Chris Brown Yells At Valet, Refuses To Pay $10 Charge

Footage of Chris Brown yelling at a valet and refusing to pay $10 has been released.

Chris Brown is back in hot water, this time for refusing to pay a valet.

TMZ recently obtained footage of Chris Brown yelling at and refusing to pay a valet attendant at PINZ Bowling Center in Los Angeles, CA. According to the report, Brown felt that he did not deserve to be charged $10 for valet service given the short amount he spent in the bowling alley.

When the valet refused to give Brown his keys back without payment, the singer/rapper became angry and threatened to, "turn this whole spot up."

"Gimme my fucking keys, fuck ten dollars," he yelled at the attendant. "Gimme my keys [or] we gonna turn this whole spot up, I promise you."

This isn't the first incident that Chris Brown has had in the new year. Brown got into a scuffle with Frank Ocean back in January, and last month, he went on a highly publicized rant on Instagram.

Check out the full video below.

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  • Anonymous

    Cut the dude some slack. He's young and immature.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a straight out fag, trying to act like a "thug" to a valet

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule stands up for all valets verbally abused and threatened by R&B hotheads.

  • Danny

    It doesn't matter how rich this guy is, I don't know exactly what went on but why should he have to pay some random valet, just because he's rich?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    without security this nogga brown is a pussy. if said this in the hood they will beat the shit out of him,

  • Anonymous

    $10 nigga damn i can walk outside and find $10

  • Anonymous

    Dude is a clown!

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing compared to Justin "Bad Ass" Bieber being restrained by one of his bodyguards when a paparazzi told him to fuck off back to America.

  • charles manson running 1000000 miles an hour

    this ois wat u gotta do eat them aloive throw they back take the ground off the floor dig wat im sayinggg eat themmm

  • hhaahhaha

    im really startin to think this dude is a really cool guy and someone is just screwing his image for fun cuz it aint possible that someone can fuck it up like this all by himself

    • Yup

      I feel you man, but then again some of these celebs are just retards. And from the music this guy makes and the things he says in the spotlight, I think thats the case. The man is scum, any man who beats a woman is scum. He should stop acting like he's still significant, cuz he never was.

  • Tupac Shakur

    Nigga lookin like a Michael Jackson clone

  • gnigga_pl33ze

    you cant serve these niggas that real los angeles dope anymore. see what they turn into? smh

  • Anonymous

    "buck still worth more than you" Not even on his best day.

  • 100% Clown Ass Nigga

    10$? Haha this nigga should be in a home shelter for blowing air over a valet charge that small

  • B

    This dude has one of the most beautiful women in the world on his dick, even though he beat her ass, he has a Grammy for best R&B album even though he doesn't sing a note at his live shows. He is nothing more than his own best backup dancer. This asshole is K-Fed on too much molly. He's luckier than a lottery winner. If he can't treat real working people with respect, fuck him! If he acted like that around me I'd take a beating from his security to give him one good one in the jaw and lay him the fuck out.

    • BP

      ^people don't have issues with him simply when he ain't actin up! but he has over 30 stories since the Rihanna scandal about him acting a fool. maybe the reason why some people are emotionally attached to his bad press is because he's out there living the high life while not showing humility or some fucking class. he's talented so I get that he's makin that $$$ but he acts like a god damn animal sometimes. and the broad who he beat up went right back to his arms. but no, maybe you're right. maybe he's a misunderstood teddy bear inside who has good rapport mostly everywhere he goes. yeah, that's it.

    • Anonymous

      Look at you second comment, you're admitting the Chris Brown media frenzy leaves an impression on you. I read the same articles, I don't hate Chris. Think about all the places he's been and people who don't have issues with him and ask yourself why are you so emotionally attached to all of his bad press.

    • B

      Their are plenty of rich and famous pricks out there...Chris Brown is the one I'd take a beating to put hands on right now. That might not make sense, I just find him the most distasteful person in pop culture today. And Rihanna's status as one of the most beautiful women in the world, just plain hot, or dog shit ugly isn't the point... he put hands on a woman, that ain't right period.

    • Anonymous

      i gotta disagree with you. sure rihanna is hot but she so far from being "one of the most beautiful women in the world"

    • Anonymous

      "If he acted like that around me I'd take a beating from his security to give him one good one in the jaw and lay him the fuck out." ^ if you did this for every time some rich/celebrity type stiffed a worker for a "fee" you'd be in a coma.

