Big Sean Still Hoping For Eminem Collaboration On "Hall Of Fame: Memoirs Of A Detroit Player"

Big Sean says that Eminem isn't part of his sophomore album "yet."

Big Sean previously expressed interest in recording a duet with Eminem for his upcoming sophomore album Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player, stating that a collaboration was possible.

Now, during an interview with Urban Fusions TV, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper updates on the potential feature, stating that it hasn't happened yet but that he's still hopeful.

"Eminem isn't a part of it yet, hopefully. Maybe he can be, maybe he can't. Sooner or later, we'll see," said Sean. "I think all those other people are on it and all the features I got on it were because they really added in an accent to the song, not just 'cause who they are. I think it's going to be a monumental point in my career and I don't want to talk it up or brag about it or whatever, but just check it out when it comes out. Hopefully, you'll like it. And if you don't like it, who gives a fuck, man."

Watch the full interview below, where he also touches on the meaning behind his album's title and his best memories of his live show.

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  • Anonymous

    yall fuckin idiots. Big Sean is a fuckin lyrical genius. you lame ass niggas dont listen to the real music and find the art in hip hop. get off the bandwagon train.

  • jucka

    i think that if he put Em and Ye on a song could be dope

  • You mad?

    I agree with what dude below said...If Big Sean was more popular and had something Eminem could gain from him, he would get the collab easy. Notice how Eminem always ignored Lil Wayne but started paying more attention and collabing after he did a milly in the first week and started to become more popular. People are lying to themselves if they think Eminem is still popping like he used to be. He's working with Wayne, Pink, Rihanna, doing car ads, on talk shows, name dropping popular rappers like Kanye...He did things he would NEVER do in the 00's to get his record to sell. Big Sean can't "help" him right now but if Big Sean suddenly became the hottest dude in rap, he would get the call from Eminem ASAP.

  • Fuck Detroit

    List of niggas Em is scared of: Scarface Pharoahe Monch Nas Tech N9ne DJ Khaled (WTF?!?!) Big Sean (LMAO)

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Em verses aren't even worth getting. They all sound the exact same now. He just doesn't have it anymore.

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      The only really dope verse he's spit since switching to his speed-yelling, cornball punchline, Recovery style flow is from "Forever", and that was the first one. He's has gone steadily downhill since. And, Yes, Relapse was better than Recovery and everything after despite the accents.

    • billy joel

      yeah "a kiss" was some real meaningful stuff in my life

    • ETK

      real talk, flockin on to his old shit like it's the gospel is gettin old... Em still spits like he's on a mission, you're a retard if you don't hear what he sayin

    • josh

      you both sound like complete idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign, and I been a fan of that cracker ever since Slim Shady LP

  • Anonymous

    Don't know why these mediocre rappers want eminem on they tracks. So he can renegade them niggas? LOL

  • ff

    You think eminem would want to collab with this fake ass money rapper who wants big names to sell his shitty album.

  • Mack

    Eminem knows he's not good anymore that's why he stays doing pop features where he's appreciated by the ignorants who think the likes of Rihanna is good music.

    • ....

      Second anon is correct. In addition to that though Em already admitted that the music industry is stressful for him and brings alot of bs into his life. Eminem is just tryin to chill out and not drive himself crazy over music

    • Anonymous

      I don't buy that because Eminem doesn't need to "stay relevant" he is. He still sells on his own, he still sells out arenas, he's still very popular judging his social media status. He's already more popular than the people he chooses to work with. He's simply not challenging himself anymore with the people he chooses to work with. It's a shame. He's gotten lazy, coasting on his popularity.

    • Anonymous

      Thats one perspective...... Another could be that he's trying to stay relevant and only appears on records by pop artist because they sell Trust me if Big Sean sold double platinum with his debut, he wouldn't have to chase Em around like this..... It has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with Em not caring about working with anybody unless he's gonna benefit from it. Em will get nothing out of appearing on a Big Sean record that we all know probably isn't even gonna go gold

  • mchype

    Instead of collaborating with pop artists like pink,collaborate with Big Sean , tech n9ne and others in hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Big Sean is not hip hop. And LMAO at second anon... he doesn't want the entire world knowing about his daughter.. so what? And the last record he was supposed to be on with Tech N9ne he didn't have the time. He will eventually do one with Tech N9ne but for now there's always "The Anthem" (Eminem, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, Pharoahe Monch, Tech N9ne, etc all one track)

    • Anonymous

      Can't believe he turned down Nas' collab because he didn't want to rap about his daughter anymore. Make an exception bitch it's Nas!

  • Skyler Gay

    big sean cool as shit fuck all yal

  • Fuck Detroit

    LOL nigga just give up on that shit already

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Eminem isn't recording nearly as much as he used to. The only people he features for are people he's close too (Obie Trice, Skylar Grey), people who's careers he's promoting (Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf), or pop artists people who have HUGE budgets (Rihanna, B.o.B.). Big Sean just isn't in any of those ballparks.

    • Anonymous

      rick ross got one

    • Anonymous

      While this is very true, Eminem isn't a 'Detroit rapper' any more. While I'm sure he identifies with the city, he's a multi-platinum worldwide name. I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't walk down the streets of Japan without being recognized. I just don't see Big Sean getting the verse while so many other artists are desperate for the same feature. It's like trying to get a Andre 3000 verse. You have to be TI or Beyonce, hahah.

    • Anonymous

      but but but they're both from detroit! and big sean is in the detroit players hall of fame!

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