    • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

      Where do all these clowns posting on here come from!? Golden era Jay-Z? Jay-Z just barely dropped an album at the end of the golden era, you fool. Jay started doing pop records and was just as flashy as Puff and them as soon as the golden era ended. Jay-Z wasn't doing shit during the golden era. You Jay cock riders are so brainwashed. Jay-Z wouldn't even be considered in my top 50 rappers.

  • Insane Clown Papoose

    Most people that shit on Papoose haven't even listened to his catalogue and wouldn't even know where to begin. His content is intellectual and street aka thugacation. Reason many of you shit on him because of the fact he is blackballed to an extent. He made off with a $1.5 Mill contract from Jive records, who would wanna work or promote him after that? Plus, he has been shitting on the mainstream money makers aka Big Sean & Kendrick. I notice he has been recycling many of his classic verses and I believe he does this because many of these fools haven't listened to his material.


      Listen to the track "What the fuck is a Papoose" either the Smack DVD where he spits over the Dead Wrong beat or the original over Raekwon's "Criminology" Papoose reps nyc stop putting down real rap.

  • ghostversifier

    im better than jayZ

  • oh dear

    Kinda sad that there are grown ups who consider themselves fans of these dumb as fuck shittalkers.

  • ice

    I respect Papoose for claiming to be the best. at least he's not dick riding Jay-Z and the other legends

  • JRich

    Papoose gotta be the easiest rapper of all time to take shots at, lmao. But I fuck with his music tbh, when he wants to Pap can go in with the best of em, just can't make a hit to save his life.

  • Anonymous

    "How can you claim Jay's the G.O.A.T. JUST because he's sold all those records? So Big Daddy Kane and Rakim are wack because they ain't sold that amount?" Not saying they were wack, but fact is they never achieved the type of longevity that many others did. Plus their sales weren't consistent. Jay may not be the "goat", but at least he's in the discussion. Realistically top 3.

    • Anonymous

      Yes he is saying it's about sales, look... "Plus their sales weren't consistent." Check out all of that other trash he added to it like he really know

  • Anonymous

    pap can you make a hit? labels don't care how hard you spit

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Sorry to break this to you, Papoose, but you can't even compare to the hottest/best MC in the game, Rick Ross. No one is fucking with Ross, not KRS1, not Jay Z, not Nas, not Rakim, not even Big Daddy Kane.

  • Mega-Man 2014

    My top 5 rappers! 1. Papoose 2. Cassidy 3. Canibus 4. Shyne 5. Lloyd Banks

  • I crush fools

    This nukka still mad that Kendrick gets more love in NY than his faggot azz, keep on hatin little man. Even Remy is lyrically better than u fuckboi, lol.

  • JeanBaya

    Who's papoose, who's he been since alphabetical slaughter, I rate him exactly the same I rate Cassidy, good but hasn't mastered it just yet, he can't be claiming king of new york lyrically when there's Nas, Jay z, Talib Kweli, come off Pap you good, but not that good.

  • StockOptions420

    This dude smoking more than weed niggas don't even mention your name when it comes to top rappers. Had hype back in like 07 led to no success but you king of NY nigga please. I ain't even from Ny but clown you ain't never had a movement that's been rocking. Who fuck with you when they come to NY. Loso killing this lame, Jay and him shouldn't even be mention in same interview unless he paying homage. I will rather listen to my guy Troy Ave any day over this wack ass nigga and he a new comer compared to this mad rappers as nigga B you trash I would listen to your wife music before I listen to yours. Free Remy Ma.

