While across the pond in the United Kingdom, Drake did what every rapper does and stopped in for a talk with Tim Westwood. There he talked about how Wayne is doing and joked about those “other guys” making Watch The Throne.

When talking about collaborating with Wayne, Drake took some friendly jobs at his two former collaborators. “We still got to do that album. I heard two other guys are coming out with an album together, too. There’s two other rappers are coming out with an album together. I don’t know where they got that idea but… I caught wind of it through the grapevine that there’s some other album with two guys rapping on it.”

Speaking of Wayne, Drake says he’s on his game right now. “He’s in great mental shape, he’s in the zone right now. I’ve heard a lot of music on Tha Carter IV, its going to be an exciting album. When Wayne makes me nervous it’s a good sign. He makes that music where you’re like ‘mmmhh I should of thought of that…’”

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