Tyler, The Creator Collaborates With Miley Cyrus For Her New Album

Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator hops on a record written by Miley Cyrus and Mary J. Blige.

Twenty-year-old Miley Cyrus has enlisted Tyler, The Creator for her upcoming album.

In an interview for a Cosmopolitan magazine cover story, the former Disney star reveals that she wrote a song with Mary J. Blige that the Odd Future leader ended up hearing. He said that he would offer a guest verse as long as she promised to keep the track on the LP.

"I wrote this song with Mary J. Blige, and Tyler the Creator heard it and said, 'I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.' And he killed it!" she said. "I really didn't want to make a Hip Hop record, and I'm not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj]....That's not my vibe. When I was growing up, my older brother would sneak me Nelly CDs, my dad had me listening to Dolly [Parton] and Johnny [Cash], and my mom is a complete metal head. So this record is a weird mixture of all that."

Tyler, The Creator originally intended to release his third album Wolf in November, though it is currently unknown when the LP will drop. He also was working on a collaborative project with Earl Sweatshirt titled EarlWolf, but that project is also without a release date.

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  • Anonymous

    Like most of these young up and comers (Black Hippy, Asap Mob, Flatbush Zombies etc.) Odd Future makes decent music. Just my opinion. The only difference is that OF just doesn't give a fuck about how unorthodox they are. They just be themselves and do what they do, and that's why I have so much respect for them. And if you actually took Tyler seriously from back when Yonkers first dropped, then I don't know what to tell you. I mean, really if they weren't dope, The Genius wouldn't have been hittin' them up for a collab!

  • Anonymous

    lol at calling Nelly hiphop

  • NegSee

    Wow really?? Why don't he do a song with Justin bieber and call it Pink Unicorn ? Can't believe this dude is playing roles like that,i really believed in his raps

  • Cudder

    Tyler's just giving her that D

    • jase

      doubt that. never seen her date no nigga. you people need to get ya head right. some folks stick with they race. i aint ever fucking no skank ass white bitch. aint no fucking sell out in me.

  • Vins

    HAHAHA I cant believe people say there hype is over. OF still has a huge fucking fanbase. They have there own tv program, there own merchandise plus they selling out shows worldwide. And just because YOU don't hear of em doensn't mean there hype is over.

  • Anonymous

    guys don't u get it? he's so edgy he works w/ artists that are so pop they're not pop.

  • anonymous

    I mean ... its not like OF cares what anyone thinks. Tyler has said it time and again, they're just having fun, doing them. People need to stop wasting their breaths talking about sellouts and shit. Nobody cares.

  • Anonymous

    Just by reading the headline title, I already know the track's gonna be wack. Both Tyler and Miley's 15 minutes are almost over. Tyler's an attention whore. And Miley? Well, who gives a fuck about that talentless, Disney slut-wannabe? She wouldn't be famous at all if it weren't for her daddy.

  • Yeah...

    I can see those fucking picture memes now; a pic of his goblin cover: Top: Hates Bruno Mars Bottom: Justin Bieber is his dog Top: "I stil hate Bruno Mars" Bottom: "Miley Cyrus is the coolest person ever" Top: Hates Bruno Mars Bottom: Collaborates with Miley Cyrus Top: Disses B.O.B, B.O.B disses back twice Bottom: "I like the way he rapped on those records" Top: Calls Rah Digga a man, Rah Digga disses him Bottom: Takes a pic with her the following weekend Top: Gets dissed by Hopsin Bottom: "I've never heard of him" Top: Disses Miley Cyrus about her hair, She talks shit back Bottom: Collaborates with her Top: Makes fun of 2 Chains' music, 2 Chains responds with an insult Bottom: Responds back by complimenting Based on Tru Story's cover.

  • OC

    i knew when tyler blew up that his hype wouldn't last long

  • Anonymous

    lol @ this hypocritical faggot

  • yeaaahh

    Odd Future has one of the biggest fanbases in music... and they get respect from artists outside of hip-hop. They're one of the few groups who has an original sound.

    • GG2

      Sorry I made some typos.... Odd Future/OFWGKTA claim [to be] "original" and "different" to re-brand themselves... Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt are the only ones with REAL talent, and they weren't even in the [original OFWGKTA line-up of members in 2009]...

    • GG

      @yeaahhh I think you meant to say, this: Odd Future has one of the worst stanbases of hip hop. They jacked styles from Eminem, ICP, horrorcore rappers such as Gravediggaz, the group structure of Wu-Tang Clan (except with 2 homosexual singers added), and the entire concept of Big L's "Devil's Son". Odd Future/OFWGKTA claim "original" and "different" to re-brand themselves and cater to stanning suburban white kids, Uncle Toms, hipsters, scensters, some faggots, and others who are willing to do hella broke for the same shit that we've seen years ago with Eminem, who did it MUCH, MUCH better. They might be different and have some different sounds, but they are NOT original. Out of the whole group, Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt are the only ones with REAL talent, and they weren't even in the original line-up members of OFWGKTA before 2009. And the praise/rep from the most credible and talented rappers don't really mean anything. For example, Eminem, Nas, and countless other veterans rep and co-sign Lil Wayne; thus rep/praise is about as meaningful as album sales. Popularity and success does not equate to talent, quality, and skill. Otherwise, Justin Bieber should praise for his popularity/success as well (after all, he does have his face all over little girl's clothing and is about to get his own TV show). On a positive note though, I give some props to the Odd Future crew for trying."

    • R.Pgh

      horrorcore raps aren't original. Gravediggaz and Brotha Lynch have been doing it for over 20 years (and better).

    • Anonymous

      For definition of "original" please see "Wu Tang Clan".

  • GoReadABook

    HA! This from the anti popculture rapper who rhymes about how wack all this shit is?? Woooowwwwww....nice work Tyler. Keepin it real

  • Anonymous

    Who even cares about these Odd Future faggots anymore? Nothing but a fad that died out quickly.

    • ^^^^

      meant to say that everyone in Odd Future (artist wise, not actors like Taco, Jasper, etc) except for Tyler, the Creator are nice

    • correction

      "a fad that died out quickly" im not oddfuture fan but im not stupid enough to ignore the fact that they are selling out tours WORLDWIDE. also their fuckin merch game is serious...they havent died out at all

    • ^^^

      basically everyone on there (artist wise, not the actor/wastes of space dudes like Taco, Jasper, etc.) except for are nice. Domo's good, Mike G. is good, Hodgy and Left Brain are good, Frank is good, and Earl is alright.

    • Black De La Rocha

      Say what you want about the rest of OF but Domo Genesis is nice as hell

    • Anonymous

      i dont think they wanted to be taken seriously...

    • Anonymous

      co-sign... i don't think anybody took them THAT seriously to begin with.

    • they flop hard on that molly

      the odd future faggots that's who cares

  • Anonymous

    Okaaaaayy.... Both were smoking.

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