Common Confirms He Squashed Beef With Drake At Grammy Awards

Common also assures that the beef did not stem from Drake dating Serena Williams.

Common previously revealed that the beef with Drake had ended, but the two hadn't bumped into one another until the 2012 Grammy Awards. Though rumors floated around that the rappers engaged in a scuffle backstage at the award show, Com says that they used the face-to-face opportunity to patch up their differences, explaining that he's got nothing but love for the Young Money emcee.

"We had a talk, we had a conversation. It was a face-to-face, man-to-man, a positive thing. It was a good conversation. I’ve learned to respect him even more. I already thought he was a talented guy, but just from the conversation we had, I hold even more respect for him," he said during an interview with Cabbie Richards. "We saw each other and the conversation was initiated. It was just a respectful conversation that needed to be had, so he knew that I’m not at him trying to destroy him as a human being. It was a Hip Hop battle to me. I had to put all of those things into Hip Hop... I gave him a pound, gave him a boom and it was all love."

He also denied that the beef stemmed from Drake dating his ex-girlfriend Serena Williams. Though he admits that many fights begin because of relationship faux pas, the Chicago, Illinois emcee says that it stemmed from Drizzy taking shots at him.

"Nah, it wasn’t about Serena. First of all, that is a past situation. The battle is over, it’s all love. But it was more based on the fact that I felt like Drake was taking a couple of shots at me, and saying a couple of things that I felt like were towards me. Once that was said, I felt a little disrespected and it kept going on and I decided to say what I needed to say at that point. I think first and foremost, he’s a very talented guy and I send much love to him and to continue to do what he’s doing. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. It was a good battle, we got it done, it’s done. It’s over. It’s not over any woman."

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  • ebanocutano

    common e melhor poeta rap que ja ouvi em todos os tempo

  • ebanocutano

    nada pra comentar mas os turbos falao muito que o motor odeio homens q falao e nao defendem nada

  • joedan

    fuck drake common killed his canada dry ass autotuning ass should have never said nothing to common in the first place he need to stay in his lane by the way common aint diss drake for record sales he did it for hip hop because besides the underground hip hop is dead i dont know how drake and the rest of young money sells so much albims their shit is wack as fuck always raping about the same shit biches money and fame thats why common and ludacris were trying to put them back in their place ymcmb sucks ass and common straight killed drakes canada dry ass

  • Anonymous

    nas is the shit he still alive

  • Anonymous

    drake is the shit

  • daviddanielz

    I find it funny how people who know very little about the hiphop culture can have an opinion and feel like its fact. Look, if you don't understand this then let me help you. Drake wasn't going to do anything, I don't care if you like him or hate him. He saw Common and befriended him to stop the talk. He isn't hiphop and he is not built for it and Common knows that. Common doesn't have to keep going at Drake, he won the battle. The guy that wins or thinks he wins never continues his quest to destroy a person unless there is a personal issue that underlines the beef. (like 50Cent/ Ja Rule) Common said it was a hiphop thing and it was. He made a quick and direct diss to Drakes subliminal and delusional response to him. That's hiphop and if you don't understand that then listen to more pop music. Common has nothing more to gain by going at Drake. We all know Drake is cony, we all know he isn't real hiphop. We all know he makes money of pop and r&b but that doesn't make him hiphop. So get over it, it's done. Common is a grown ass man that loves hiphop. Instead of hating on him or talking shit. Why don't you just say... Common good job!!! Take your victory lap son!!!

    • Anonymous

      The two of u are faggots and fuck you for writing such long essays about grown men that dont give a flying fuck about u. Y'all motherfuckers need a job and that nigga David stay sucking on hov's dick. Fuckin losers