  • whaddafackappman

    yes.. better than Jay-z.. yes in punchlines maybee, in women ur not, in funny lines maybee, swaggin not even close.. songwriting and makin a damn good song, or even a good or classic album, nigguh please, u been ovah, while hove been changin the game over and over for u young black rappin ass mothas and pimps in rap game.. plus in writing lines about beein rich, with a counterpartner in a gayfish and old fine ass bitch, well.. old if u look at his young ass bitch.. u dont stand a chance.. man its time too man up and see tha game and all about bars, and beein real.. its about a damn good song, good album, beliveble charakter, well shit in hovas chase n most of em, beein real, but a wannabe thats beein real always shows, but keepem punchlines flowin, still those are worse than lloyd banks are to say the least.. fuck am i writing such a long post, fuck this sry joo maybee cuz a think really that papoose lil punching punchbag of no respect or nuttin to talkabout might actually read it, hope u get it , with ur best regards, ur best friends... everyone!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is super wack tho

  • Anonymous

    And here's something else... never ever in history have the best called themselves the best/ the king whatever (on a rap record- that's something else- but in a interview, man that's just corny) When asked eminem in he really felt like a rap god, he was so damn modest about it and didn't even say he did or really always felt like that.

  • lol

    lol the only niggas who care about Papoose are 40 yr old niggas who still wear Rocawear. Nobody give a fuck about a papoose lol.

  • Anonymous

    50 is the most awesome MC, he has a sone with Em and Adam Levine, he gives love to his fans by doing songs witho our people instead of just the blacks.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Pap but Lloyd Banks will rap circles around you!!!

  • LOL

    LOL who is this nigga???? Im sure Jay Z is really gonna give a fuck about this lame guess what, whos got more money, thats the one winning in this "rap game" no one fucking cares whos the best MC other than you stupid niggas on this sight, and Papoose.LOL what a faggot ass name

  • jay

    nigga how can u b better than jay when u aint even drop an ablumn u a mixtape rapper

  • Anonymous

    Didn't know who this fuck boy was until this article.I checked out his songs and one thing was clear-> His wife Remy Ma is a better rapper than he is. He better start making her write his lyrics; i mean she is in jail right? she has all the time to come up with better rhymes for him. Stupid fuck

  • Verbal Tim

    Kendrick is the King of New York. Pap is not a bad rapper but he can't make it and he's been an up and coming artist for 10 years now

  • Anonymous

    This guy is fishing for a Jay-z diss track so hard. Man this is sad.

  • Anonymous

    This King of New York theme died in my opinion when BIG died,


    RAKIM will alwayZ be 'THE GOD EMCEE', while i would say that JAY-Z is the king of N.Y. although others would say NAS is. PAP is heavy, but bredda. that's a BIG statement you're saying' there.

  • kaka

    Lord Jamars favorite rapper is Eminem and he cant stand it


    to be king of a city you have to be a real nigga and you have to run the streets. This nigga doesnt run shit and he aint a real nigga like BIG GUCCI. BIG GUCCI KILLED A NIGGA BIG GUCCI SMASHED NIGGAS WITH BEAR BOTTLES BIG GUCCI RUNS THE STREETS HE RUNS THE PRISONS HE RUNS GANGSTER RAP

    • Anonymous

      a guy like you would be promoting somebody like this is just pathetic you would bend over for this guy also.

  • Shadow

    Papoose is dope. But... King? Kings have MONEY POWER and RESPECT.... In refrence to hip hop, they need all that, with a solid base of music. So in that case, I would say Jay Z, Nas, Puff Daddy, Jadakiss, Fabolous, and 50 cent. Lyrically Lloyd banks, Immortal technique, and Vinnie Paz, they ain't the richest but there dope too. Those are kings ( personal opinion ). I would say its a toss up. Pap you ain't no king untill you can out shine all these rappers, not just behind closed doors, but to the entire world

  • Anonymous

    Nas Wu Mobb Deep Fat Joe Noreaga all shit on this penicil neck mo fo

  • ghostversifier

    JZ Steals Off Emcees He Knew & Buys Own Cds To Boost So Numbers Do Lie Read The Proof Hes So Fake He Misleads Youth So I Dont Belive What He Spues Wont Speak The Truth He Decieves Fools Who Think Hes Who He Wont Be Jehova If Defeated Zeus & Ky Wont Be Jesus If He Was Jew Try To Be God Is What Demons Do & At The End Evil Lose How They Kings If Kims A Nymph & Beys SingerMuse I Wont Watch Throne If In Seat To Rule I Dont Follow Blueprint If Need a Clue Only Trannys CrossDress So He DragQueen Too