  • truth

    Let's see: Chris is about to F up the little valet guy over 10 dollars, him and his boys jump one of his bodyguards and kicks off a plane, he runs up on Frank Ocean over a parking space, all in 6 months or less. Maybe Chris needs to do MMA; he's got a lot of pent up violence in his heart.

  • Anonymous

    you have to pay those valet people fees? I thought they made their money off tips...I think the dude was just broke and trying extort money because he;s famous. And I know 10 bucks doesn't seem like a lot, but think about it this way. What if you ordered a pizza and the guy wouldn't give it to you unless you paid him 10 more bucks? You would be pissed right? People just automatically hate these celebrities without thinking about the situation.

    • Anonymous

      Most of them work for tips and get fired because they start "charging fees" and stealing. My cousin used to do that gig, the TICKETS assure the establishment gets paid for parking and the valet gets tipped for service. They start "charging fees" because the tip money is low, rich people don't tip, they use plastic. Common folk break bread but you get change too. Charge a $10 "fee", park 10-20 cars in a night, AND they STILL might give you a tip! lol! Old hustle son. Many days them boys are parking for free.

    • Anonymous

      you think they out there parking niggas cars for free? LOL

    • Anonymous

      It's funny how they know so much about Chris' tabloid headlines but know nothing about valet parking.

  • Anonymous

    "I bet Young Buck could've loaned him $10" Probably all in pennies.

  • Anonymous

    If Chris would have gave him $100 and middle fingered the press TMZ still would have reported and you nerds would still say the same comments. Phony ass nerds be stealing their mom's pills and money out her purse but upset about some valet's $10 and Chris Brown. loL

  • Anonymous

    The valet may have been doing his job, but ten bucks isn't worth getting your ass beatdown by five bodyguards. All he had to do was get the plate # then call the cops and say Brown threatened him.

  • Anonymous

    Someone shoot this nigga already, please

  • Anonymous

    Im 45 and he is probably one of the best rappers I have ever heard in my entire life

  • foreal

    Your a real G chris. surrounding a poor valet on the job with 4-5 of your crew. Come through to Long Beach or Compton and you wont even open your mouth Cuz. We will see how much heart your body guards have. Jay Z "whats a 100 grand to a nigga like me, please remind me" cant even pay $10... mark ass

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown must don't know that those Mexican gangs will murder you behind their square valet cousin.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this niggah man, I swear that fame and money has taken over his soul

  • Anonymous


  • BGG

    he's a tough guy wit bodyguards the size of giants around bitch made nigga wouldnt start no drama if you was by your lonely...karma a bitch and you go get your ass beat real soon playa

  • Come On

    I'm a Chris brown fan but for his music but his actions are making me rethink if should continue supporting his music $10 to me is nothing so to him it should be peanuts. His career is going to be a life supports along with himself if he doesn't calm the hell down and act like a humanbeing, I feel bad for the valet guy he's proabley just trying to make ends meet and some rich douchebag pulls this!!! DISAPPOINTED IN BROWN!! and another thing if these are his real boys they would talk to him..if thats even possible

  • anonymous

    this guy is just a fucking asshole

  • Anonymous

    this r&b nigga is soft as fuck. Method Man or DMX would beat the shit out of him lol

  • Anonymous

    I hope Drake decapitates this bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I understand principle and keeping it real if he was there a short amount of time. But does he really need to swear and threaten people given celebrity status and bad history. Also, what's $10 to a nigga like Chris Brown? Can you please remind me...

    • ^

      Obviously you still learning anon2. No contradiction here, anon1 understands Chris' point about the principle of it being there not long enough to pay $10 from a regular person POV, but CB is not so he shouldn't trip about $10. So the moral of the story is if you got money like that you shouldn't be turnin up shit over 10 bucks, it won't take away your real nigga points, it just makes him a cheap rich dbag exposing his bitch nigga tendencies that he confuses as keep it real moments. ya clear now?

    • Anonymous

      you say you understand principle, but then say what's 10 dollars to him.... Contradiction much?

  • Anonymous

    What an ignorant rude nigger.

  • Anonymous

    It's about the principle, not the amount of money. Ya'll come to conclusions without even knowing the facts.

    • blaklex

      You telling me he didn't enquire as to how much it would cost him to park his whip before he went in? C'mon son!

