A$AP Mob Weighs In On Wu-Tang Clan Comparisons, New York Hip Hop

A$AP Mob talks about late '90s New York rap and Wu-Tang Clan comparisons.

After a year of headlines dominated by A$AP Rocky, Harlem, New York upstart's A$AP Mob finally got to show fans the group's direction on their debut mixtape Lords Never Worry. Now, in a recent interview with the Village Voice, the whole A$AP Mob broke down the innerworkings of their collective.

First, Rocky's A&R and manager A$AP Yams spoke on the Southern Hip Hop comparisons that Rocky's music has inspired in critics. Yams explained that what many critics fail to realize is that the entire crew drew influence from both Southern and traditionally New York artists. He added that while his musical preference lies with acts like Nas and the Ruff Ryders, they were equally inspired by No Limit and contemporary Southern acts.

"Rocky is New York rap. He's what a 20-something-year-old kid from Harlem sounds like. New York[ers have] just been in the club too long, so they don't know what the young kids on the street sound like," Yams explained. "We grew up listening to No Limit as much as Ruff Ryders, so that influence is going to come across in the music. To me we're the best generation because we were old enough to hear the late-'90s rap and be influenced by it but we're still young. I remember It Was Written. That shit influenced me. The whole Bad Boy era of the late '90s, Life After Death and No Way Out, that era influenced me greatly. Rocky and them are on some high-fashion shit, but I just keep it late '90s."

A$AP Nast also weighed in on the many Wu-Tang Clan comparisons the Mob has received since they burst on the scene. While he said that it's an honor to be even named in the same breath as the almighty Wu, he wishes critics would let them better establish their own agenda before jumping to conclusions. Nast and fellow member A$AP Ferg went on to discuss which members of the Wu they feel they best represent in the A$AP Mob.

"Oh man, it's an honor [to be compared to the Wu]," said A$AP Nast. "I grew up listening to those dudes. For us to be fresh out the gate and people are already making those comparisons feels great. I kinda wish they would let us be us before comparing us to people, but I can't be too mad if we're getting compared to the greats...I want to say [that I'm most like] Ghostface...but I'm going to go with Ol' Dirty Bastard. He just stood out so much. His style was so distinct. He stood out the most to me from the rest of the Clan."

A$AP Ferg added, "[I'd be] Method Man. I think if Yams and Rocky would be RZA, then I'd be Mef because of his charisma, and he's got the side group thing with Redman, plus the acting. He's just the most all around. That's me within A$AP. I would've said ODB because I like to harmonize, too, but that's more Nast."

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  • NY

    Really, now who the fuck would compare them to the Wu-Tang Clan? They can't hold shit to anything made by the clan including solo albums and some of them can be pretty shitty. A$ap Rocky is a fucking joke, he's a pop rapper who can't make a song as good as one by Wu-Tang.

  • Anonymous

    HHDX stay hating on the Wu!!!

  • truth

    asap rocky is so overrated!

  • Anonymous

    people were hating on wu tang when they were new to the game just like people hating on pac back then... just like people hating on wayne and Asap

    • NY

      Stop trying to defend A$ap Rocky for his shitty music & What are you talking about when Wu-Tang came out it was getting radio play with "Protect Ya Neck" which by today standards would be considered the most hardcore song period. Wu-Tang developed a buzz for themselves by going to clubs & handing singles directly to radio hosts to play, they put in the work to make it to where they are. Wu-Tang ran east coast hip hop with Biggie from '93-'97 and they started in '91 it just took sometime to get your name out back then. 2Pac was no doubt loved by many and the only hatred is because of the east coast west coast feud. So that statement is completely false & A$ap Rocky is hated cause he doesn't deserve that respect for making bad music and to even compare him to Wu-Tang is just a disgrace to the Wu-Tang brand.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously wasn't old enough to remember Wu or Pac when they dropped. No one was hating. WU blew up from the door with M.E.T.H.O.D. Pac had I get around which was huge hit. When he dropped his album every street dude I knew growing up in Philly loved soldiers story. I think it's past your bedtime. You definitely were not alive and old enough to remember them. Lil homo. Stop it. ASAP "NY rapper sounding like he's from down south" Embarrassing and Shameful to the NY hip hop history. Just as ignorant as your comments.

