California-based rap collective Odd Future are catching a heavy amount of heat following the release of video footage that pictures the group in a physical altercation with a concertgoer at the Odd Future show in San Antonio, Texas that took place earlier in the month.

From the video footage it’s unclear if the first punch was thrown by 17-year-old accuser Chassan Rasagi or a member of the Cali collective, but the members of Odd Future are claiming that Rasagi did in fact throw the first punch.

According to, the group has even turned to a series of Tweets allegedly made by Rasagi to prove that the teenager incited the altercation. In one post made on his Twitter account, Rasagi ReTweeted a user who stated that, “I give you props even tho u swung 1st those lame ass niggas suck I would of had your back. Probably would of got my ass beat too.”

On top of that ReTweet, Rasagi also commented on the check he may or may not receive from his lawsuit against the group.

“I’ll remember to send you a picture of the check when I get it,” Rasagi Tweeted to three different Twitter users, reports

No other details in the lawsuit between Rasagi and Odd Future have been revealed.

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