Despite Being Banned From Voting, RZA Encourages People To Get Out & Vote

Both Big Sean and RZA get political as they speak with The Q Side about voting and the presidential election.

For a special presidential election-inspired episode of The Q Side, former MTV personality Quddus spoke with various Hip Hop artists including DJ Skee, RZA, and Big Sean to get their thoughts on voting and today’s election.

While speaking with The Q Side, RZA touched on being banned from voting due to “a certain list” the Wu-Tang rapper was placed on years ago.

“The movement that the president gave us, you know getting into office, was so uplifting and it represents us [in a] better image for our country. I don’t actually vote personally,” RZA revealed. “I’m on a certain list. Ya dig it? Check it out, I love this country right. When I leave and I travel around I represent America. When I come back, even after 150 days in China, and they always take me to the back room. Over 100 times I’ve been taken to the back room, checked, and they said I’m flagged. And I went through everything to get my name off the flag. They said, ‘No, you’re flagged.’”

Although RZA may be unable to vote he encouraged others to get out there and let their voices be heard.

“Yeah, if I could I would. I advise people to vote regardless. If you got a voice let your voice be heard. My wife does vote. So she’s the voice of our family when it comes to our political ideas. She’s that voice,” said the rapper.

Detroit rapper Big Sean also had a lot to say in regards to today’s election and stressed the fact that people should remain focused on the facts rather than personalities.

“Well, I think that people need to really pay attention to the facts and not the wowing of who seems more charming,” Big Sean explained. “It was a lot of great facts that they pointed out about Obama and the work he has done. And a lot of people hating on him, giving him slack, but honestly I feel like he’s really turning this nation around. And even from the get go, from the beginning, he said that his plan was a 10-year plan…Also, as being in the rap game I feel like we have a responsibility to not necessarily be involved, but to sometimes touch on issues that people are heavily involved in.”

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  • Johnnie Cochran

    Robert is a fucking moron. Convicted felons in New York State ** can ** vote, this dipshit probably didn't even register-- HipHopDx, do ya'll do ANY goddamn factchecking, or even ** thinking ** when you print this shit?

  • Anonymous


  • techn9cs

    on what kinde of list is rza? and why? i'm not from the states so i dont know about what list hes talking about.... peace

  • Malone

    No one can know but me.... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Get you some fresh kicks to rock at the polls

  • Phncn MRchntz

    I don't think RZA is an ex-felon. He's on that list because they know who he is and was in a past life. The embodiment of his past life's work, was manifested in the form of ODB(chaos) and compartmentalized as the Wu. And for the Record: I was a dumb ass nigga - before I was awaken by the Wu-Tang Clan

  • Anonymous

    I vote myself, but I find it comical how people react when they hear someone isn't voting. I mean it is bad the someone doesn't vote, but it isnt like voting is entirely good. The only good reason to vote is because it is a right, and it isnt hard at all to do unless youre disable. I mean politicians don't even know ALL of the bills and some don't even attempt to learn an entire bill. I remember that politician who went off in the house or senate because they tried to get people to vote on a bill that they received only the night before the meeting and it was like 100+ pages long. Our government is very shady for the most part will all of the lobbying and some of these bs bills and even the government waste. It's really messed up that most people would rather remain ignorant to the truth instead of facing the problems head on and our problem is our entire government system. I'll continue to vote for the lesser evils, but I'm patiently waiting for the revolution

  • Anonymous

    In some states felons on parole or probation can't vote. Big different between not being able to vote. In some states depending on the circumstances can take away your right to vote permanently

  • Aidria81

    Most states, felons CAN vote, it's a myth they can't.

  • Anonymous

    Didnt rza kill a dude back in 92 or something?

  • Dear RZA

    Dear RZA, you are on a TERROR WATCH list at the AIRPORT. You are not on any secret list that turns you away when you goto poll to vote. You can register and vote like anyone else who is not under federal or state probation. This is a lie and is comical. You usually keep it 100, but this phony as it gets and it sends the wrong message to these young little kids who dont know the difference. PLEASE be more responsible.

    • getitright

      not all felons can vote it depends on the state guys

    • AmusDaKid

      LMAO at the dumbass above who said felons can't vote but couldn't even spell the word "FELONS".

    • Riggles

      ALL convicted felons can vote. How do I know? I'm an ex-convict who did a bid in the Feds and I just went and voted today. And its not the first time I've voted either. Don't be a clown when you don't know what you're talking about. He's right!

    • read boy

      son wat ru talkin bout? convicted felons cant vote hes a convicted fellon

  • Randem

    The big question is, how can a fucking country call itself free and then ban people from voting? Shameful.

  • waKKKup

    Its so funny to hear an IGNORANT APE like Big Sean try to talk politics.. NIGGA you dont know anything about wtf Obama has done. Heres what Obama promised and did... 1. START 3 MORE WARS - yep 2. SIGN THE PATRIOT ACT - yep 3. NDAAA ACT - yep (now you can be locked up without a trial (FOREVER) 4. DRONE BOMBING CIVILIANS - yep 5. FREE HEALTH CARE - not 6. CLOSe GUANTANAMO BAY - not 7. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA - not 8. BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER - not 9. LOWER TAXES - not 10. REDUCE GAS PRICES - not ($1.75 when Obama cam in, $4.75 now) Thank you BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA 9hope and change 2012)

    • anon

      Actually obama has ben givn the rifght to start wars look it up

    • Anonymous

      The president can have troops placed where ever he wants though. Bush had troops in iraq even though congress said no on declaring war.

    • Deadboy90

      The president has as much power over gas prices as he does over Apple's stock. Both are publicly traded and as such, are subject to invesor speculation.

    • Max

      President can't start wars - only congress can... "Obamacare" was passed and is in the process of being legalized by the US Supreme Court...there was no promise of "free" healthcare, this isn't France...Bring people together... Tea Party - no more argument....Legalize Marijuana??? Please provide a direct quote where Obama said anything of the sort... Lower taxes? Not up toe president..again the responsibility of Congress..The Patriot Act was already signed, it just extended it's dates... maybe you should wake up and not be so ignorant about things you obviously know nothing about...

    • Pipe down dipshit

      You're a fucking retard. Gas prices were well above $4 for most of the Bush administration but fell to below $2 the month before Obama took over. Plus the president plays no role in governing the gas price.

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