    • daviddanielz

      Damn REAL TALK STFU!!! You were in a zone writing all of this!!! It's cool though, I like the debate. Okay I'm gonna try my best not to write a lot but lets get started. First, I'm not just one person vrs 1.3Mill. A lot of people dislike Drake already, I don't have to convince anyone. Plus a lot of people still don't know Drake but thats not news and if your into hiphop you should know that. I live in Jersey but work in NYC. I own a bar, the reason I'm telling you this is. I never hear anyone listening to Drake even though he sold all those albums. Not in someone's car, not in any stores, or if they do play it, noone is up in arms ready to dance. My customers never ask for a Drake, Rick Ross, or Lil Wayne songs and I use to DJ when I was a kid and in college so I know whats being played in my place. When you talk ablum sells, you have to wonder how they come up with those numbers, who are buying the albums, and what type of music is he or she selling. You seem like a smart guy, you should know that some artist and labels will buy albums to offset numbers. That being said, yes I agree that can be debated but Drakes target audience is young women & men and gay guys. That is a fact. What he does is pop and r&b which history has shown us sells. Drake is not like Jay-Z in any way, what Jay-Z has done is very impressive. Drake is more like Ja Rule and Nelly. All of which were very popular at one point in there life, good at selling records but not good at gaining respect from real hiphop fans and lost after there time was up. Yeah they are still making music but they can't get popular like they once were. Next Jay-Z and Nas. Listen, I'm not gonna get to personal but my brother works for a popular tv show. He started out doing what he loved on small jobs and said as long as he made enough money to pay his bills and still do what he loves he would rather do that any day. With some luck and hard work he is doing well for myself now and he's doing what he loves. Now Jay-Z made it very clear, he's about the money but he was and is also about the love for hiphop don't get that twisted. If he wasn't then he wouldn't have made it this long. Nas on the other hand did it mainly for the love of hiphop and money too but he clearly just wanted to make a living doing what he loved. Just like Common, for guys like that its beautiful to see because you feel the honesty in there music, Jay too, he's very honest. Thats why people love them so much and Drake on the other hand is the opposite of that. He wants money and fame first. He wants to be Jay but he doesn't know what that means to be Jay. It drives guys that are into the culture crazy. In this culture there is room for everyone to be whatever they want to be but if you are lying to yourself and others then the culture will be on you like white on rice. Sorry but this culture is an aggressive culture. Its an honest culture even though its being overrun by big business. Drake does what Ja and Nelly did, mixed with all of that pop stuff and r&b stuff he talks reckless and makes delusional comments when clearly he isn't that guy. When an artist starts to do that, sooner or later it becomes hunting season on there character and slowly they weed themselves out of the scene. Its a fact, look at some of hiphops history. Its clear your a Drake fan and thats cool, I'm sorry if I offended you. I'll be the first to say I bust balls about him but thats just my opinion, there are still 1.3Mill people that like him. Now lets get to the overall outline of the first 10 statements you made. First I can tell your a fan and thats okay. Again, don't put Drake and Jay or Jordan in the same light. Don't say he's doing something new when others have done it before. Next, we don't know why Common came out with Sweet, all we can do is take his word and he said at first is was towards all soft rappers. Drake thought it was about him and Common said sure if you feel that way then yeah its about you. Then Drake made such a bad move and did that song with Ross thinking everything will be all good and done with. He didnt realize Common would come right back which if he did his homework he would have known not to go at someone like that but he did and it made him look even worst. Common on the other hand came out of it looking good like everyone knew he would. Your young so you don't get it now but Common has a lot of respect for the hiphop culture and in turn they have a lot of love for him. His fans don't care about album sells, they care about the music. There is a reason why Jay said he wanted to be more like Common but wanted the money more. Common never wanted the money more and when he goes at someone people will listen. Overall, you and I will never agree. I wont be able to sway your mind or the other young kids out there but I will always speak the truth weather you like it or not and as time moves forward you will see I was right about him. Just to show you I know what I'm talking about, I will tell you want is coming next. He is going to make a mix tape with all hiphop or his next album is gonna be almost all hiphop and that will be his last good album sells. His fans will wonder why he isnt singing as much and the reason will be clear but you fans will think he just wanted it that way. Truthfully, his time is almost up...Sorry I do like the discussion. "I Will Not Lose!" - Jay-Z

    • Anonymous

      All of this space you took up to write a novel is basically equity nothing.