  • Anonymous

    Reasonable Doubt - Classic, Should've Went Triple In My Lifetime - Trash Hard Knock Life - Enjoyable Life and Times - Enjoyable La Familia - Enjoyable The Blueprint - Classic Blueprint 2 - Trash Black Album - Classic Kingdom Come - Trash American Gangster - "Roc Boys", "Success" and "Fallin", the rest is shit Blueprint 3 - Trash (Fuck what y'all think, I ain't fuckin with Empire State of Mind) Watch the Throne - "Otis" and "Murder to Excellence", the rest is shit Magna Carta - Trash in so many ways With that being said, Jay still got more classic albums than Papoose will ever had and THAT'S A FACT!!!

    • Anonymous

      There were so many laughable bars in Watch The Throne.

    • lol

      Nigga you stupid, Watch The Throne was dope.

    • lox

      Pretty much agree with all he said Blueprint 2 n 3 MCHG Watch the Throne kingdom come and In my lifetime(had a few bangers) were all trash albums. American Gangster was not bad from what I remember haven't listened to it in long time tho Fallin was the best on there classic track

    • Anonymous

      In My Lifetime wasn't shit. Some really solid joints were on that one. Hell, even Blueprint 2 had some good joints. I'd say all of his albums were fairly enjoyable. In my eyes Reasonable Doubt is the only classic he has though. "Classic" is more conservative for me.

    • Kizman

      how was American gangster shit? the only bad song on there was the joint with wayne.

  • Anonymous

    Papoose is nasty, but he isn't on Jay's level. There is more to hip how than being simply being lyrically inclined. I mean, does he have any records/mix tapes in his catalog that can fuck with Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, or The Black Album? Has he ever gone to war against a nigga as nice as Nas?

  • Anonymous

    Papoose is nice but he sounds like he's trying to convince himself that he is, almost as if he doesn't truly believe how nice he is.

  • The Facts

    Papoose is funny. LMAO, this nigga on that molly. I respect his confidence but, he knows damn weLL he lying through his teeth. Show and prove don't speak about it. Name one classic Papoose album?? PLZ?? Name one quotable lyric?? ONE sONG that people will remember forever?? fuck outta here.

  • Robizle

    This is the truth people..... don't let the media fool you Jay is Trash and always has been!

    • Anonymous

      where's the truth in Papoose being the greatest? Name one classic Papoose album, a few classic Papoose joints, and then I'll shut my Houston ass forever.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick really got under his skin with that king of new york shit huh? His feelings got so hurt hes still going on about king of ny. I really need to get some papoose if he's talking this big.

  • Whatever

    Yo Papoose, U 3 days early dawg. April Fools Day is this coming Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    Disillusioned Idiot!!!

  • anonymous

    thats the most disrespectful shit ive ever heard this guy say so u better than big too? and u want ppl to listen to your music? FOH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i like when at least certified dude in the game talk with confidence rather than you praising niggaz thats hot at the moment. Too many wack rappers getting attention praising other niggaz in the mainstream like Lord jamar would say, this is hip hop not homosexuality, homosexualizing black men or whoever! Pap still brings the true spirit of the mc back to the table, jay stop spitting on the real about a decade ago.(remember what more can i say) It doesn't matter what a guy is saying, for rap to survive it needs to revive its competiveness and fierceness to overcome corporate control.

  • blackbeltbreeze

    Pap finally ADMITTED that he feels this way. THANK YOU! He has been stuttering stepping around actually making this statement so bluntly. Bout time.

