Jay-Z Signs Pop Singer Kylie Minogue To Roc Nation

Pop singer Kylie Minogue is the latest singer to join Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint.

Jay-Z has announced the signing of Pop singer Kylie Minogue to his Roc Nation imprint.

Breaking the news on Life+Times, the company confirmed the signing of the Australian entertainer to the label, though it is unclear if the partnership is strictly for management.

“Roc Nation would like to welcome Aussie singer, recording artist, songwriter, actress and designer Kylie Minogue to the family," read the statement. "In a career now spanning 25 years, Kylie has released 11 studio albums, two live CDs, eight live concert DVDs, a greatest hits double album, and multiple video packages. She has released over 50 hit singles worldwide, including the Grammy-winning Come Into My World, and has sold more than 68 million albums worldwide. Needless to say, we’re excited to have Kylie join the Roc fam.”

Minogue, who is signed to EMI in the U.S., released her first album Kylie in 1988, striking success overseas through the duration of her career. In 2001, she finally cracked the U.S. market with Fever, which reached No. 3 on the charts and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Her latest album, The Abbey Road Sessions, was released last Fall.

Hov has been increasingly building his roster at Roc Nation over the past year. Most recently, he brought Timbaland to the company, as well as M.I.A.Meek MillElijah Blake and Jahlil Beats.

Check out the video for her hit single "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" below.


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  • Willow

    Suprising news but don't underestimate her...Kylie has longevity and a history of success. I expect her to take off in the US again.



    • Anonymous

      I don't know if you are trying to be funny but she looks nothing like those women you name. Especially Miley. lol.

  • David A

    LOL you guys sit on here and criticize Jay-Z, but he's the one laughing to the bank. People need to spend less time focusing on rappers and their lives and perhaps focus on THEIR OWN LIVES? Most people on here are capable of reaching the same level of success as Jay-Z if you just concentrate on working on your dreams to the best of your ability on a daily basis. Meditate and alleviate all the negativity in your mind and watch the difference it makes in your life. This is what the so called "Illuminati" and Free Masons teaches their disciples. Use Jay-Z as an example, don't feel like his success is making you unsuccessful or incompetent.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, never saw that coming. Kylie has been in the game for a long time. She knows how to stay relevant. And she still looks hot. Good move Hov.

  • Anonymous

    What's the point in signing a washed up singer....no hate tho

  • Sara

    Kylie has been in music for 25 YEARS !!!!!! Other than Cher and Madonna who else can last that long and still look as sexy as she is?! Rocnation should be proud to have Kylie on there team.

  • dude

    bet ya didnt know this bitch was Cammy in that trash Street Fighter movie with Van Damme


    Why would you sign a 50 year old, washed up singer from the 80's whose last album sold, 50,000 in total? OHHHH, I KNOW. Because you're a coon who loves to kiss white peoples ass. He has a history of shit like this...From dicklicking Coldplay to pushing Freeway out of the picture because he didn't want to "offend" the white people... He has ZERO reason to sign someone like this..There is absolutely no excuse....She's washed up...But it doesn't matter to Jay, as long as he can be buddy buddy with a white woman. lol

  • Anonymous

    It's depressing that this site thinks the majority of its' audience don't listen to anything outside hip-hop and therefore not know who Kylie Minogue is... what's more depressing is they're right.

  • twan

    Yall Dont Know What Yall Talking Bout Lets Look At The First Artist Signed To Roc Nation..Wale And J.cole..Yezzy...Come On Its About Money Look At This Woman Cred 10 Million..When Someone In YMCMB Did That Lol

  • Doubl Negative

    Jigga disgusts me, this coon loves whites more than his own people. He's turning into a "Stephen" and someone needs to play Django and shut his ass down.

  • anonymous

    Kylie's a MILF. She can get it.


    Word Jay-Z could sign ill mc's from NY, but he don't wanna do that because he wants the spotlight to be on him.. He dont like seeing other people shine.. So he signs a old pop singer who no hip hop head will ever listen to. Jay you grimy ass nigga

    • RocLa

      He signed Jay Electronica. Jay elec has talent but he has no work ethic. He's always traveling. Jayz made J Cole hot on the charts . You a hater to say shit like that. Who are you? Papoose? lmao. It's bigger than hip hop. Jay'z not only a business man.. he's a business, man.

