Kendrick Lamar Addresses Pressure Of Recording Debut Album "Good Kid In A Mad City"

Kendrick Lamar says that he's been preparing for this album for his entire life.

Kendrick Lamar is currently prepping the release of his debut Good Kid in a Mad City, set for release on TDE/Aftermath/Interscope. During an interview on “Last Call with Carson Daly,” K. Dot spoke on the record, stating that he’s always known how important his debut would be from the beginning of his career.

“This is something that I always prep for. When you have a vision to come out and have the world know your music, you have to see that first before you get in the studio and do anything,” he said. “Since the day I stepped in the studio, I always envisioned this first album and what it would be like and what I wanted to feel subconsciously. There’s really no pressure for me, it’s just me going in and doing what I love. Executing. All those years of preparation and dedicated to my craft, I feel like it’s time now where I know I’m going to execute, I know I’ll give the people what they need and what they expect from me. And what I expect from myself, at the end of the day.”

Watch the full interview below (via Yardie).

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  • aryostan

    cant wait to hear kendrick's vioce over dre's beats!

  • King

    i don't know why but it seems that kendrick's music will not appeal to mainstream...before u wrong i'm a fan...and dre beats ain't what they used to be

    • Anonymous

      his album will appeal to the masses...underground rap is unpopular so thats the reason why no ones talking about kendrick. I gave section 80 to at least 10 people who don't "listen" to rap and they loved it. Section 80 was radio friendly for sure just never found by the masses.

  • Anonymous

    What's exciting about Kendrick's LP is that it'll be one of those rare upcoming releases with the full backing of Aftermath and Dr. Dre guaranteed to see the light of day unlike anything else cursed in that limbo over the last decade or so. Section.80 was a fantastic and consistent banger from beginning to end so I'm surprised there's a lot of resentment and stubbornness against Kendrick. This is one LP I'm anticipating because this kid has been on top of his game and can be without Dr. Dre or any major label support because he can stand on his own making consistently good music. I hear things about premiering a Dre-produced Kendrick/Dre track this week, hoping that pans out, so we'll get a good idea what to expect and raise our bars a bit. I can feel some people not digging Kendrick for whatever reason, but compared to the shit shoveled to us as music these days, this dude stands out.

  • yerrrr

    Good to see, reminds me of my self. Half the niggas I know don't know I m a professional software engineer. I m still in the hood, and I grew up w these niggas who did all kinda dirt and drugs etc. They see me here so they dont know that I "made it out" in a sense. I just got back to NYC, I have lived in 3-4 different states besides here, cali being one of them. I was out in Sillicon Valley to start my career, but half these niggas dont know that. Same deal w this kid. He grew up in a shit hole and came out a positive kid and still had a TON OF FUN w out doing crime

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ unforntuatley you will be labeld as a sell out, and used as a martyr to make all the bumms you left behind in the hood feel good about themselves and the stupid choices they made.

  • jason

    love the album title!! i feel like a high moraled good kid in a fucked up city lol. i dont like how he spits in run-on sentences but i liked his verse on catch a fade with 40 water.

  • K.O.L


  • I ain't gay, I just wanna fuck a nigga till he gets pregnant

    Love Kendrick's music, I'll be waiting on this album!

  • ummmmmmm

    the pressure will be there when you turn your album in and Interscope starts talking "single". Thats when it's not fun because you either have to re-create the wheel or you have to use a mainstream formula.

  • Kendrick Lamar

    What about that nigga Slim tha Mobster? Is his album coming out?

    • CN

      Not a fan of Slim either...his last project just wasn't good enough IMO

    • T-Mac

      He's wack. So ... probably not! How are you gonna attack mainstream audience, big sales and whatnot, when your name is Slim The Mobster ? LOL

  • Ain't tellin yall my real name

    Hope this nigga Kendrick drop some cool shit cause I'm tired of listening to that gay ass Cash Money shit

  • ETK

    two albums in, people are gonna call him a sellout. just how it goes

  • realtalk

    what a humble brother

  • Swag

    Kendrick Lamar sucks and hes lame!

  • uhh.....what?

    If this is his debut album, what was Section .80?

  • iamhiphop

    Definitely gonna cop this album. Kendrick Lamar is the truth. Good Kid In A Mad City=Album of the Year

    • Anonymous

      actually cartoons and cereal was rumored to be on this project and if that's any indication of whats gonna be on the album without a doubt album of the year no one else is remotely as good, not saying as hot but im saying as good. Ive listened to all this dudes music from the EP to OD to sect80 and hes just getting better literally is a new school pac with his philosophy and vision

    • Anonymous

      definition of a shlong-rider. no music has even been released yet and you giving award, smh

  • So Icy Boi!

    sum of Kendrick's tracks are great, but mos are not. his skill is great & tha general message is refreshing, but his completely uninspiring repetitions of phrases for a "hook" makes him sound like a 4 year old. swag #MMG #ROZAY #2012TAKEOVER

    • CN

      It depends...there's no foolproof hook formula

    • Anonymous

      but his completely uninspiring repetitions of phrases for a "hook" makes him sound like a 4 year old ^^ lol. isn't that what a hook is?

    • Anonymous

      sometimes he purposely does hooks boring or ignorant like on Spiteful Chant to make a point.Shits simple yet sticks to the title perfectly. He knows many who listen arent gonna get most of his rhymes cuz the "masses" are "stupid" so he throws a simple chorus for you to understand and get his point across

    • Anonymous

      yeah and Ross, with all of his major label push and marketing dollars, doesn't sell the records to back up his buzz. He barely goes gold. He has never been platinum. Basically he is doing J.Coel numbers with Drake and Weezie's buzz. So the point is, STEP YOUR HOOKS UP! Ha

    • ETK

      that's so weak for an argument, tell me one rapper that ain't done that. Ross done that more than Kendrick except now he adds his "HHHHUH" on every fucking line break as well stick yourself

    • Anonymous

      For once i can agree with you. He just needs better hooks because that part of the song could be boring sometimes



  • Men Bitch Kamar

    Thats nice I can't wait for this chipmunk looking faggot with a high pitched bitch made sounding voice and corny flow/lyrics to drop an album.

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