      1. trying to act like you know everything is fucking pathetic, who do you think you are? 2. Common Diss Drake by Name on Stay Scheming then a week or two later quote "Ive learned to respect him even more. I already thought he was a talented guy" coming out of Common's mouth. So for common to say he already thought he was talented, says what? huh, 3. Common couldn't have picked a better time to start a beef, his album sales were low, and he needed to gain some awareness. 4. Drake song Motto, is pretty much the state of Hip Hop right now, for instance Tygas 'Rack City" same kinda vibe, so for you to say he makes corny music is your opinion, so thats no right or wrong its just an opinion of yours, you cannot not make the decision for anyone else, 5. Common looked like a dumbass for dissing Drake and then making peace with him, how you going to say "Son Of A Bitch, I imagine what your father is" it went something like that and then talk about he respects him. 6. What Victory did he actually win? wheres the trophy? if anything he might actually lost fans, check the comments, on this page for example. 7. Drake could have not replied any better, by saying he wont respond, simply because he is a fan of Commons music, just like we all are, he said it himself, why would he Diss him when he likes his music, thats like Jordan coming out and Dissing Kobe Bryant, why would Kobe Respond obviously Kobe would respect Jordan for what he did for the game, similar to this situation, Drake knows what Common did for the game, like on the line in stay scheming, Drake Says "Since when did the Gods start acting like the Broads" (sumthing along those lines) but pretty much called Common a God, so he basically Bigged him up and Checked him in the same line, 8. Common came out with Sweet first, now I don't really follow Drakes music like a stan would, but I didn't hear a Common Diss B4 Sweet, the only thing I can think of is the whole sereena Wiliams thing, So it's not like Drake asked for the beef, He just simply replied with that Stay Scheming Verse, cuz he really didn't even Diss him all that bad, another reason y I think its over Serena is because in the same song he say"Shorty wanna tell me secrets about a Rap Nigga, I told her its more attractive when u hold it down" I believe that again was directed at Common. 9. I think you got Drake misunderstood, Drake can Rap, he has metaphors for days wether you want to admit it or not he does check out "The Real" from that Kanye west song that he spit over, also he has a great delivery his shit is just catchy, the way he puts the syllables together is genius, and last but not least he's fucking talented at singing as well, that dude got the best of both worlds, When Jordan played baseball every one thought he lost his mind and at the end of the day it didn't work out for Jordan, apply that situation to Drake he tried RnB and it worked, bitches love that shit, thats y I don't get why someone like you would be offended by Drake Singing , he's not singing for you he sings for the ladies, My girl Loves Drake songs so guess what homie I play Drake for her, for you to try and Down play his talent is rather "CORNY" like u said, don't hate on another man living his dream. 10. Now lets get to the business side of things, you have a 9-5 right? like all of us pretty much do, now I personally don't know your exact job but I guaranteed you wouldn't show up if you were not making money off of it, Drake knows how to make money off of this here music game,Fact Drake's album(1.3 million copies) Common (130,00 copies) somebody is doing something right. 11. U see Music is like a Salesman Job, you sell products that people want to buy, Drake is selling a Product that todays youth is going to buy, some say its called selling out, but a true businessman knows that you either get with the program or end up getting shelved, take Jay Z and Nas, Jay Z he's 40 something and look at "Niggas In Paris" thats a todays Rap type music, Nas on the other hand is still rapping like how he always did(Which is not a bad thing, but business wise, its not a good look, b4 u say money aint everything Im sure you been hearing about Nas Financial Problems, Taxes, Child Support etc..} So My point is at the end of the day, You do what you have to do to succeed and stay ahead of the game in this world , as long as you can look yourself and the mirror and be proud of what your looking at then thats all that matters. 12. Back to this Hip Hop game if Common would Lyrically destroyed Drake would you honestly in your heart be surprised? I think we all know who is the let say "real MC" here(Common), I don't think anyone would have doubts about it, all Im trying to say is, stop making rap and Hip Hop into a wrestling match, Drake is once again living his Dream, Fuck it dog, he's not threatening you or harming your family, then there is really no reason to hate him, you need to act your age and not your shoe size, 13. Im am High as a muthafucka so I actually did write this whole page cuz I got tired of seeing all the hate this guy gets for no apparent reason, other then he has talent, 1.3 million people on this earth bought his cd because they liked him and you 1 person don't like him, weigh that out 1.3Mill>1You, try convincing all of them why they should not buy or Listen to Drake's music. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT 14. Heres a couple of helpful jabs you can say to try and convince them -Drake sings for girls(what a fag right?) -Nigga has had like 10 top songs on the billboard(not impressive) - So far he has 2 platinum records under his belt in todays era(which Im not sure if you know, but that is damn near impossible) -What else can you say bad about him, oh yea He used to be on degrassi LOL(that shit is actually funny im not gonna lie) -He's Canada Dry hahahaha YEA MAN u get the point-PEACE NIGGA u see this post reply I would like to read what u have to say DUECES

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    Winning a rap battle don't mean shit in hip-hop anymore. The rappers selling the most records today wouldn't win a battle anyway. {{-_-}}

  • GOD

    i love you flip flopper faggots. "yeah Common is the best, Fuck Drake" the minute they squash it "fuck Common he's a faggot too" like really dude? Dickriders: someone who follows every movement and word of somebody they admire so they can admire what they said or did Haters: someone who dickrides in a negative way, someone who watches the movements and words of somebody so they can dislike it and instantly talk crap while they do nothing in their lifes. very small difference right?