    • Anonymous

      why da fuck would jayz sign some wack ass ungreatful new york nigga

    • Anonymous

      It's cheaper to sell a well-established, arguably iconic, pop singer than it is a barely-known rapper. Jigga hasn't got where he is by squandering money - and as much as I hate to say it, there's noone who is really that marketable at the moment in the rap game who isn't already on top of it - the closest probably being J.Cole, who probably does deserve more promotion. The state of US hip-hop is summed up I think by Grand Hustle - who sign a middle-class white Australian girl who thinks she's hood, and a gritty kid from the UK - who makes a career with bad dance music.

    • ^

      He got enough juice to do the same for a nice NY rapper. Whatever he says it's hot becomes hot, he got the influence sales, skills and business acument to save hip hop but he won't. Like we don't have enough pop singers as it is. smh

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z's not a hip-hop head, he's a "business, man". Good call - given how popular she is worldwide. He'll probably get some fresh young producers to helm her new album and reinvigorate her career.

    • Horus

      It's bigger than hip-hop at this point. Diversify your bonds nigga.

  • MASTez

    He&Fiddy are the smartest niggaz in the game! Fo sho, he's makin big business-he don't have to rap about big business. He makes it!

  • Controversy

    Anything BUT a NYC emcee, huh Jay? This nigga signed a 45 year old LMAO -- Youtube.com/DreadfulControversy

  • dentaldamboy

    We all know Jay-Z isn't tapping that because he prefers men. His relationship with former KC Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is a well-documented fact. The only way he penetrates Beyonce is with a strapon.

    • ^

      Jay Z admitted to selling crack and stabbing Un. That's proof enough. You, however, don't have any proof about Jay and Larry. Where's your proof besides your own words? Show me some evidence.

    • dentaldamboy

      So we have no proof that Jay-Z and Larry Johnson lived together but you do have proof that Jay sold crack and stabbed Un? You must be fucking kidding me. You can't write two sentences without coming off like a major hypocrite?

    • ^

      Both Anonymous 2 and dentaldamboy are fucking retards. Everything you niggas said is a bunch of bullshit lies. Jay Z never lived in an apartment with Larry Johnson. You niggas got no proof. Jay Z was selling crack like other niggas in his neighborhood and he really did stab Un. You Jay Z haters are a bunch of no-life having ass bitches making up rumors online. BTW, Jay Z didn't ruin hip-hop; YMCMB, MMG, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz, Future, etc. ruined hip-hop.

    • dentaldamboy

      Jay-Z was never a hustler. He never committed a crime (other than ruining hip hop) and had no criminal record until he took the fall for stabbing Un. When Jay was a teen and his mother and sister were starving at home, he sat areound the house and moped. Other rappers posted up and got theirs, but not Jay. Why do you think all of these white corporations want to endorse Jay? It's becuase he is safe and not involved in any criminality.

    • Anonymous

      funny how the kid below refuses the idea. like his jay-z is above being a closet case like so many other major entertainers. jay-z was living in a plush apartment with another man. this was while he was "fucking" beyonce who he "married" for headlines. the man was KC cheifs running back larry johnson. i love how jay-z fans really think he's still this "hustler" from the street sittin in an office. he's a corporate paper shark like the guys that initially told jay and dame NO.

    • Anonymous

      Stop trolling, dentaldamboy. Everything you said is a bunch of bullshit. He's in a relationship with Beyonce, not fucking Larry Johnson. Your hate for Jay is extreme. I bet he fucked your girl before.

  • the grza

    how bout leaking Act II Hov? Nevermind, it doesn't exist.

  • Anonymous

    Kylie with Chase and Status, Hit-Boy and Kanye... Nothing but quality...

  • Anonymous

    If Kylie is "done" what the fuck is Jay Electronica? Bum nigga never existed except for what? A goddamn soda commercial? The white broad has a substantial GLOBAL audience, though it's unclear what the fake Nets "owner" Jay can do to leverage that.

  • Anonymous

    Kylie Minogue is already done, no buzz, bad signing Hov

  • Fuck Marcy

    R.I.P. Kylie Minogue (Tho no one gonna miss her anyway LMAO)

  • Anonymous

    how's jay electronica album coming along hov? LOL jay-z "the boss" is a joke. just hang with bono and look important you twink. "he owns the nets" - minority owner that knows rap fans are dumb "he runs the rap game" - signs washed up pop star jay electronica is a CLOWN though. that little advance he got was enough to shut him up for good.

  • Jakes

    Fuck off old man Jayz and his circus of scumbag clowns. I Hope for a roc nation tour plane crash.

  • Daniel

    Finally! Hopefully some quality DANCE music in North America. Go Kylie!

  • Anonymous

    This can only be good for both sides...

  • Anonymous

    Meaty. White. Pussy. Kylie >>>>>> 45-year-old Bum Ass Jay Elecontrica too, that's for fucking sure.

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