Immortal Technique Weighs In On President Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

Immortal Technique breaks down why Obama is the lesser of two evils in the Presidential election.

With less than a week left before the polls for the 2012 Presidential election open, underground Hip Hop veteran Immortal Technique is making sure he gives his two cents on the issues. Now, in a recent interview with The Well Versed, Tech gives his take on President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney's respective campaigns.

While Tech openly admitted that he has some serious misgivings about President Obama and many of his policies regarding the military and immigration, he believes that Obama is the lesser of two evils. He explained that he believes Mitt Romney's policies will be more deleterious to the American public than Obama's policies, but that doesn't mean he at all endorses the President's bid for re-election.

"People can tell me all day that Obama is a war president. He’s an individual who’s violated human rights of other people with drone strikes and what not, that he deported more people than [George W.] Bush, which is true, all these things are potentially true, but at the same time, do I think that Mitt Romney is going to be the solution to that problem?" he said. "Do I think in any way shape or form, that it would be logical for black and Latino people to vote for someone like that? Or even white Americans who are looking to advance themselves in middle class and working class America. No. That doesn’t mean that I think Barack Obama is a savior or that I’m campaigning or even voting for him. Don’t tell me simply because the food in front of me is rotten that the shit you got in the trunk of your car is better."

He added, "I digress from that by saying that traditionally in Hip Hop, we’ve had a very political culture that’s always been associated with questioning what people tell us is unquestionable. Only because the hypocrisy [of] what we’re told we can question and what we can’t question or what we remember and what we’re told not remember."

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  • Eduardo

    Bin ladden didn't blow up project's/ it was you nigga tell the truth nigga/bush knock down the tower.! Clean!, Immortal technique is one of the best ''MC'' we got today.

  • strepthroat

    if u dont vote for the lesser of two evils, and enough people share that attitude, its gonna b romneystime to shine

  • Anonymous

    vote 4 Romney!!!!! #TeamROMNEY

  • Anonymous

    Techs a smart dude, I ant voting for the lesser of two evil, no one should have to.

  • Anonymous

    People need to stop taking rappers, and other entertainers opinions on stuff like politics. You should just vote on your OWN opinion. silly headed americans.

    • duh

      Yes, but when they're too stupid to get the picture, it gets dangerous. Tech isn't imposing his ideals. He's speaking out. Some of us understand the world we live in today. Tech, being one of those people, is simply speaking for those of us who aren't in that position to speak. Don't vote unless you understand that they are both "evil". I am in no way calling them the devil but they won't help you as an individual and don't care for anyone middle or lower class. This is regardless of what they try and say to win you over. Just do your research.

  • cassidfyfan

    immortal is that dude

  • Micah Robinson

    I'm surprised at you Tech! I thought you'd be more inclined to go third party!? Johnson or Stein, someone that actually wants to help us, who's not in line w/ big corporations or any of the other shit you oppose! I'm really effin surprised here... America: there is more than 2 parties! do not fall into the trap that these 2 parties set for you by choosing the "lesser of two evils!" stand up for yourself! educate yourself and vote accordingly! the 2 party system is and will always be broken, be a sheep or be a revolutionary!

    • Jay

      I use to like immortal until I see him not as critical of Obama. Shows he is a leftist liberal Marxist scum. I would have thought he'd be as vocal as he was when Bush was in the white house. Shows his true colors.

    • Micah Robinson

      @abe, we have a defacto 2 party system because we continually allow it!!!!!!! WE have to step up and DEMAND change! WE vote for these motherfuckers, puttin them in office, fuckin us up. Voting for 1 of the 2 main parties because they're the only ones w/ a chance of winning is still falling into their trap. check out this website abe: if you read nothing else, read the blurb in the box. it's up to us, they aren't going to change and really why would they making money hand over fist?

    • abe

      i agree with you about voting third party, but tech is right on with his analysis. we do have a defacto two-party system in which only two parties have a realistic chance of winning. obomber is the lesser of two evils compared to romney but they're both corporate puppets

  • Anonymous

    I came on here to say I don't give a flying fuck how this clown immortal dick sucker feels about shit... Shut the fuck up nigga u suck

  • Farrakhan

    Obama iz da best prezident eva!!!

  • e.

    if you get your politics from rap music you're a certified retard try reading books

  • Notchya Ave

    Look up "Obama Song Big Things" or check out the link here but it's the illest Obama sample flip so far...

  • JJ13

    I like him but does he have to be so damn political all the time?! I mean even KRS-One had his party records - as far as beats go! You need balance in your music. Tell me if I am wrong.

    • JJ13

      What I can respect is that he does this shit for a living! I couldn't! You brought to my attention that he is an activist and I never thought about it that way. Thanks, man!

    • RC

      Word up, no doubt I see where you coming from I can respect that. At the end of the day this music ain't for everbody & it doesn't need too be, only the real can live this shit 24/7 365 days a year without batting an eye. It's not not a hobby or even a passion its a mission.

    • JJ13

      @RC I respect your opinion, I have stated mine. You're opinion makes sense to me as well. I'm not saying we don't need that in Hip Hop - we need it now more than anything; I like Imm. Tech. and I have listened and enjoyed most of the songs I have heard. I love learning something new! I respect fully what he brings to the table. I also like PE and Brand Nubian, A LOT, I just like balance in my music 'cause that shit makes me wanna be a militant or some shit, Lol. Ice Cube is another example he can talk his gangsta shit but still put out "...Good Day" and "You Can Do It." All TRUE MCs drop some knowledge or political shit sometimes. He is just *too* political and "fact-dropping" for me. I need some balance, personally. No arguments, just opinions.

