Meek Mill Announces Dream Chasers Records Imprint

Meek Mill reveals his own label imprint, as well as the artists he's signed to it.

Meek Mill's debut hasn't even hit stores, and already the young rapper has a record label imprint.

During his performance at Philly's Power 99 Powerhouse concert on Friday (October 26) Mill announced Dream Chasers Records, which will feature Lee Mazin, Jahlil Beats, Louie V Gutta, and Goldie as its flagship artists.

Lee Mazin is a rapper from Philadelphia, like Meek Mill, and she recently dropped the LoveLEE mixtape. Louie V Gutta is a producer, songwriter, and recording artist from Philadelphia, and Jahlil Beats is a producer.

Watch the video of the performance below, which contains the announcement (spotted at

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  • reeds

    the link

  • Anonymous

    Yea we all know meek mill stole bo stark flow an added a fast flow too it...

  • toke215

    stupid as nigga.. meek is a bitch stole frm the legend bo starks of philly in 2006 an been sneak dissin for all these years

  • Rahbangem


  • youngsta

    why are people hating on this move? meek just started the label. nobody's released anything on it yet. meek's album gonna move units and he'll get the money to fund for his artists. it's like no one can do anything without bitch niggas hating all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Would have at least let his album drop. I doubt it's gonna move more than 200k in the first week.

  • Anonymous

    damn get a few albums under your belt first why have the pressure of a label when nobody is moving units this is gonna be another bws or terror squad paper labels



  • FuckBoi

    Another "imprint" with no distribution. Good luck with that. Just another "label" being run out of someone's basement. Pipe dreams and Hoop Dreams. No different than "Big C Records" LOL How you gonna run a label when you cant spell, articulate, or use proper grammar. Too funny. Let this lame brick already and get this faggot who runs with cops out the game. Fake ass thug... "B-b-b-but the Lox change my life!"


    You signed to a nigga whos signed to another nigga whos signed to 3 niggas. #pushacurse. Lmao.

  • shit...

    not saying Meek Mill is terrible or that he sucks, but seriously if someone as wack as Wiz Khalifa can start their own record label than I'm sure it's not that hard for other rappers to do it either.

  • Jason704

    Wheres Mel Love!!?

  • Anonymous

    This is a bit premature.



  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up Meek, props on giving others a chance to come up and bringing good meaningful and skilled lyrics back.

  • S.O.S.

  • S.O.S.

    Props 2 Meek Mill on the venture. Maybe he'll give a dude like me a look.

  • Neon Voyce

    Everyone and their mother launchin nowadays record labels...So many record labels right much wack music...

  • dee

    I see Ross and Meek beefing in the future not because of this but i just feel they will

  • rarrrrhhhhhh

    if he finds a louder more shouty rapper than himself il eat my own dick

  • lil mike

    meek millz gets most his beats from i found this out because i spoke to his manager the other day

  • G

    GUnit records is a failure now, but atleast 50 was smart enough to make the right move at the right time. Thats why his networth is in the hundred mils. On those cd cases you saw shady, interscope, aftermath, not g-unit. on the newer copies you might see the gunit imprint but when 50 first came out, no.

  • G

    Dumbasses tryin to compare this move to 50 Cent and G-Unit. Get your facts straight goofies, g-unit records was created AFTER 50 cent got big. 50 cent was smart with his moves, he saw his album go multi platinum then decided to create his imprint which was pretty damn successful cause the g-unit album sold over 1 mil and the massacre sold over a mil and lloyd banks and young buck did decent numbers, better than wale anyways lol. Even before he signed to a big label he was sellin mixtapes in the 100,000s so ever dollar he was makin was his. I don't like the dude, but when it comes to business 50 is pretty smart about makin moves, he took his hype and his money and capitalized on it. Meek mill doesnt have nearly as much hype or fans as 50 did when he first got big

    • G

      Nigga albums still sell if they appeal to the audience, wayne, eminem, jay z, kanye, nicki minaj, young jeezy, ti, all could drop a platinum record right now because they're hot, wale isnt. And im comparin record labels, g unit made way better moves than mmg and had better hype and more credible niggas cosignin them like em and dre. 50 cent hype was so big the only reason young buck went platinum was because he was rollin with 50, thats how big g-unit was. And when banks and buck released their albums was when downloadin free music was jus as big as now, you had limewire, frostwire, megaupload, deposit files, etc so you cant even use that bs excuse. only label you can really compare to g unit as far as hype and sales go is ymcmb

    • Anonymous

      Did you just compare buck and banks (artists who dropped their albums when albums were still selling) to Wale (who just dropped his album within the past year in a time where albums dont sell? foh! Why wont you compare what Buck and Banks did on their last albums they dropped against Wales most recent album? yea i thought so

  • Anonymous

    Obviously the money is loaned out with expectations attached. Unless Meek magically finds a way to sell 5 million records he's going to owe the label big money. He should slow down, and pour everything into promoting the new album, cause if that fails, this imprint promotion means nothing.

