Kanye West Calls Drake A Rap God

Kanye West quotes Drake during a radio interview, celebrates with the Young Money rapper following his concert in Toronto.

Thanks to Kanye West’s appearance at OVO Fest in August and recent comments he made in regards to fellow emcee Drake over the past week, it appears that any past issues the two artists may have had with one another have been fully resolved.

Before traveling up to Toronto for the final leg of his Yeezus tour, Kanye appeared on Chicago’s Power 92 to discuss a variety of topics and even referenced a line from Drake’s verse on Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” while speaking on breaking boundaries.

"I need to be a poster child of what it means to break all boundaries,” said Kanye. “'Cause I look at the inside of this TV, I look at all this matrix we in. And I'm like, man, ain't none of this real. The only thing real is your family, your loved ones, the time that you have. Only luxury is time and the only thing promised is that you gonna die one day. So like Drizzy say, he said, 'Everybody dies but not everybody lives.' So we just gonna live this to the maximum, to the fullest."

In addition to quoting Drake during his radio interview last week, Ye referred to the Canadian wordsmith as a “rap God” during his Yeezus tour performance in Toronto and also thanked the Young Money rapper for attending last night’s (December 22) show.

“I want to thank the rap God Drake for coming out tonight,” said Kanye as he concluded his Toronto performance.

Following Kanye’s show in Toronto, which serves as one of the Yeezus tour’s last stops, both Drake and Ye were pictured together celebrating at a local club. In a handful of videos posted by clubgoers, Kanye can be seen rapping along to Drake’s “Headlines” and “Worst Behavior.”

The relationship between both Drake and Kanye, who directed the Toronto musician’s “Best I Ever Had” music video, gradually changed following the announcement of Kanye and Jay Z’s collaborative album, Watch The Throne.

In a 2011 interview with Tim Westwood, Drake commented on creating a joint album similar to Watch The Throne with Lil Wayne and included a vague mention of Jay and Kanye's album.

“We still got to do that album I heard two other guys are coming out with an album together, too,” said Drake. “There’s two other rappers are coming out with an album together. I don’t know where they got that idea but…I caught wind of it through the grapevine that there’s some other album with two guys rapping on it.”

Drake also dropped this subliminal Watch The Throne mention on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” as he rapped, "I'm just feeling like the throne is for the taking, watch me take it."

Video from Kanye West's interview with Power 92's DJ Pharris and a clip from his Toronto Yeezus tour stop can be found below (via Complex and HotNewHipHop).

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    Kanye inhales and refuses to put down the crack pipe..

  • Anonymous

    theres only 2 rap gods in the world....Casual of the legendary Hieroglyphics Collective and Eminem....Casual has been a rap god since the mid 90's...eminem has been a rap god since like August

  • Anonymous

    Dmx is one of the smartest rappers you can ever see. He stands next to Immortal Techniques intelligence.

    • Anonymous

      haha ummm no, i really dont think he does...love dmx's music, but hes not exactly intelligent...on the other hand, tech is a fuckin wiz kid

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  • Anonymous

    "i would say this to these guys in person because they are acting like bitches what is drake gonna do hit me with a pillow?" It's hilarious how you pretend tough guys assume Drake is soft. Cause he's from Canada? Makes smoother music than most rappers? Isn't afraid to tell the media how he feels? His music ain't hurting nobody. Move on with the hate.

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  • TheRealest

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  • ribbon

    So damn. He goes from a wheel chair (acting) to a hip hop god (what is hip hop nowadays) and we should listen to what left over lover kanye says? He is so wack I just can't believe it. Drake is party - kool but he will never be a god of nada, at least not to me.

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homiez worldwide!

    So called rappers nowadays just love sucking each other off.

  • AR

    These two dudes I've always felt were very suspect.

  • Anonymous

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    Even Yeezus knows dissing Drake is Sacriligious.

  • Anonymous

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  • facial

    The only reason Mr. West is saying this is because of Eminem's song. Remember watch the throne?

  • Justin

    So, Kayne & Drake are dating now? I guess I'm cool with that, I liked it more when Drake & Manziel were together but Future ruined that. This is still a very powerful couple though, I wonder how they will work this with Kanye being married, the Kardashians are going to milk the shit out of this, good for Ye to finally come out though. Drake paved the way for homosexual artists & now Ye is taking the lead, good on both of them.