    • RC

      You mention songs like "Dear Momma", "White Man'z World" & "MOSH". Well then surely you have heard songs from Tech such as "Caught In the Hustle", "Leaving the Past", "You Never Know", "Mistakes", "In Time (Remix)" or "Natural Beauty" just to name a few. All of these songs are not overtly political yet all are either "stories" or touch on "family problems". Personally I think you give 2Pac & Eminem way too much credit when B.I.G., Nas & KRS give alot more better examples of songs that give better stories & personal tales but I digress. Overall I think Immortal Technique appeals too a crowd that is mature enough not to get "bored" beacuse he's "too political" or is dropping too many historical facts or references. Don't forget not too long ago artist like Public Enemy, Brand Nubian & Paris were dropping politics & facts every other song and getting radio play without getting labled as the "political" emcees they were simply the educated emcees.

    • JJ13

      To everyone who replied, I hear you out. It's nice to inform us about the inside of everything. That has been the basis in Hip Hop since the beginning. I'm just sayin' MCs like Nas, Tupac (from Dear Mama/I Get Around to White Man's World) , KRS-One, Eminem (from Lose Yourself/Stan to Mosh/Public Enemy #1), Common (I Used to Love H.E.R. to People), Biggie, and NWA as well. They all have a particular balance (party records, family problems, storytelling, etc.) My point is, I'm not saying he needs to spit nonsense, that is not what I am saying - at all - but you HAVE to talk about something else or people will get bored. That's what MCs do, talk about life or their personal life in general. I like his political records- very informative and they get your attention, but lets not pretend he is the first one to do this. Every MC (notice I said *MC*) does so on a different level, like the ones I mentioned above and countless others, especially the legends. Hip Hop started as not just rhythmic music to get the crowd started, but as informative news for the people. Not saying Imm. Tech is bad he is very informative and he grabs your attention, as mentioned above.What makes a TRUE MC,to me,is range. Reply back, I like hearing opinions!

    • jay

      I agree with you all on balance because we all need it, but c'mon think about it. Maybe the only reason he has focused heavily on politics is because it's broken and been that way since mesopotamian times. Never give up and that's what he's doing. he's promoting change and if thats what he wants it's only logical for him to keep at it. Maybe he thinks you all are idiots for wanting party music. it isn't the time for party. it's time for liberating. thats the party we need lol

    • Anonymous

      There's enough party records out there and not enough revolutionary/political records. Everybody too busy partying and not looking around, like who's really coming home to what Rick Ross or Lil Wayne coming home to after partying? Not too many people, we gotta respect the struggle the way we salute the hustle in these recession years.

    • RC

      That's because Tech isn't just a emcee he's an activist. He doesn't make records & get onstage to just blurt out random jargon & pseudo politics to get attention or create a buzz like lupe fiasco. He lives and believes his activism 110% and dedicates his whole life fully to it traveling the world over to get out his message. Sure its not for everyone and if that's the case don't bump the music then, but whatever most of time when people say "why do they have be so political all the time" about anyone it usually means that person is making a very good point about something that makes them uncomfortable. Andre Gide said it best, Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again. That is why artist like Immortal Technique eat, sleep, breath & bleed their philosophy all day, everyday to the fullest exstent.

    • PuCho

      ^This and his consistency. He's one of my top 5 favorite emcee's but he needs to balance out his music, im not saying he needs to make some party shit but every track doesn't need to be political. Revolutionary Vol. 1 and 2 had a good balance, The third world and The Martyr were more political. He said in a interview that the middle passage would be released this year but from the way it looks that aint happening, hopefully we'll hear some new music from him soon from his album or from that joint album he's working on with Killer Mike.

  • Anonymous

    I don't believe in a "lesser of two evils". That sounds stupid, evil is self-evident. It would be more proper to exercise your vote by going third party or just sitting out of the thing all together. No one debates that the main candidates both are trash, so why even delude one's self by saying you're voting for the "lesser" of two evils. I've never rode with that philosophy.

    • jay

      It's obviously the lesser of two evils because it's not like third parties get a debate with these fucks or tv time. All you ever see is Red vs. Blue. They drill that into our heads since birth. Red is the opposite extreme of Blue and that's the colors of bloods and crips as well as democrats and republicans. It's sublime. it's meant to be and if you dont see through this matrix you're stuck.

    • anon

      because you''re gonna have to look other things. social issues, Obama is much better than Romney, if that even means anything at this point. for many people, social issues are their main focus, and Obama is probably there. though in regards to economics, environmental policy (which Obama has pissed me off on extreme levels), and foreign policy they are VERY similar (though Romney is way more to the right)

    • brooklynyoungcop

      but its 100% truth, they are both just CIA fucking puppets and try to be big fish at middle east. hope china attacks USA soon..

  • 490717

    All that shit on Bush and secret plots, now its all lets just take the better of the two douchebags. Its was all revolution, now its all work within the system. Make up your mind.

    • Anonymous

      You're ignorant. He made it clear he wasn't endorsing either politician. He said if he HAD to choose one then Obama was the lesser of two evils. Whenever did he say that was what he was supporting? Or that that's who he thinks is the best choice?

    • Anonymous

      if kendrick lamar is ilumniati why wouldnt obama and romney be to why u think he so involved in rap music

  • ziti

    y'all fools in OHIO---VOTE

  • Anonymous

    I wish Immortal Technique would break down everything in politics like this. He's one of the few people who's opinions I feel I can actually trust.

    • me

      not even close to being like detox "The Martyr" came out almost a year ago so that makes up for middle passage not being released

    • Endo

      He is trustworthy in all things (except release dates). The Middle Passage is turning into the Detox of independent hip hop!

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