  • Snoooop

    Pap calling himself the best NY rapper is the equivalent of Raymond Felton calling the MVP of the NBA this season. I'd be surprised if Jay acknowledges this clown ass dickhead.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga just fuck off and fall back already, ain't nobody cheking for you anymore, u might as well take that I'm the GOAT shit to an alley and start battling bum nikkas like T-Rex

  • mase

    This nigga crazy....yo long as you fuck with kayslay you will never get a deal...

  • Anonymous

    pap on that yayo he lost his mind

  • anon

    This nigga is the lamest bitch in the room

  • this nigga

    this mf pap really thinks that? I know you're supposed to be confident in your pen but gtfoh with this blatant lie lmao!!!!

  • Anonymous

    troy ave has better songs than papoose

  • Anonymous

    Pap is not the king of ny but I think with the right label to back him he very we'll could be he can spit and I think he could be as big as 50 was back in the day

  • Anonymous

    Papoose is Canibus for a new generation ; Dude his is known more for diss records and complaining then any of his own merits, with a small cult fanbase on the internet who blindly assume anybody who doesnt want to hear this boring motherfucker babble is a 2chainz or Drake fan. Pap can rhyme words together fine but his beat selection, hooks and overall style will put you to sleep faster then Valium.

    • DIR

      CO SIGN first anonymous on the fanbase point you made. and no canibus fucking sucks ass now hes a fuckin joke to rap nowadays lmao you see him pull out that notebook against dizaster???? nuff said

    • Anon

      Except Canibus is decent. Papoose literally sounds like ass.

  • IROC

    Maybe if pap had the machine behind him Jay z has maybe he could have those bragging rights pap is more under ground grimy Ny, theres someone out here who just cant get in better than top 10 out today but if you cant get on nobody will ever know

  • Anonymous

    i like pap but he a whining ass bitch

  • ............

    You ain't king of shit unless u remove that hat off


    Pap you my nigga and I love what you did to Kendrick but this is going too far. Noone? Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One are still masters of this shit, only those niggas have a right to say it. You're not a legend yet nigga chill lol make more albums first..

    • blackbeltbreeze

      right, clarification needed...did what to Kendrick exactly? Inspired the best performance of the Grammy's? Thanks for that Pap. Pap is really out of character as a Kendrick-hater. But he is in his element making this statement about his lyricism and being better Jay. Doesn't matter if Jay responds. He has the confidence to say it on record.

    • Prick James

      What did he do to Kendrick?

  • Anonymous

    "So what? MC Hammer sold 50 million worldwide" How can someone claim to be better than Jay Z when they've sold crumbs, and been largely MIA for years? That's what.

    • Anonymous

      How can you claim Jay's the G.O.A.T. JUST because he's sold all those records? So Big Daddy Kane and Rakim are wack because they ain't sold that amount?

  • Anonymous

    Says every rapper ever. Great STORY! GREAT READ! NOT.

  • Anonymous

    I haven't heard anything from Papoose since that "Touch It" Remix & he can't even release a solo album cause he has no fans. Fuck outta here with that bullshit

    • Fish

      If you honestly havent heard anything from Trigger Happy Pappy since the Touch It remix, then you're just not looking very hard you dumb fuck. Now off you go and listen to some shit like 2chainz or Drake just because you're able to see it on MTV. Bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Check his album from last year it ain't too bad


    This nigglet been in the game for years and I still dont know one song he got. Case closed

  • LISA


  • james

    Pap is wack! i seen way more dope rappers on www. who make pap look lost in his weak raps. Coming at jay Z to get a buzz is not going make #NYC ROCK FAM! WHAT HIT SONG HAVE PAP DID ...OK BIRDS

  • Frosty

    Biggie is the King of NY, sit your ass down Pap with that bullshit.

    • Prick James

      Damn, still? So called beast coast has really been struggling when a dead man is still king there.

  • Jay Z

    Papoose keep sucking that cock. Sucka.

  • Anonymous

    this dude got the kendrick lamar syndrome.

  • Anonymous

    Show and prove, then, nigga. Drop a track worth bumping at least once in your life.

