Just Blaze Waves Off "EDM" Badge For Music, Explains Keys To His Longevity

Exclusive: The supporter and tour-mate of Baauer says that "90% of Pop music these days is electronic, and 90% of it gets danced to." He waves off the EDM label.

Acclaimed as important members of Roc-A-Fella Records' dynasty having extended their reach far beyond since, Young Guru and Just Blaze put on a South By Southwest panel that was not to be missed. Though most discussion centered around their historic working relationship, various memories from Baseline Studios and tidbits kept listeners enthralled, including how Just risked upsetting Eminem critiquing his verses during a collaboration and Jay-Z's infamous "PSA" being constructed after The Black Album had already reached the CD pressing plant. Following this talk, Just Blaze kindly took a moment to speak briefly with HipHopDX.  

A heavy supporter of recent Electronic Dance Music sensation Baauer, Just Blaze set the record straight to dispel worries that he is potentially abandoning Hip Hop in order to be a part of newer trends. He said, "At the end of the day, 90% of the [popular] music these days is electronic and  90% of it gets danced to. I dont like [being stuck with] the EDM badge or genre, I just want to continue making good music people like to dance to that invokes something in them." Always one to let the music speak for him, his undisclosed forthcoming work plans to carry on his tradition of personal innovation while meeting the expectations of fans. With regards to his legacy and the process of maintaining his hard earned place amongst production's elite, Just Blaze told DX "The key to my longevity has been the ability to adapt and change with the times, but I always stay true to what I love to do, which has always been a mix and match of everything. The thing to understand is times change, people change, tastes change, dances, genres and sounds change, and if you don't change you're gonna get left in the cold."

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  • Been-Fresh

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  • Dashing

    Only Dre and Timbaland MIGHT be ahead of Just Blaze. And JB's still making hits by himself (no ghost producers).

  • Taylor Gang Rep

    Just Blaze is washed up, there are so many better producers out nowadays like Young Chop, Lil Lody, Lex Luger, Drumma Boy and of course the No 1 producer in the game right now: Mike Will. Just Blaze was never that good to begin with - he just got lucky off a few samples back in the day, he was never original or creative enough to make his own beats, he had to rely on samples - lame washed up has-been.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Taylor Gang Rep obviously is a trick ass troll and a semen demon.

    • Anonymous

      Young Chop just got exposed for stealing 2 beats and gave zero credit to the original producer. bitch nigga shit. he wont last in the industry doing shit like dat

    • Dashing

      You're clearly saying this to get a rise out of people but okay...I'll take the bait. "PSA" by Jay-z alone is enough to destroy every producer you mentioned. "What We Do">Mike Will's entire catalog "Exhibit C"> Young Chop's entire catalog "Welcome to New York City" > Lex Luger "Lord Knows" >Lil Lody Not to mention the hundreds of hits he's made, platinum plaques he's earned, beat showcases he's performed in, shows he's DJed. None of those producers has made even 1 record that will be around in 5 years...."Song Cry" and "You Don't Know" still sound as hot as they did back then. "Touch the Sky" are you kidding me? "Flipside" "Roc the Mic" too many freaking classics to name. Not to mention "Compton" on Kendrick's album. Not to mention the Dipset shit. Not to mention the R&B hits... Just Blaze is probably the best, most versatile producer in hip hop right now. EVERY rapper out wants to work with him. And every producer wishes they had his catalogue.

    • NoneOfYourDamnBusiness

      Washed up? Bitch, get real

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