  • Anonymous

    What exactly did Common win? lol One minute he's calling Drake out, the next he respects him? I also find it hilarious how people keep assuming battle rapping means something. Drake is too busy with a career to waste his time trading silly shots. Whether Drake would have, could have, should have fought back, the point is he didn't, so Common caved, and the two now seem like friends. Maybe if more rappers actually sat down and had a conversation with the person they claimed to hate, you'd see more unity in hip hop.

  • TheGeneral

    Common's a bitch and you internet nerds is a bitch also for disagreein. when the beef first started i knew he was a bitch because he started beef with Ice Cube a few years back.i don't know if drake punked him but im sure somebody else probly did (rick ross,birdman,french montana) but how you change your words brah. change of heart as nigga. drake wins at the end of the day even though he will never be a man .

    • Mike

      TheGeneral: You sound like an idiot. Neither song was directed at anyone but both Cube & Drake caught feelings. Drake told Common to make it direct & he did. Drake ran in retreat after that therefore Common wins THE BATTLE. But in real life, Common never had a prob with Drake as a person. It wasn't ever personal that is why they could just move on. That's what grown ups do.

  • hahaha

    the first comment on this article speaks the fucking truth. this website is made up of fake ass bitches and dickriders.

  • GBtha G

    fuck both of thiz soft ass rappers. Is bitch serena really dat attractive anyway???????

  • JD

    drake never stood a chance. be real, common is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Lets Be Honest Common could absoutely destroy Drake in a battle, humiliate him and castrate him and it would not hurt Drake's career at all. That era is over sadly. Drake's fans are women or high schoolers. They do not care about battles. They care about the horrible pop shit he puts out. He does not have a hip hop fan base.

  • Anonymous

    Young Money niggaz hard? Remember what 40 Glocc did to them pussies?

  • daviddanielz

    Look, if you don't understand this then let me help you. Drake wasn't going to do anything, I don't care if you like him or hate him. He saw Common and befriended him to stop the talk. He isn't hiphop and he is not built for it and Common knows that. Common doesn't have to keep going at Drake, he won the battle. The guy that wins or thinks he wins never continues his quest to destroy a person unless there is a personal issue that underlines the beef. (like 50Cent/ Ja Rule) Common said it was a hiphop thing and it was. He made a quick and direct diss to Drakes subliminal and delusional response to him. That's hiphop and if you don't understand that then listen to more pop music. Common has nothing more to gain by going at Drake. We all know Drake is cony, we all know he isn't real hiphop. We all know he makes money of pop and r&b but that doesn't make him hiphop. So get over it, it's done. Common is a grown ass man that loves hiphop. Instead of hating on him or talking shit. Why don't you just say... Common good job!!! Take your victory lap son!!!

  • Gen XRap Kritic

    Common obviously the victor of the Battle, But I feel they both missed a great opportunity to save hip hop, I know me personally I would have loved to see them both on a big stage with there respective crews engaging in a verbal prize fight.

    • @Gen

      See thats y hip hop is in this state of mind, Fake beefs are whack, this aint a soap opera, u want lyrical hip hop battles then go to underground rap freestyles, cuz this was pure bullshit, he acts like they were really beefing for awhile, nigga the Beef lasted like 2 mins, and it wasn't even beef this was more like a vegetarian battle, no blood lost here.

    • YESSIR


  • Mr Exlax

    Common was mad about Serena. He's the only one that was mad about anything. That's not "Beef". Beef is Ja & 50, Pac & Big. Shit where it's not really about music or competition.

  • Anonymous

    Shit like this is what has dragged hiphop to the place it is right now...

  • DutchWeazel


  • brainless

    It's interesting to see the turn in events here ..... With hip hop dx readers. First common was a beast on the mic, old school hip hops holy grail but now he is a bitch ? Hip hop has some of the most stupidest fans.

    • Right

      Finally someone else caught that, in reality I think they just hate Drake that much, Nick Cannon could have came out and started Dissing Drake and every one here would be like Nick Cannon is real hip hop and blah blah blah, but I feel you 100%

  • Anonymous

    "the battle its over its all love" what battle?... Drake didnt show up to the battle..... there was no BATTLE... common was trying to hype his shit and drake got scerd and shits over... sucked commons dick at teh grammys and its "all love" now...

  • Real Talk

    Imma keep it 100% y'all were riding Common's dick when he came out with the Stay Scheming remix, LMFAO look at him now, now y'all trying to say he's mature hahahahahaha mouth fucka is soft, and im not saying drake is tough, but all that shit everyone was talking went out the window

    • Anonymous

      RealTalk you need to STFU. Everything you saying is not the truth.