  • Coogi

    The fuck is up with that pic of chris brown? HHDX likes trolling the shit out of rappers & singers with them gay ass pics

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Lmao. This little girl and his minions. I'd like to see how this shitbag handle himself without a entourage.

  • Anonymous

    "Turn the whole spot up" means Imma slap u like I slap my girlfriend!

  • Anonymous

    It's $10. I just smoked that in two bong hits. What a degenerate...

  • khordkutta

    did dat nigga say "funky ass ten dollas" well the pay up you bitch ass nigga

  • Art Brooks

    All this mufucka needs to do is start hitting the crack pipe and it'll be the 2nd coming of Bobby Brown. 10 dollars. Buster-ass ho - pay the mufucken 10 dollars and keep it movin' ya wannabe thug

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    They just LOVE to show a nigga acting a fool. In now way I'm defending Chris Brown, but damn, when was the last HHDX posted anything about him that's not a police report?

  • Anonymous

    I bet Young Buck could've loaned him $10.

    • Tapeworm

      haha so true the bitch is crying over 10 dollars or using it as an excuse to act "gangsta" when everyone knows he's a soft rnb pussy

    • Anonymous

      for real! even a broke locked up young buck got $10 on his books to spare.

  • anon

    Drake got this nigga shook. "where you think she at when she ain't wit ya?" Rihanna too much for this woman beater to handle.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Christ. Brown needs to calm the fuck down or he's going to end up ruining his life.


    this nigga grimy bro

  • Anonymous

    this guy is a smoking time bomb. its just a matter of time

  • GYM

    This nigga Chris Brown is off the chain!

  • yessir

    chris brown broke...that nigg need that money...he got the maturity of a lil girl.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, son bitchin bout 10 cent? Cmon Son. You not the Prezy, give the valet a dubb and keep it movin.

  • MMA4Life

    Bitch Brown only behaves that way cause he hasn't met his match yet! That's what money and bodyguards does to you. If I ever get my hands on her I'll humble his ass with some Jiu-Jitsu moves! Hoe ass nica!

    • yup

      basically cosign everything..if he ever got caught dolo hed never speak out of turn again..but like u said thats whats havin 10 250 lb bodyguards do for ya... makes u tougher than u rly are.. one day day

  • jesus'dad

    what a piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    Fuck a bowling alley that has valet service. Shit looked like they were at a shopping mall. Chris Brown turning so rich he getting Jewish with his money.

  • Anonymous

    if it was more than 5-10 minutes he should pay the man. otherwise they're tryin to rip him off

  • Anonymous

    Chris Clown should stay at the circus...

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a fag. He's in serious need of an ass whoopin.

  • Anonymous

    i'm sure rihanna could have loaned him the 10 bucks

  • Young Smoove

    This nigga didn't wanna pay $10? Smh hoe ass always bitchin..

  • What

    This guy have to be the dumbest nigga i know, bet you by the end of this year this nigga going to be broke and nobody going to be buying this nigga album, this nigga just dont get it,they want him to act up so the media can keep kick my dirty on his name

  • Anonymous

    i bet this nigga doesnt even tip at restaurants

  • Edubb

    Ok and the point of putting this story out was....... Like I said long ago TMZ aint about shit!!

  • PF215

    Goddamn, will this pussy hurry up and od on cocaine already, im so sick of him and his retarded 13 year old fanbase justifying his his anti-social behaviors like he's some kind of victim to society, dude you're in show biz and you're complaining about a $10 valet fee, beating up women, disney rappers and homosexuals and a whole bunch of other shit, its time to grow up already

  • Anonymous

    OMG, this world is unsafe as long as Chris Brown is free. He's a threat to our American society and to my family! Thank you for keeping me informed of his whereabouts so I can feel safe to walk the streets again! :)

  • Anonymous

    the reminds me of the time chris brown and his entourage wanted extra meat on their subway sandwiches and the old lady working wouldnt give it to them for free so they started harassing her. coulda just paid the extra 1.50 but they gotta make a scene. bitch nigga shit.

  • FU

    Motherfuckers need to Leave breezy alone all this Cameras

  • Anonymous

    dis nigga is broke. he aint even got $10 to his name.

  • voiceofalabama

    Mannnn, this kid! Maybe he heard about the "Owl sweaters in her luggage"?

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