Consequence Hints At Q-Tip Using Him To Work His Way Into G.O.O.D. Music

Consequence says he's not related to Q-Tip, comments on the rapper using him to "finagle his way" into G.O.O.D. Music.

During an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence and his girlfriend Jen “The Pen” Bayer didn’t shy away from giving their thoughts on both Kanye West and Q-Tip.

The floodgates were opened during the interview once Consequence was questioned about his relationship with Kanye West and the other artists he’s worked with in the past. The topic of Consequence and Bayer’s baby shower was then brought up as was the fact that Kanye never bothered to express his congratulations or send over a gift. Consequence then went on to break down what led to his differences with Kanye.

“Basically, this is what happened. Q-Tip talks like a girl. I ain’t related to Q-Tip,” said Consequence. “Listen, he goes and he tells Kanye behind my back about the baby. I didn’t want Kanye to know because we were still going through money things and it was nasty. It was a lot of things that was involved. A lot of people who was involved with me and Kanye not bumping no more. When I did the Sway interview, I had flew out to London. We was really trying to make it not go past ‘Man Purses.’”

Consequence later went on to reveal that he believes Q-Tip was trying to take advantage of his relationship with Kanye to heighten his own career.  

“She said it so let’s just clear the air. Q-Tip, because he was trying to finagle his way in the door – Kanye was my connect. The whole world know that,” Consequence revealed. “But because Q-Tip has issues with his mortality, so to speak. He’s on G.O.O.D. Music now because he was running around telling me little secrets about Kanye. Trying to angle. You know what I’m saying? But how you gonna angle me when you’re supposed to be my family?”

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  • OnkelMichael

    Cons you are a faggot. Your baby momma is a biatch. Fuck your life...Q-Tip and Kanye faggots too... Everybody knows that you wrote for Kanye...stop acting like a fucking child.

  • Anonymous

    If you watch the whole video it just seems like Cons is angry over some rich people problems bullshit. "Didn't get a gift for my kid's baby shower"...nigga grow the fuck up, you have a kid now stop acting like one.

  • Anonymous

    he was talking like he is in the wwe

  • jason lemays

    i dont understand how this man can still have that inflated ego. 1st- you only dropped one verse on that tribe album, so calm the fuck down. 2nd- you havent done anything until then, and if it wasnt for kanye, nobody would even know who you are. 3rd- with teeth that size, you should really limit your time in front of the camera.



    • ^^Look

      I can easily say that this is the wrong site to talk about morals and friendships.

    • ^^Dumb

      People like you will never understand morals and true friendship. You just see hate, but you not really listen to what he is saying about people's actions and the industry. You will always dickride artists like they're superhuman and can't be fucked up to make it in the industry. Ask Prince how he stole Rick James style. Or James Brown stole from Jackie Wilson. Or how Akon stole Lady Gaga's publishing.

    • willmofo

      I'm on the floor over here, LOL!!!

    • crusty_toes

      hahhahahahahahahah omg!!

  • Anonymous

    funniest interview ever

  • WuTang

    Joe Budden is a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    i really love his raps on the classic track 'the good, the bad and the ugly'. he comes off spiteful here but him and kayne were friends for over 10 yrs. it s a dame dash/jayz thing i guess. industry is fucked and the winner is always the biggest money maker and the one who appeals most to the public. Kayne therefore wins now, he gets the best and associates with the best, copycattting jayz his mentor by also making a baby, boomerang will come for kayne dudes too arrogant that will not work in the long-run

    • yeah...

      you don't know too much about music, Kanye has been on the rap scene since 03', he's been behind the scenes producing for a lot longer. by your logic, he should have been washed up by now. you're stupid as fuck, if this nigga wasn't such a bitch about everything I would still be supporting his shit, after the whole G.O.O.D. beef went down, I still wanted to hear his Movies on Demand 3 mixtape, but after seeing any article about him/interview with him is just him bitching about Kanye and G.O.O.D.

    • ^^What?

      I agree its the Dame/Jay Z situation again. Fans are going to agree with Kanye. He has more money and fame. But everyone's 15 minutes always runs out. A lot people forget kanye and jay z are human too and can act foul sometimes. I would feel fucked up if my boy didn't congratulate me on my seed. Its just respect and good morals. we don't have that nowadays.

    • Anonymous

      So if someone has a child 1-2 years after someone else that they know, they are just trying to "copycat"? The boomerang thing doesn't make much sense either. Kanye's been arrogant since College Dropout. Personally I'd consider almost a decade a pretty "long-run"....still seems to be killing it.

  • WORD!

    You'll never win against a machine like Kanye, Jay Z and Q-tip. The fans will always think he's hating even if he is telling the truth. Amber Rose told people along time ago Kanye was cheating on her with Kim Kardashian and people looked at her as a hating ass stripper. Cons will just look biter and a hater. But sometimes is good to expose the fakeness of the industry. love it or not.