  • Ja Rule Nation

    Everybody know the KING is the BIG HOMIE JA

  • TaZzZ

    Who's this guy again? Oh yea, the dude who's album got pushed like 5 years and thrives on the most nursery rhyme metaphors and puns in existence. Thats prob overcritical, but really, he's not even top 15 in New York. You been doing the same shit for 15 years and still no one cares. Cant think of more than 5 songs I ever listened to more than once or twice, nor any mixtapes that lasted in my iTunes more than a few weeks. And trust me, like an alzhiemers patient, I downloaded them all, completely forgetting that this dude hasn't grown an inch artistically since the Touch It remix... Fuck outta here son

    • Anonymous

      calm down dude you catching feelings for nothing. everybody doing nursery rhymes n you'll barely find mixtapes on iTunes because there just that mixtapes

  • 50 cent was shot by the brother of maino baby mother

    Pap is right lyrically its not alot of rappers messing wit him his only flaw i always thought was he can't make a hit to save his life but as far as lyrics and substance go he can't be mirrored hands down he will run circles around jay z but understand u niggas saying otherwise got to listen to his body of work first i think paps mixtapes shit on alot of albums if he could make hits tho he wood be the g.o.a.t easy but u niggas gotta listen first tho

  • Anonymous

    wonder why he said that? hes been seeing how many comments lord jamar getting he wants some competition

  • RealTalk

    Remy Ma's verse on "Triboro" with Big L & Fat Joe was better than anything Papoose ever put out musically. Don't get me wrong, Papoose can rhyme. But rhyming aint everything in the music industry and his corny ass knows that. Nobody would buy this cornball, which is why he remaining 'street'. He doesn't have the right image to blow. & Even callin him 'street' is being generous cuz besides 4-5 dickridin yes men i doubt this nigga is even 1% street. Fake it til u make it tho

  • Anonymous

    This nigga needs to go away he had his chances when he was hot and blew it, no one cares now

  • Anonymous

    papoose not even the king of his own hood lol dude used to be good but now he's trash just like that bum ass album

  • Lyonel

    lmao this nigga wife realer than him

  • Anonymous

    nowhere near top 5 bud

  • Anonymous

    It's clear to see this nigga is struggling.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z has sold 30 million albums. Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    As the good old Tywin said: "Any man who must say, 'I am the king' is no true king".

  • 5 boroughs of death

    he is a great lyricist and better than a lot of mc's but nah he aint top 5 in NY need to get more albums out the mixtape stuff is dope but people aint respecting it like an album or even a dope guest verse. Styles P Jadakiss Ghostface Killah Nas Cormega top 5 NY

  • khalil

    Pap need to quit smoking that took nacirema dream ages to come out. Pap is dope but I would give Fab that KONY title before him

  • Anonymous

    they must have some strong kush out there in bk

  • tigerking79

    Kay Slay still must be give this wack ass rapper blow jobs. 12 years in the game and only one album released, and that was delayed 5 years. Papoose needs to give it up.

    • Anonymous

      Man, I was about to say something like that. Papoose is alright, but he should have taken advantage when he was hot. But instead like u said, nigga did NOTHING. Now, niggas buzz is gone and dont nobody give a shit.

  • tha OG

    Puff daddy A.k.A p diddy A.K.A diddy is the real king of NY!!

  • minnesota slick

    like that giants hat though

  • D-M$ney

    Errybody better than jigga. Bet he left out Esco on purpose, he don't want it with Nas cause Nas the best to ever do it fuck what errybody else think. Anyone who states otherwise is clearly committing Rap blasphemy period.

  • Will

    I completely disagree with him. Papoose is dope as fuck, but there's plenty if dudes that can outrap him (Crooked I, Elzhi, Brother Ali, Mykestro etc.). But every rapper should have this opinion. More rappers need to be saying that they the best. Props to Pap for not being scared to say that.

  • slick

    how come he aint say nas, nobody? he been throwing shots at hov ever since hov told angie he never heard paps otis freestyle

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