    • RealTalk

      look at the interview again, Common said he was keeping it Hip Hop, Break that down to its core, WTF does that mean, "I'm Gonna rap about you, but I don't want no problems in the streets?" That right there goes to show u it was no real beef, he did it for sales, or like the reporter was hinting to over serena, Common gets no props, cuz what he said was disrespectful in that song, So therefore how is he going to turnaround and say he respects Drake? Look at 5o Cent and ja Rule, has he veered apologies to Ja Rule? hell naw, Look at Biggie and Pac, both then didn't even get a chance to make peace, thats beef, this was merely a shot to get a record sales, and after that didn't help his sales oh lets make peace, So get it straight this was no real Beef just pure entertainment and a low shot at trying to gain awareness of your CD being out.

    • Mrduplicity

      The scheming remix diss part was dope as hell and thats where common get his props for as he now gets the props for squashing the beef since its unrelevant for him now...theres no change of hearts or anything so stop judging people for being hypocrit

  • Richard

    Do you love Hip-Hop music? Do you enjoy talking to other sophisticated people about Hip-Hop music? If so, than come join "The Hip-Hop Colony".Everyone has a voice & everyone has an opinion that is waiting to be heard.

  • Guess What

    Aubrey's bitch gay ass won't talk shit about X, that's for damn sure. He does not want that kind of problem at all.

    • LMFAO

      here we go again guarantee by the end of the year Drake will have a song featuring DMX,Dmx did a song will Machine Gun Kelly for crying out loud,SMH X should focus on himself getting clean and taking care of his ten kids, nigga is to old to be worrying over what Drake is doing,and don't hype up X cuz y'all did the same thing when Common Came at Drake and look how that ended

  • Chris

    I could of sworn Common was talking a bunch of shit about Drake. He sounded like he had some deep rooted problems with this Drake guy. If you don't like somebody, don't be corny. Either do something when you see them if that's what you said you would do. In the worst of all cases don't even acknowledge dudes. Instead Common called a dude a sweet pussy than kissed his ass, shook his hands and showed him love? I'm confused here. I'm not down with people having conflicts with each other for no reason. But I also hate a dog that barks but won't bite. Especially if instead of living up to the words they roared, they'll run around, smell the other dogs ass and lick it's balls. That being said, if you have a problem with someone that is serious enough for you to disrespect that person in front of the whole world, how the hell are you going to pull off what Common just did? I don't like Drake, but I don't like the way Common handled himself either. Don't talk reckless on the mic then kiss ass in person. Common doesn't need to talk some hard shit for people to show him love or respect him. That's probably why I am even more disappointed with the crap I just read. If Common really wanted to go that reckless route, he needed to back it up, not use the "it was a battle" parachute to save his ass when it was going to go down.

    • LMFAO

      LOL this was a case of an illiterate post(ETK) against a intellectual post(Chris) I think you just went over his head, if you would have just said Drake is a Fag, then ETK would have been happy about it, but sense you said some real shit and it actually made sense, once again I think it went over his head.

    • Chris

      What did I assume? What did I write that was based on assumptions? I said something that goes beyond fuck this or fuck that, or this guys gay and that guy is a pussy, so I am Doctor Phil? I need to sit down? That's all you have to say? Since when was having an opinion and analyzing a subject a problem? This is a discussion board, their made for people to discuss. If you don't look at things the way I do then fine, good for you, speak your mind about the subject at hand. Don't say anything to me if it's going to be childish and disrespectful. Get up and go look for someone who wants to engage into a bravado showdown. It's been too long since the last time I played the name game.So sorry, I am not up for it. For the time being you can "sit down" yourself until you find a willing contestant.

    • ETK

      maybe he wanted confrontation and *gasp* changed his ways? how could that be possible? sit your ass down Dr. Phil, you're doing a bit too much assuming for my taste. "he sounded like" "I analyzed his behavior" write a fucking book on this beef why don't ya

    • Chris

      I didn't call him a bitch, I analyzed his behavior and disagreed with it. I don't judge people, I judge their actions in specific events. I'm not down with the way he handled himself. I'm a grown man, there's no need for me to call Common a bitch, because I didn't. I questioned his inconsistent behavior in this incident. I know Common isn't about the drama, so I don't respect the choice he made to start some shit. I won't call him a bitch because of the way he handled one situation. He acted like a bitch, yes. Acting like a bitch doesn't make you a bitch. One action doesn't define you as a person. People make mistakes and grow up. I just don't appreciate this Drake thing, that's all there is to it. He's done more respectable and positive things over his career for me to still respect him. BUT, I won't agree with the way this went down. You're not willing to get into a confrontation, don't act in a confrontational manner. That was my point.