  • firehawk17

    if a dude owe 200k...where is the paper trail? call up the lawyers make it happen..ima tell how weak consequence is....jay z is the one that said "run up on ye' the wrong way I might murk ya flee in a G450..." he gonna say pusha t said it..but big up Jay z cause he know he cant handle those problems..son is weak.. consequence didn't write ATCQ shit..he trying to destroy the credibility of others and it aint gonna work..

  • firehawk17

    consequence sounds hurt... i don't know the details and all but no one else is talking about this shit but him and his chiquaqua ass woman...barking and shit like..shut the fuck up..he dont have a leash on his bitch tongue..all tough at radio those other cats off gettin money somewhere..if he so nice why he aint poppin? come on son he ok dont get me wrong but he makin bogus claims and his no talent woman co signing like she know for sure..over talking him and shit.. want some money? really..smh she sucked the wrong dick if they worried about those ends..

  • C'mon Man!!

    Shit, his contributions to BRL was part of the reason why that album was poorly received. It went platinum inspite him being on it, not because he was a part of it. ATCQ first three albums are considered classics and he didn't contribute or help write lyrics for those albums so what point is he trying to make?

    • ATCQ fan

      At the time when that album came out it wasn't known that tip and phife were at odds like that, but one things for sure fans were asking Who the fuck is Consequence and why is he all over this album? Even still, the fact remains that their three classic albums he had nothing to do with it.

    • ziploc

      I disagree,that album lacked the chemistry and it is well documented that Tip and Phife where at odds,BRL has that tension all over it,Tip sounds off on that album,so does Phife.In my opinion it was still a better album than the Love Movement which only had two good songs

  • john doe

    Dropping 1/22/13

  • bblanco

    A nigga owe me 200K he gonna get more than just words, I send da wolves out, fuk a diss song

  • Hahahahahholla


  • Principles

    It sucks when you a Nigga with principles and your friend doesn't. Cons has principles and courtesy that a lot of niggas don't have these days. This is when you see young niggas disrespect old people cus they don't have principles. It's not always about hating just because it's Kanye and Good Music. You guys would be surprised how people are foul in the music industry, but people are scared to get blackballed. Ask former members of destiny's child, keri hilson, NeYo how they got fucked over by your favorite singers. Ask Damon dash how he signed kanye when Jay Z didn't want kanye as a rapper and though he was wack. Just to show you how the music industry is fucked up, Ask Nas how HOT97 had Angie Martinez(used to fuck Jay Z) have a Takeover show supporting Jay Z and refusing to play Nas records.

  • GQ

    This fool always has to speak on GOOD now that he isnt there anymore. 1st about pusha biting his rhymes, then big sean, now Tip? what a hater, he prolly broke...

  • Consequence

    this is one dumb ass nigga. he clearly forgot that Q Tip put him on Beats, Rhymes, and Life when he had no business being on a classic. That ungrateful little fuck

    • GTFOH

      Consequence is talkin out of his ass. Q-tip or tribe for that matter did not NEED him for shit. The group been on the scene since 88 and from 90-93 put out three classic albums. So now in 96 they needed HIM!? Get the fuck out of here, Q-tip put him on.

    • Anonymous

      doubt that's true about that. why would they need him after already doin their best shit. probably more shit he spews just ruining his image even more. sad thing is if he had just been positive he'd probably be bigger than big sean is now.

    • Killem Dafoe

      Beats, Rhymes and Life was no classic. Everything before that was as far as Tribe called quest goes.

    • Anonymous

      u mean qtip used him on beats rhymes and life. have it in the back of ur mind that all the rhymes q tip spit post 94 were all written by consequence including on beats rhymes and life.

  • anon

    Anyone who tries to replace Phife is a bitch

  • Anonymous

    All this guy does is whine about shit. If Kanye owes you money hire a lawyer and get yours, what are you accomplishing by going on the radio & boo hoo'n all the time, lol, do you really think people who bought Dark Fantasy are sitting around like, "Yo, I really liked this album till Consequence started talking shit, now I'm never listening to it again!!!" FOH dude, 95% of the world dont care about your personal problems, Kanye makes music that sounds good, all that matters. If homie going on stage and ripping the Mic away from white americas princess, simping all over the place over a bald headed groupie & generally acting like a douche didnt put a dent in his career, how much are you expecting to accomplish?? Stop looking for sympathy and move on with your life

    • Understand

      Sometimes we forget Kanye and Q tip are human too. They also do wrong things to people regards of their music. He was talking about his personal relationship with someone who he looked out for 12 years, all of sudden doesn't show love and stops fucking with you. How would you feel if some you were getting money with your boy and started acting like Kanye? And you don't know why? His talking about principles and sometimes people do foul things, just like how beyonce did keri hilson while she was writing songs for her and tried to play NeYo when he was writing songs for her. And l would love a girl who rode for her man do or die.

  • Anonymous


  • LackeysSuck

    You bums are online beefing for free. But can't understand Cons being salty over being owed 200K?

