Lil Wayne Recalls Being A Jay Z Fanatic & Leaving Behind "Best Rapper Alive" Title

Lil Wayne working with "the usual suspects" on "Tha Carter V," praises Kendrick Lamar.

Following the announcement of Brooklyn rapper Jay Z’s retirement in 2003, fellow artist Lil Wayne took it upon himself to dub himself the “best rapper alive” in the wake of Jay’s retirement. Weezy made the proclamation on Tha Carter record “Bring It Back” as he announced, “The best rapper alive since the best rapper retired.”

While speaking with Elliott Wilson of CRWN last week at South By Southwest, the self-proclaimed Jay Z fanatic revealed the reason as to why he honed in on the “best rapper alive” title following Jay’s retirement. According to Wayne, his claims to the title stemmed from the love he had for Jay Z as an artist and the need to “step up.”

“I loved Jay so much,” he said. “And then at that time I was super young and I was still—I was a fanatic of Jay Z…So, when he said he was retiring, I looked—I was like a basketball player looking up at Kobe or looking up at Jordan…LeBron. Somebody gotta step up. And you know, I felt like you said, I felt like nobody cared about what I said, so when you’re that person then what you say means the world to you.”

Wayne then touched on the Roc-A-Fella Records deal that didn’t quite come to fruition. He says that at the time he met Jay Z, the rapper merely expressed interest in his skills as an artist.

“It wasn’t like Jay was reaching out for me or nothing,” Lil Wayne said. “Like needed me, ‘I need—I want you over here.’ He expressed interest. And I took that and you know me…I was on the first thing smoking. So, I went over there and we met. I met with Jay. But the history turned out to be where history is.”

As far as the “best rapper alive” title is concerned, Lil Wayne revealed that he no longer uses the title due to his work at Young Money and the artists at the label.

“Because I have awesome artists. Simple and plain,” Wayne said when asked why he no longer uses the “best rapper alive” tile. “I have awesome artists. And I’m not trying to outshine them at all. And at that time I didn’t have that. So, when I was saying it like that I was like ‘I don’t care who on the mic.’ But now I have artists that I feel like ‘I want you to be better than me’…It ain’t about that now. You know? It ain’t about that. It’s about them. And it’s about us."

In addition to the artists at Young Money, Lil Wayne also referenced Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar during his CRWN interview. While speaking on the TDE emcee, he stated that hearing verses from artists like Kendrick can be exhausting.

“Honestly, I look at it like…Like if you hear an older athlete talk about the game and you see…Some of them keep it real and let you know ‘Man, I couldn’t get out here with these young boys,’” he said. “You know what I mean? They be like ‘Man’…So, that’s how I be looking at it now when I hear a Kendrick verse or something like that. I be like ‘Aw man, I’m tired of this, man.’ I am not about to be out here talking about ‘I’m the best.’ I don’t need nobody coming at my neck. None of that.”

Lil Wayne also shed a few details on his next studio album, Tha Carter V. He says he’s approaching the album like it’s his last project and is currently working with his team and “the usual suspects” on the LP.

In addition to briefly speaking on Tha Carter V during his CRWN interview, Lil Wayne also addressed the project during a recent interview with MTV News as he informed those watching that he plans on being more careful with his content this time around.

"I'm more careful about what I'm doing and trying to be more careful about what I'm saying and things like that,” the rapper said during an interview with MTV. "There were times where I didn’t care. It’s not that I didn’t care. It’s just that I knew that I had people above me or around me that was gonna make sure whatever I said or shouldn't have said or whatever I did or shouldn't have did. Well, now, I'm those people, and I'm telling me what I should do and what I shouldn't say and it’s awesome.”

CRWN x Lil Wayne, Ep. 1: Kanye West, Jay Z and 'Tha Carter V' from CRWN on Myspace.

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  • Anonymous

    50 Cent Animal Ammbition Leak

  • ryan_mc

    who ever thinks lil Wayne is the greatest rapper alive is a blind Illuminati brainwashed cant think for himself fool and jay z also overrated fat lipped talentless bum lyrics are whack his flow is whack and his music is whack 99 percent of rap is whack only rappers i would dare to listen too tupac biggie rakim dmx immortal technique everlast brother ali and old scholl west coast shit thats it

    • ryan_mc

      ffs pick up a book and educate yourself before use make stupid comments like this brainwashed is what use are from media and tv listen to some real rap that actually means something and stop praising guys like these who are either fake, not talented. rap about materialistic things brainwashing are youth lock these fucks up and ban them from preaching there hate and spewing there nonsense

    • Anonymous

      forget nas lil waynes great

    • Anonymous

      he is because he said so ;)

  • LOL

    LOL Wayne is in a hole and doing some PR control. Finaly this dummy's foul mouth caught him in hot water. People are done with the pussy popping lines and various ways of wayne fucking the world because lifes a bitch. Remember this loser acting foolish being questioned on tape & then he beat up the pussy up like Emit Till. Fuck you Lil Wayne

  • Weezy F Baby

    The "F" is for "Front Door"

  • Monte Plus

    I'm looking forward to hearing the new album....

