Saigon Explains The Origins Of His Issues With Prodigy

Saigon says that his problem with Prodigy stems from his friendship with Tru Life.

Saigon and Prodigy came to blows back in 2007, a fight that extends to his kinship with Tru Life. During an interview with, Sai Diddy explained that Tru had a problem with Prodigy when he came in the game after the Mobb Deep rapper took money for a verse that he used elsewhere.

"That was about Prodigy not being real. The shit started with Tru Life. That shit wasn't even my beef. Tru had robbed them niggas, and me and Tru like brothers, before Rap. I came up with Tru. So when Tru got in the Rap game, he was on some hood rule shit apply still," he said. "Prodigy stole $15,000 from Tru Life. Not stole it, but he did a verse for him, and went and did the same verse and took the money, and then went and did the same verse on some other shit. Tru was like, 'Aight, give me another verse.' Son kept ducking. They did what they did with that. I ended up guilty by association. They tryna say, you went on TV and burned our CDs. I didn't burn CDs, I had a handful of CDs, I was like, all this shit is garbage to me. I wasn't singling out Mobb Deep."

Sai explains that he had seen Prodigy several times after that and they explained that they had no problems with one another. But as soon as they ran into each other and P was with a deep crew, the issues mounted. "I'm like, we was just hugging a few days ago! Why when you deep, and you catch me with one or two niggas, you got a problem again?" he said. "The reason I hit him was he gave me that look like, 'Yeah nigga, I got you now.'"

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  • Anonymous

    Sigh, I like the second - fourth Mobb Deep albums A LOT but I don't blame Saigon for punching him if he is telling a true story.

  • Anonymous


  • BornSupreme

    First off Saigon is wack, no hits, no sales and absolutely no play. The only reason that cheap shot artist has any recognition is because of enterouge, and even that minor spark couldn't keep the flame burning! Saigon stays losing!

  • shh

    thanx hiphdx...MORE SAI...LESS JOE BUDDEN....#GSNT2 #GSNT2 #GKMC F&l2(lupe version 4)

  • Anonymous

    Sai Diddy ITS SAI GIDDY you morons from HIPHOPDX!!!!!

  • REt

    prodigy is a homosexual. when he came home from prison his wife left him. she couldn't believe her husband was all of a sudden into men and she bounced. he was turned out in prison. the same reason mobb deep fell apart. they tried making an album when he got out, but prodigy kept bringing his gay friends to the studio to work out shirtless on ustream. prodigy still can't answer the question straight up. he needs to come out the closet already, he's killing himself with this shit. look at him on twitter. big mouth, idiot. rolls with a homosexual named boogz boogetz from queens. he also rolls with an r and b chick named esther, that has no talent and will never blow. he trashed all his old infamous mobb family that held him down for a crop of new artists that will never amount to anything that don't mind his current lifestyle. the sad part is prodigy was in protective custody during his entire sentence. he was isolated with non violent inmates that are scared of what would happen in general population. 3.5 years and he comes out flaming gay. i don't think i've ever seen a rapper destroy his own career quite like prodigy has coming out of prison. makes shyne look normal.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the book is cool. You'll enjoy it, there's a lot of funny stories and its hard to put down. Especially the parts where the mobb was hungry and hadn't fallen off yet. This all coming from someone who doesn't even really like the music p is making these days. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      Did you guys read his book? I am not hating, I just want to know if its worth buying and reading or not.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah keep hatin asshole. Who writes whole paragraphs about a grown man's sexual preferences, all of which is just rumor anyways. P killed 95-99 and influenced all kinds of other great rap artists, the fuck you do with your life? Loser

    • Anonymous

      he actually did respond to those allegations but just keep hatin

  • Anonymous

    Sai Diddy? It's Sai Giddy you stupid muthafuckas

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy just tweeted that he's actually 5'3.

  • Anonymous

    prodigy always been a bitch actin like a clean dude when he is on his own and then actin like a tough guy when he is around his crew he did the same thing with jay-z on summer jam ... and i remember pac said the same thing back in the days these midgets mothafucka like prodigy, fredro starr etc are the worst niggaz ever ! they 5'2 and run their mouth like they're some gorillas or somethin. but when they walk alone they don't brag that much

    • Anonymous

      yeah well when jayz ran into prodigy he was only into talkin too. And 2pac been dead. So just keep hatin, calling rap artists bitches on the internet, like a TRUE bitch

  • 7 Cities SLymm

    one Bitch Move does not justify another Bitch Move: -P acted tough when he got around a big crew.... -Sai hit him (over a dirty look) and RAN... those actions cancel each other out in the Bitchassness equation they should shake hands and make up

    • anonymous

      gunplays wack ass tried runnin too. he got the slam of his life when he did that hahaha

    • M-Double

      LOL @ "at least gunplay stayed and took his beating" We all know how smart that cat is, robbing an accountant in front of a camera. What Saigon did was gangsta, punching P in the face in the middle of P's crew... That's what's up! Of course you run after that, are you saying he should have stayed and got his ass whooped by 20 muhfuckas? GTFOH! P needs to learn to keep his big mouth shut, put up or shut up...

    • Anonymous

      at least gunplay stayed and took his beating

    • Anonymous

      Sai ran cause he was in a middle of the mobb deep crew when he punched prodigy on stage he was all by himself surrounded by a crowd full of mobb deep affiliates. so what did the nigga suppose to do in this situation ? stay and get beat up by 20 mothafuckas ?? he just ran like anyone would do. and believe it he would have stay if it was a one on one situation or a crew on crew situation

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy is a lil bitch

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