    • YESSIR


  • J-Train

    All we got is the public statements to go by, and it seems that common bitched out


    When u whoopin on a nigga and you realize he not fightin back after a while u gotta step back and ask yourself what am I doin..this aint a fight this is exercise lol! Drake is pussy his label is pussy his fans is pussy and the day drake grows a pair of balls hes gonna get laid the fuck out...via MIC or hands...

  • wow

    Headline. Drake teaches Common the aspect of "respect"! Drake: Yo Com, do you mind if i'm on 1 with serena. Common: Nah man, I used to love her. I knew sum was up when he drop the Sense in his name.



  • Anonymous

    Drake haters make me laugh. Hip Hop or not, Common was reaching for album sales. PERIOD. As much as you don't want to admit it, it's the truth. Drake's dumb ass bit the bait and sent a shot. In no way do I think Common or Drake won cause this shit was pointless. But lets say Common destroyed Drake and just embarrassed him. Drake still sold 600,000 first week. Common sold 100k all together.. You do the math And to the haters saying somebody needs to get aubrey out the game. How are you going to kick Drake out of hip hop if you keep calling him an R&B artist? Drake has eclipsed the title of rapper. You can't kick him out the game because he's not just a rapper, he a pop star. It's YOUR dumb ass fault for listening to his pop music.

    • Anonymous

      Also, Common has twice the net worth drake has, google it u herb!

    • Anonymous

      Hey anon, stfu, you know you're wrong.

    • Anonymous

      lmao ^^^ this nigga needs help. sounds like a 15 year old white boy who finally snuck on his moms computer.


      lol u herb! "common was reaching for album sales" man shut the fuck up! Drake is beyond called MC that cant MC...terrified of confrontation...soon as shit get real he start panicking. lol see those pics floatin around of drake workin out lmao! hilarious! Thats the kinda shit pussy ass niggas do! And fuck an album sale Im surprised u playin that card!! do the math? ok drake got some album sales...whatever thats supposed to mean...common is making moves on the movie screen and hes successful! so whutusayin? u wann play the 'who got more' game but u really cant! fact is ya boy is softer than baby ass...just deal with it...he got good songs but he a coward on the mic that gets threatened when niggas wanna test all that 'last name ever, 1st name greatest' bullshit...its like alright already drake...u not built for nothing but relationship rap and fake tough talk....

  • daviddanielz

    Look, if you don't understand this then let me help you. Drake wasn't going to do anything, I don't care if you like him or hate him. He isn't hiphop and he is not built for it and Common knows that. Common doesn't have to keep going at Drake, he won the battle. The guy that wins or thinks he wins never continues his quest to destroy a person unless there is a personal issue that underlines the beef. (like 50Cent/ Ja Rule) Common said it was a hiphop thing and it was. He made a quick and direct diss to Drakes subliminal and delusional response to him. That's hiphop and if you don't understand that then listen to more pop music. Common has nothing more to gain by going at Drake. We all know Drake is cony, we all know he isn't real hiphop. We all know he makes money of pop and r&b but that doesn't make him hiphop. So get over it, it's done. Common is a grown ass man that loves hiphop. Instead of hating on him or talking shit. Why don't you just say... Common good job!!! Take your victory lap son!!!

  • Anonymous

    Common did all this an his album was great but didnt sell. Common failed but showed Drake to be what we already knew him to be. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Milehighkid303

    co-sign dude below me. Common lost MAD respect. You freaking kidding me!? This guy Drake is part of what's wrong n he didn't ether dukes dad when he had a chance at the Grammys?? THATS WHY 50 IS/WAS GOOD FOR HIP HOP. We need 50 to go vintage on these new jacks n softies, n like my man said: GET THEM OFF THE FUCKING BLOCK! Period.

  • @mrbigbolge

    it is what it is. brief competition squashed because its all love. people are reading too far into this or think they know more about the situation than other people. just listen to the music, whether you like common or drake or both. tdot world wide! shout outs to cabbie

  • Acesun

    Common lost respect from me, he's playing the "politics" role. We all know Beef doesn't pay the bills, but someone needed to address this fraud and move him off the block and nobody better than a pioneer becuase his Peer group (new School Emcees) would not approach him for fear of being black balled. Cmon man, Hip Hop is about originality and speaking the truth. Keep it thorough and say how you really feel, not the politically correct answer, that was so Homo.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? these guys are both bitches, what would their beef ever have escalated to anyways considering they both suck at rapping and all, YMCB is a bitch label and common is a nobody.. move on people

  • c4 triple plat

    why is com lying though?