    • jay

      He gonna be all right ross the bawwwwssseee got meek milly he need to put philly on, i cant wait till it pops off then maybe cities like b more and va can do the same.

    • Lawless

      I agree, his debut hasn't even hit the stores yet. Some may call this move bold, and if he succeeds in his musical career and manages to make his name an international brand, bold would certainly be the word. However, the stage at which his music career is at the moment, reckless, stupid and overly optimistic may be the words to describe this move. I'm all for artists taking control and becoming their own bosses, I believe that this empowerment will further music and take back some of the originality we had in the 90's and prior. Perhaps the only artist in recent years that could have made such a move would be Drake.

  • Anonymous

    "Meek is gonna be 10 times bigger than his now boss officer ricky" And you're basing this on what?

  • Anonymous

    who is it under mmg?

  • Anonymous

    Fake label, just like Young Money. The imprints on their records will always say Warner Bros Records.

  • T

    damn... i thought kendrick lamar was going to be the first one to get a lable

    • Anonymous

      I think Black Hippy has an independent label, Top Dawg Entertainment, either its their independent label or their crew. But K. Dot not stupid though. Thats why none of the Black Hippy crew went lookin for labels, the labels came to them and signed them under their terms, cause the music business super shady and success on a big label is never guranteed

  • black jesus

    smart move by the young bol. anyone who says different does not understand how the industry, and more importantly, how tax write offs work.

    • Anonymous

      It's obvious you don't know how the industry works entirely. If this label is an imprint of mmg then that money is gettin trinkled down to meek after ross and warner bros get their money, then meek gotta pay jay z cause hes under roc nation management, then he gotta put money into his own artists and he hasnt even dropped his album. Ross album barely made gold status and he better than meek so i know meek album def not sellin more than 500-600k copies. And im sure meek mill have to get the money to start up his label from a loan. Meek made a wrong move with this one. This move will either have no effect on his career or effect it negatively

  • lol


  • ...

    I sense Meek Mill's career going like a less successful 50 Cent. Get all the money you can Meek because it certainly ain't gonna last very long.

  • Anonymous

    Meek is gonna be 10 times bigger than his now boss officer ricky who meek doesn't even fuck with outside of music its just business how long did it take officer ricky to get his own label lol good 4 meek

  • Yessir

    Meek c'mon son! Too early to be doin somethin like this. I think this is just a branch off of MMG anyways, it's not like he leavin MMG to start his completely own thing. Still tho if I was him i woulda waited to my 2nd or maybe 3rd album to do somethin like this, and it is still not smart to do somethin like this right before his album release.. SMH.

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say on it... Contract all fucked up Guess that means you're all fucked up You're signed to one nigga that's signed to another nigga That's signed to three niggas, now that's bad luck

  • Anonymous

    signed to one nigga whos signed to another nigga whos signed to 3 niggas?

  • Anonymous

    thats old news... he talked about it like a month ago

  • Anonymous

    niggaz make no since !! "he shoulda waited" 50 cent had g unit records stamped on that GRODT cd he probably encouraged meek to do it less money in officer ricky pockets smart move smart move indeed !

  • Anonymous

    Why does every rapper think they need to start a label?

  • Anonymous

    i think its hilarious that hes starting a label before he even released his first album! what does that pusha t song say? Contract all fucked up I guess that means you all fucked up You signed to one nigga that signed to another nigga Thats signed to three niggas, now that's bad luck

  • poetic assasin

    How does this work, do they use their own money to push these artists? I dunno how I feel about this, but anyway big ups to Meek for giving his people a chance --- as far as the album goes - shit is pure BASURA - was really looking for something different from him, some diversity and substance --- seriously, it wasn't a good album at all.

  • Anonymous

    Don't make any sense what so ever. Haven't dropped the album yet,he's under several labels already, then he's managed by another label, he prolly had to get the money loaned to him to start this up, unless he's out there doin the same shit that got him locked up. Either way, not a smart move right now. Niggas gotta be patient and intelligent with their decisions sometimes and stop always rushin shit and bein irrational

  • Anonymous

    good to see young meek doin his thing and the album's fire too,it's no classic but its definitely on point

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