  • Anonymous

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  • Johnny Blayze

    Drake's song writing skills are unmatched in the game right now. K Dot is nothing compared to Drake, so all you K Dot dick riders fall back. Drake gave Kendrick shine on his album letting him spit a verse to get known. Drake gave Kendrick a spot on his tour, Kendrick's real first tour. Drake jumped on Kendrick's album and gave him his 2nd single that Kendrick used for radio play. Kendrick still can't get an arena tour, Kanye has his as an opening act. Kanye doesn't even do any music with him, he much rather bring out Drake who has a more substantial catalog. Fast facts, Drake's body of work bodies Kendrick. More and better mixtapes. More and better studio albums. More and better hooks. More and better features. QED, T.O. running hiphop now.

  • Big Mouth

    Kanye west is a nut case and Drake, as well as himself are no where near "gods"! In the bible, they built gold calf and false idols out of gold bronze and other materials, just like the music industry built their images which is fake. That's why they are idols. False! God is spirit and not mortal. Read your bible people and don't be taken by this foolishness. Plus look at the way they act. Who wants to serve a god that acts a damn fool??? Yeah!

    • ribbon

      keep on having a big mouth, GOD IS NOT MOCKED!!!!!

    • Big Mouth

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  • Isthis a Joke?

    Drake would have to be an actual RAPPER to even qualify for such a title and since he is just a pop star same as miley cyrus or justin beiber he cannot hold the title of Rap God ever. P.S. How is kanye allowed to bestow such a title when he couldnt be further himself everyone go do yourself a favor and watch his freestyle at the end of his interview with Sway and you'll see how shitty kanye is.

  • ETK

    Drake reminds me of those kids you grow up that are rich, or well off troublemakers. Like they'll deal drugs, or get in trouble and show it off to look cool. They don't deal because they need the money or get in trouble because they have a dysfunctional home life. They think they're hard because they do these things. What they don't realize is they're not. Being hard comes from hardship and living day to day in a rough, and dangerous environment. Drake can never truly be hard, but he has had brushes with it because he chose to surround himself with hard people. Around the time he blew up in 2008-2009, he was robbed at gun point in Toronto. He lost four stacks and chain he got from Lil' Wayne. He said a female companion set him up. People in the industry, whom I know, told me he was scared shit-less after that incident. They say he became paranoid after that time. Like a ho from Maury, all these people from the hood he thought he was cool with saw him as a meal ticket or an easy mark to extract resources from. In my personal experiences from living in the hood, I've seen rich white boys and kids from good families get screwed over by charismatic thugs. One guy I know (Let's call him Perry) managed to borrow 4 G's for a car from a white guy with a $500,000 trust fund. Perry also convinced a Guyanese kid to spend thousands on a month-long cocaine bender, and put it on his AMEX. When you're successful like Drake, people will hate. Haters aren't imaginary villains rappers create to bloat their egos. Haters are real people that resent Drake for now having his fame and fortune. Even people that come from the hood have the same problem. When Tracy Morgan got his first big check, he moved his family and parents out of their bronx apartment during the middle of the night into a gated community. So Drake does have a reason for having no new friends.

  • Yeezy

    Let's recognize a basic reality. When black men like Kanye sing about gold diggers, they really mean black women. However, they view black women through a different lens than they view white-appearing women, who get the benefit of a "halo effect." Yet, the striking thing is that there has been countless evidence that white women are just as gold digging as these men imagine black women to be, but that doesn't stop them from chasing after their kryptonite, the almighty white p-tang. As for Kim's sluttiness, something tells me that Kanye would not have been interested in marrying a black woman who was as much as a slut.

    • Anonymous

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  • dentaldamboy

    Drake is a true rap god, not the guy who made a song called rap god.