  • mindrelated

    I respect Common but I do not understand how he his putting this on Hip-Hop. If you were doing it for Hip-Hop you would have kept your foot on this RnB artist neck. Drake is not Hip-Hop, period! So from that perspective, Common's point is bullshit.



    • ETK

      really? all of a sudden you can tell what he felt like when he was dissing somebody? (through a verse that wasn't even that great) fuck outta here you're just one of those bloggers that hyped this shit up x 100 only to see it fall flat on your face. it's perfectly normal for someone to respect Drake, especially after a face-to-face conversation... maybe Common still doesn't like him, but he respects him. they can be mutually exclusive. even if not, what does it do to your life

  • HonaCostello


  • HonaCostello


  • Anonymous

    I love what Common said, it's over because Common won and Drake didn't want to compete no more. If you like Drake, feel good that your guy was allowed to move foward. If your a Common fan then you have to be proud of him for being the bigger man and getting what he wanted out of it.

    • ETK

      it's not even just that, it's that Common is one of the ONLY veterans in hip-hop still goin' and he's signed to a major label that's makin moves... foolishness

    • Anonymous

      So irrelevant that he is loved and respected by the hiphop culture. But!!! I know your young mind can't look past sells and numbers which really doesn't mean talent, all it means is a good publicist. "Sweet" Music Video 1,363,172 views Sooooo irrelevant

    • will

      yawn, common is irrelevant really though

  • Anonymous

    i love it lmao. now Common is no longer a legend because he squashed beef with Drake, you "hip hop heads" crack me up lmao.

  • HRH

    Drake is a kyke loser, but Common you have nothing coming for you either. I used a program to edit you out of "Ghetto Dreams" now it's pure Nasir m/f



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Common is just too mature for his own good some times j/k . Well he is a grown man so I am okay with him taking the high road b/c as much as he is hip hop and loves the game, he does have his positive image to with hold in his charity and acting worlds.....

  • eminemSUCKS

    Drake was like if you keep talkinG i'm a make a stay schemin remix. Common was like nah man im good im good. good luck at the grammys. He just another 90's rapper trying to stay relevant. Stop dissing rappers that hotter than you.

  • Anonymous

    Damn I wish Common would stop drinking that positive juice and fuck that dumb ass nigga up a bit more! I know it was all about hip hop to begin with but damn! At least I got a bit of Common Sense back for a little while. Thank GOD FOR DMX! The fall of DRAKE PART2 STARING DMX! T

    • Anonymous

      AGREED! DMX is stepping up to the plate like a man, no pussying about. Thats why drake wont respond, cause he knows shit will get real.

  • augustevryday

    I swear yall have no lives

  • def

    so it was all just for publicity then ok, got it. zzzz

  • fernandop

    Drake fucked serena. serena and her hips are fly as hell. if drake fucked serena and she was my bitch id be cheesed too. as if this aint about bitch serena. fuck outta here. CHYEAH

  • Roger Rabbit

    Drake didn't respond to Common's Diss so it was no use of Common destroying this nigga Drake if he's bein a bitch and not gonna Battle Common Man to man to me Common won the battle hands down One sided So all U Common Haters get of YMCMB dicks they wack as fuck none of them niggas will ever drop a classic Album point blank period.

  • Anonymous

    wait....who cares?

  • Big Bun

    LIES. Video of scuffle surfaced on youtube. Check it fools

  • T-Mac

    I don't give a fuck about Common or Drake. But i kinda like Common's previous CDs. It's obviously he was tryna to improve his sales, nothing else. There are no winners or losers in this "beef" ...

  • Decatur ATL Boi

    Breaking News!!! Cash Money Just signed the 80's mega group U.T.F.O & 3XDope!!!!