  • Anonymous

    who the hell compared these kids to the Wu? probably the same clowns who said odd future was the new Wu lol fuckin idiots..there will never be another Wu Tang Clan, and to compare these bums to them is an insult

    • MW

      ha! my thoughts exactly! Hip hop writers are crap....at least compare them to a group they actually sound like.

  • Anonymous

    yes, compared to Wu Tang, A$$WIPE Mob and A$$WIPE ROCKY (Aesop Rock bite) are fucking laughable on every level... however, even compared to Dipset, A$$WIPE are fucking garbage. compared to garbage, A$$WIPE are even worse than that and the sanitation industry howls in protest!!! sucking white cock is A$$WIPE's gift, nothing more.

  • The G.O.D.

    PEACE Idiots.Idiots. Idiots. Idiots=article, the writer and the bA$$oons. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    lol no comparison... on a skill level, artistry level and their musics are completely different styles. i've had enough of ASAP. Pro Era is the young crew from NY that ppl should be looking to.

  • Liquid Swords

    who compared these bums to the legendary Wu Tang Clan!! These dudes aint got no rhymes

  • Anonymous

    When corporate america lays down a format for you to follow, you better follow or get no air-play, these cats sold their soul to please the white man, no kid on a harlem corner sounds that heavily south influenced...GTFOH Son...I dont care how much NO LIMIT gabbage you listened too, nobody sounds that country in harlem...FAIL

    • mw

      watch your mouth on that no limit son....don't be close minded now. And "sold their soul to the white man"...are you kidding? Go ahead and say they used Southern style to sell, but I have listened to a lot of southern rap and NONE of it pleases the white man.

    • Anonymous

      I co sign! That's why I really liked that Mannie Fresh interview bc he was like "what happened to that NY sound?"

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, The Old Book Camp Click "Dah Shinin" photo. These cats Too South influenced IMO, VADO is more new ERA "New York Rap" he embodies everything an MC from New York should represent...

  • dj nemesis

    more like three 6 mafia mixed wit dipset in my opinion...

  • hard2hit

    They look more like CB4 than the Wu Tang Clan..imo

  • dj nemesis

    these niggas on this blog str8 hatin...that asap mob mixtape was tight besides the lex lugar type tracks

  • dj nemesis

    nast is def like ghostface or inspectah deck, idk bout ferg bein mef,i think asap rocky is the mef of the group....ferg is more like ODB then anything, wit his crazy charisma... CHOPPAS on deck type shit

  • LoveLife&Music

    Yo these niggas need to quick who compared these niggas idk but asap rocky homie exposed him and the mob so i doubt these could ever touch the wu tang

  • Minimum wage

    I think they more harlem world diplomatic immunity but maybe that's because I know they're harlem naitives

  • Anonymous

    1 of the worst comparisons ever. It's way too early to judge but they are far from a powerhouse by any means.

  • BLVK


  • facepalm

    wow, tearing a conceptional interview up and making news out of it, that's so damn lame.

  • youngsta

    a$ap mob >>>>> old ass wu-tang clan lords never worry >>>> any wu-tang album

  • BPSN

    Only guy who can spit on ASAP Mob is Rocky and I still wouldn't put him in the top 15 or even 20 rappers,or even 25 ((mainstream and underground)) who are spittin. Wu-Tang>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ASAP Mob

  • ASAP Mob are the 2012 CB4

    I hope whoever compared the legendary almighty Wu-Tang Clan to these talentless dweebs gets bitten by a million west Nile virus mosquitoes and then gets salt sprinkled on them for good measure

    • Anonymous

      ever D-12 and Junior MAFIA thinks A$$WIPE are fucking bums with no 'talent' fulfilling dumb white people's "coontastic" ideals...

  • PuCho

    Wait who fuck is comparing these bums to Wu- Tang ?

  • Anonymous

    They've had comparisons to Wu-Tang!?!? LOOOOOOOOOL!

  • Langston

    only thing A$$WIPE should weigh in on is how it feels to have your entire pseudo-career based on sucking white cock... A$$WIPE is utter trash, an embarrassment to the SPECIES, let alone black folk

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