The Hip Hop Week In Review: Jay Z, Wale & ScHoolboy Q Make Headlines

Wale says he won't be a "media darling," ScHoolboy Q drops "Oxymoron's" cover art and Jay Z's original "Reasonable Doubt" tracklist is unveiled.

This week, Jay Z, Wale & ScHoolboy Q were involved in noteworthy news stories. Wale spoke about how one of his close friends, J. Cole, is more of a jerk than he is, Jay Z's original Reasonable Doubt tracklisting was revealed and ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron deluxe and standard album covers were unveiled. 

Wale Says J. Cole Is "More Of A Jerk" Than He Is

During a recent interview with New York radio station Power 105.1, Wale addressed the perception that some may have regarding his personality and his demeanor. During the interview, Wale spoke about why he feels he is treated in a manner that is different from the way other artists are treated by the media.

"People love Cole and Cole’s a jerk, yo," Wale said in the interview. "That’s one of my best friends though, but Cole is a jerk too. He’s a jerk. He’s more of a jerk than me. He’s just quiet. He’s quiet. He’s light-skinned. I’m like Black-ass-D.C.-loud…Let’s just let it be known now that I’m not gonna be a media darling. I’m not gon’ be Janelle Monae. You know what I’m saying? Janelle Monae talented as fuck. We can do the same amount of numbers, but she can get Good Morning America or Saturday Night Live. She can get to sit on Letterman or something like that. We can do the same amount, but I ain’t getting none of that. So, I’ve accepted it."

More from Wale's discussion about this can be found here

Jay Z's Original "Reasonable Doubt" Tracklist Revealed To Public

In December, Jay Z made headlines when he crowned Reasonable Doubt his best body of work to date. The project, which has earned critical acclaim, was released June 1996, but the original tracklist was not revealed to the public until recently, when Reasonable Doubt's art director-designer, Adrien Vargas, linked up with 2DopeBoyz to release the original tracklisting.

Three selections, "The Hurt," "Tell Me" and "Hot," were excluded from the official Reasonable Doubt tracklist. Those songs have not been released. 

More regarding this album, including an image of the original tracklist, can be viewed here

ScHoolboy Q Oxymoron Release Date & Cover Art

ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron has been named one the year's most anticipated releases by many publications, including HipHopDX. This week, Q made headlines when he released the cover art for Oxymoron's standard and deluxe editions

Both covers have a similar theme, a black-and-white design. The standard version features Q's daughter while the deluxe features Q in a ski-mask. 

This theme appears to match what ScHoolboy Q has said will appear on his album.

"This album is about me taking care of my daughter and Crip history from 1969 to present," Q said at the time (Spetember 2013). 

More regarding Oxymoron, including images of the cover art, can be found here

Other Items Of Note From The Week In Hip Hop

-Young Buck Addresses G-Unit Reunion & Praises Kendrick Lamar

-Joan Rivers Calls Kanye West's Baby North West "Ugly"

-The Top 10 Most Popular Singles 


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