  • ETK

    wow, Common is showin to be more mature than half you niggas. y'all wanted them to beef so much, it's like you paid front tickets to a wrestling match. first off I think its hilarious niggas half his age behind a computer are calling him a pussy. hes a grown ass man worried about his own life, y'all are just throwing popcorn at a battle like "OH YEAH YMCMB SUCKS THEY GO DOWN YAAAAH" and for what? what I'm seeing is Common being the bigger man and gettin in good terms with Drake, and the fuck's wrong with that? Drake sucks, but come off it already, he's not the spawn of satan for the record, I love DMX for his comments too, but I'm not expecting anything to come out of it nor do I want him to be the "savior" that knocks YMCMB down a peg. it's childish to even wish for that shit, you could honestly do yourself a favor and ignore YMCMB material and focus on what you like... god damn

  • Man Made

    The move was too csotly for Common, especially that Drake didnt respond even made Common look more like moron. His sales went downhill because him and Drake share the female fanbase.. but Drake got that fanbase on lock. Dude was going to starve if he kept on fronting on Drake.

  • j

    Respect for Common = Down. Thought he really wanted to put Drake and them YMCMB down... fuck his album

  • suck it

    Common washed up he did if for the sales obviously if you say its more than that your a fuckin idiot....100

  • azrob

    what a pussy! ill never understand why you would make such a move. mofo would probably bow to "elizabeth of windsor" too even tho she probably enslaved his ancestors! fuckin punk



  • Anonymous

    Drake is nice but no where near a legend

  • SniperGuy

    Probably the lamest beef in hip-hop ever. You could barely call it beef, common dissed drake for reasons unknown and drake just didn't answer. I hate to say it, cause I respect commons work, but seems like this was all for a boost in album sales. We need some real beef, all we get now is this or Tyler vs someone. Be good for the game for two dope emcees to battle for supremacy, instead of all this snipin people and then no one answers even answers each other properly.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Common. no platinum album. lmao no gold album. lmaooooo no number one single. lmaooooooo no hit song. lmaoooooooo no fans. lmaoooooooooooo no concert. lmaooooooooooooo no respect. lmaooooooooooooo swag Drake iz a legend. enough said. swag

    • azrob

      fkn robot. its obvious you have no idea what ur talking about and aint hip 2 the game yet, just a fanatic/poser. wouldnt be surprised to hear about you rockin skinny jeans with a blouse in a week. fkn pathetic!

    • Anonymous

      and what do you have? lmaoooooooooo how many websites do you troll daily? lmaooooooooo

    • So Icy Boi!


  • Juicy D

    I bet they went back to Commons hotel room & had sex while birdman taped it & one of his bodyguards jerked off.

  • Anonymous

    Proabably a good thing for Drake cause Common smashed him lol

  • Anonymous

    glad its over, cuz the beat was kinda pointless but it was fun worthwhile lol

  • Mr Mogul

    Hip-Hop has gone soft.

  • Slruim

    The Dreamer, the Believer was one of the best of last year. Good Buy. But Damn, I'm convinced Common started the beef just to boost record sales. Damn, tricked me out of my money

  • Anonymous

    two bitch made niggas. useless beef, common showed his true colors with this dumb stunt.

  • rich

    weirdest battle/beef ever. glad this weak shit is over. We all know drake is soft, no need for a pretty soft guy himself to go at him to show people what exactly? that you cant get over Serena. ONLY 2 possible reasons this beef ever happened. 1) Serena 2)to sell his album Common has been around the game a while, and if he was hip hop's saviour when it comes to soft material, he wouldve spoke up a long time time ago. Drake on the other hand did need to be put in his place for starting to talk a bit reckless...but common of all people shouldnt of been that guy weird ass shit

  • Anonymous

    drake sent his bodyguard and threaten common like he did to that guy in the tattoo shop

  • Anonymous

    Where YESSIR, YADIG, Dentaldamboy, and So Icy BOI at? They probably got some shit to say to Common like, "Fuck Common, he did this for sales, he mad about Serena, Drake sold more than him, his old ass irrelevant, he put out a techno album, Drake had a better verse on Stay Schemin, YMCMB, swag, etc.",,

    • Anonymous

      Nigga, fuck you. I'm just addressing the shit those fags would say in every article about Common. I don't miss that shit, I'm just sick of it.

    • tha truth

      thanks for fillin in for his lame ass. shit son this place better off without having to scroll through that bullshit. if you miss him so much why dont you go be a fag someplace else. eat a dick if you got nothing constructive to say leave it out you dumb herb.

  • dazeone

    I like both but it was over when Drake put out Motto ....went platinum and Common went wood...

  • Anonymous

    But Drake hasn't commented. I think Common tried to throw a punch and Drake laid him out like a rug.

  • wow

    Man, sorta lame that Drake didn't respond but Commons back peddling into that

  • Jose

    Drake probably paid Common to call the beef off hahah he knows that beefing with Common would be the end of his career.

  • Anonymous

    now yall can stop dickriding and picking sides like these niggas are paying your bills.

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