  • youngsta

    wow, finally! this old ass bitch made egomaniac finally says something that's sane. drake is the leader of rap/hip hop and is the true rap god, not old ass eminem. drake owns all you bitches! #NWTSAlbumOfTheYear #OVO

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  • wrinkly dick

    Ja Rule is THE rap god

  • Cheese

    "I dont know where they got that idea butI caught wind of it through the grapevine that theres some other album with two guys rapping on it." Where they got that idea? Was the Drake the first person to come up with the idea of two guys rapping on an album? Successful rappers have been collaborating on joint albums for a while now. Drake, you're trying to appear edgy by coming out with this shit, but please don't bother. Go and have a pout somewhere...

  • king dingaling

    Shiiiiiiit drake is dope as fuck, but he still dont got miley cyrus verse on 23 though

  • Anonymous


  • Dave

    niggas call drake a pop star.. like so far gone was pop? 5am in toronto was pop? drake is pop when he shows up on every kids bob, and i don't think his lyrics gonna make the disney channel cut. it sounds cute when y'all say it.. but it doesn't make sense.. drake is no where near pop!!!!!!!!!

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    Is it me or does it kinda feel like kanye got something against Eminem ??

    • Anonymous

      i dont like kanye or drake but just because someone doesn't rate another it doesn't make them racist you really are a dumbass

    • that guy

      of course cus kanye is a racist ass prick and is mad that the "white boy" is better than him in every way shape and form

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  • Ewzi

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  • mike

    that car accident really fucked kanye up if he thinks drakes a rap god

  • Anonymous

    Industry got a new movement, light skin or white skin, poor Wayne is finished.

  • Anonymous

    more like r&b goddess

  • R

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  • Lol really

    Read the article title and got a good laugh

  • Anonymous

    Drake is the voice of the streets..nuff said

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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    with that title and picture it is like a joke lol

  • Anonymous

    Wow.... Is this a joke or something? FIRST Drake ain't a Rapper, and calling him a Hip Hop artist is too much. If there was a category caled Swag i would put all the YMCMB artist in it (Not Hating just giving my thought, cuz i like drake's music) And don't gimmie BS saying ''Nothing was the Same'' was the Album of the year cuz for me Eminem's comeback amde more impact then Drake's album, hell even Yeezus did more impact and it sucked when there's only 2 or 3 songs good there. If there's a Rap God is the one who invented who let this category grow up. Sucks that is getting treatd like shit and everyone is a ''rapper'' now-a-days. Eminem is King. Now God come down on earth and choose a Rap God. Kanye stop tapping Kim's butt and open your eyes, cuz u been on some weird shit lately.

    • Anonymous

      Well i love Eminem won't denie that. I'm said and i quote ''for me Eminem's comeback had more impact than drake's album'' and so did Eminem's Album. So it's pointless calling Drake a Rap God. Not couse Em has a song selfclaming feeling like a rap god but a Rap god is top of Top and Drake is a New Artist for me a Carrer is at least 10 years+...... At least...

    • Anon

      Well thats his opinion, he likes drakes music. doesnt make it "a joke". not everyone in the world likes eminems music and if someone was to read your comment and say eminems music sucks your probably gunna feel some type of way about it because your opinion on him is different (and most eminem stans are like that). Anyways my point is, stop being a goddamn hippocrit

    • nigga

      drake doesn't swag rap. tyga would be a good example for swag rap.

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  • nikeblue

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  • nikeblue

    "The only thing real is your family, your loved ones, the time that you have" Overall, this comment makes Kanye look more down to earth than in recent interviews.Sway and Charlemagne did a good job with bait questions that paint him as selfish and materialistic. It was a smart move to work with Drake,which is half Jewish it fixes the comment about Jews. but,i agree Ye, their far more Jewish people in power with connections than blacks..which makes it harder to jump-start a business in a weak economy

  • Anonymous

    I though Kanye was our rapgod? My wish for 2014: I hope that Drake and Kanye will DIE!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its room for them both..he sees drake as an asset... associate with people who bring u up like your peers who make the same power moves

  • Anonymous

    drake is good as a pop artist, he's irrelevant to rap

  • Anonymous

    More like an R&B God.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not surprised by this. This is the same guy who defended Soulja Boy's wack ass and worked with 2 Chainz and Chief Keef. I don't expect him to be correct about every artist.

  • HK

    Ye need to stop smoking that shit

  • Anonymous

    Kanye = The new king of the Ls. Ye is now more soft than Drake by default

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