  • 1 of 1 5*g la king 8

    salute my Gz @ cashmoney,,, salute to steve solomon , slim , birdman ,,,, props n shout out to steve for inviting me to his superbowl aftr party n sd ca thr i met the gr8 dj who evr bless the 1z n 2z jam master jay rip to the God!!,,,tht moment chng the course n culuture of hiphop ,,#tanning of amercrica,,..running into birdman n slim latr on @ hard knock life tour ,,,brought them backstage,introduce them to the ROC ,kno one knu thn wht they would become too b now !!! salute frum the og big homie BIG DADDY ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS !!!

  • Anonymous

    Is there a link you can give for that interview ?

  • Anonymous

    New 50 Cent music!! Check out the link!

  • Anonymous

    Today, wayne's rising while jay z's fallen off. I liked Z's work before his retirement. Then, he started making empire state of mind crap.

  • Hus Ponzo

    He stop using the title becuz he knew it was a lie

  • Anonymous

    Wayne should go back to that competitive nature.. He SHOULD try and outshine his labelmates and not feel like its about US.. but feel like its about ME as an artist. Surely Drake n them will still progress as artists despite Wayne clearly outshining them... As a rapper, you should try and be the best even when you are nowhere close hence Waynes previous title.. "Best rapper Alive"...

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  • south Africur

    thank you lord this mutherfuccas stepping down, time for real music

  • Shook One's

    Dude Is Scared...He Is Shook

  • yaboyc

    This the wackest phucking crowd he just for the first time describe the moment he became lil wayne and nobody in the crowd clapped?

    • This nigga wants wayne n drake to have a pillow fight with him

      lmao u bitch nigga like that is sum big moment in hip hop history wayne is a fuckin joke rolling round on a skateboard in jeggings. The one dope thing he did was Carter 2 and a few mixtapes he has been an embaressment since

  • Jigga

    By The Way..Yo How the fuck you gon' talk about MC's on our heel? When we just cop them things homie the chromey wheels Both arms are chunky the sleeves on chill Any given times a hundred G's in your grill Don't talk to me 'bout MC's got skills "He's alright, but he's not real" Jay-Z's that deal, with seeds in a field Love affair for war, hug, squeeze that steel Fuck, you gotta a flow that's cool with me You got a little dough that cool with me You got a little cars, little jewelries But none of y'all motherfuckers could fool with me You know the wrist frostbit minus two degrees Bout as blue as the sea the way I manuever the V Hat cocked can't see his eyes, who could it be? With that new blue Yankee on, who but me? Niggas shipped two million, then I blew the three Then I skated the four, 'fore I went on tour I came back and it's plain, y'all niggas ain't rappin the same Fuck the flow, y'all jackin our slang I seen the same shit happen to Kane Three cuts in your eyebrows tryin to wild out The game is ours, we'll never foul out Y'all just better hope we gracefully bow out -Jigga

  • rh

    Speaking as someone who is no longer a Wayne fan, I liked most of his albums up to the Carter III. He just doesn't have the hunger any more. Occasionally, he can get inspired and make a decent song, but it's clear he's lost the passion. I think drugs have probably screwed up his mind enough that's he's not capable of ever being able to return to form. Let's not kid ourselves. In his prime he was good/ I'd even argue that he outshined Jadakiss on deathwish.

    • Anonymous

      Brow jadakiss was never that good. I mean he dropped some dope shit in his day but he's like a poor mans prodigy

  • Anonymous

    The gay era is over.those bum will flop now.look at dj khaled. gusto=officer ricky.young money.they all flop

  • eminememinem

    'So when Weezy says that he's better than Jay-Z Please be that just subliminally Means he thinks Jigga's the best and that he's The only one up in that league' - Eminem (eminem knew it all along, cause he understands, no, better yet, LIVES HIPHOP!

  • Star

    ...He's seems pretty Humble now a days!!!...

  • Not Impressed

    Wayne was probably the biggest Jay groupie ever. I remember a time where he would talk about him in every interview, try to rap like him, he even stopped writing his lyrics down because Jay claims to do that. I think that was his downfall as an artist. He forgot who he was, and started making garbage while pretending to be someone he's not. I'm not impressed

  • COCA


  • R1cka1me1da

    thats why hes releasin more albums then 90% of his artists lol

  • Anonymous

    he knows he fell off he recently said that Kendrick is better than all of his artists and that no one can touch him.

  • Anonymous

    I got a vision u got a tele call it television lol

  • Anonymous

    Young money flop

  • Im strapped rite now

    even at his best (carter 2 mixtapes guest feature time) wayne was barely top 10 niggas don't feel his shit cause its just drugged up bullshit talk even when its good. Beanie Sigel Styles P LLoyd Banks Nas Ghostface Killah Inspectah Deck Scarface Chamillionaire Crooked I Kendrick Eminem Jadakiss are what wayne will never be.....

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