    • Q

      The show is about relationships in hiphop, they probably went to more popular rappers first, when they got turned down, they pretty much started scraping the bottom of the barrel. Not trying to say shit about Budden, but it really shows you how far they're reaching when the spin off's main couple is Lil Scrappy and whoever he's fucking.

    • Anonymous

      If you about Tribe, then you shouldn't be watching that show. Obviously the key demographic are females.

    • .....

      I'm sorry, did you know who the bitches that are on that show? What exactly are 90% of the girls famous for, that I should know them? I'm looking at the cast right now, and I can honestly say that I have no idea who any of these chicks are, except for Olivia, who I didn't even think would be relevant enough to be on t.v., but that should be a perfect example of this dude being on it. He only shows up when he's got something to promote, which I know isn't an outrageous thing to do, but he promotes his shit; his mixtapes and his show, by bringing up Kanye or talking about him in a negative light...after he claimed they made up and that they squared everything. The dude is salty, when G.O.O.D. was promoting Cruel Summer, he tweeted some shit about them when they were on 106th. Before Cruel Summer came out (another time he was on the breakfast club), he said that he saved Big Sean from being dropped, Big Sean denied it, now he says that he'll "wash Big Sean up". Pretty much the only people that he hasn't targeted in the label are Cudi, John Legend, and Common.

    • LOL^^

      The problem nowadays is that we don't know whats real or fake anymore. If someone tells the truth, we always assume he is doing it for money or fame. And if people don't know him, how did he get on the show. If you know Tribe, then you should know him.

    • Bruh

      Look, it's this simple, the dude has a show on t.v. Nobody really knows about him/cares for him anymore, the people that don't know about him but know about Kanye will see that somebody is on the radio talking shit about him. They will google him, then will see his music, and see that he is on a tv show on vh1. That's it, that's how this dude works nowadays. He used to be good but this shit is making him look like a petty bitch.

    • What^^^

      I think you really listened to the interview and understand what he is saying.

    • Na...

      Funny thing is, is that when this beef started, he never mentioned anything about money, come to think of it, he started this whole rift with G.O.O.D. by beefing with Pusha T. Then he started going at Kanye, and he only talks about the "beef" when he has something to promote. He even brought Kanye's name in the actual show, for people he's ghost written for. It was on Breakfast Club a few months back, before Cruel Summer came out, where he was fine with Kanye and that he said Kanye wrote almost all of his own material, but Consequence self-admittedly said that he would only write a line or two. Now he's proclaiming that he pretty much made Kanye's rap career. Last year, this dude was on RapFix or some shit with Sway, saying that him and Kanye talked everything out and they're cool. Now he's back on his salty bullshit again, just because he needs to promote Love and HipHop.

    • Anonymous

      according to him. i don't see common or john legend complaining.

  • dRob

    No opinion on this at all. Q-Tip, Kanye, and Consequence all make G.O.O.D. music. Sometimes heads bump.

  • Sco*

    bitterness and envy slowly eat away at your soul...and "consequently" (get it?), your teeth also grow to ridiculous proportions....

  • >

    Consequence, your teeth are like urinals, everytime you open your mouth, I want to piss in it. Word to Greg Giraldo

  • Anonymous

    kanye make good music , but where there smoke there is fire.. do your thing cons, youll get urs

  • Damn...

    This nigga is sad, I used like him and his music, but after he left G.O.O.D., all he does is bash them, he doesn't say a word about them until he has a mixtape coming out or in this case, his gay ass reality show. Desperate nigga looks desperate. Also, his fucking wife looks like a horse.

  • Anonymous

    Consequence, appropriate name,consequence of being a dumb nigga

  • Killa Kev

    Sorry Quence, you're dead wrong and you have nobody left on your side (other than a wife that wouldn't be with you if you were broke). You're wrong, you're a bitter dude. You threw shade at Ye. If it was me, as far as I'm concerned, you're dead to me.

  • Don't want it

    Buck teeth nigga don't want it with Joe Buddens mane...fuck that Wu Tang shit. On some rapping shit dude aint fucking with JB.

    • YESSIR

      as far as pure emceeing goes, it's not many guys on joe budden's level. he need to leave Shady records for YMCMB

  • wow

    Son you look stupid wearing sunglasses indoors

  • jayskratch

    who cares!! there on some jersey shore he says,she says bullshit who cares about kanye,worry about yourself cons

  • rayzure

    he said he and kanye made up but were no longer friends so why he mad his son didn't get a gift from kanye? dude is just bitter even if kanye did him wrong he's been going on about about it for far too long and that aint healthy!

  • gibbs

    bitter ass fool, know your place in life you irrelevant bitch nigga lmao

  • Anonymous

    Budden still mad cos Rae smacked him in the head?? When was that? Na it was his homie google it it was big news a while ago Kanye did homie bad and now his speaking on it and getting nothing but hate

  • T

    Budden still mad cos Rae smacked him in the head?? When was that?

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