Cypress Hill Speaks On The Creation Of "Black Sunday"

The group reminisces on how the album became a hit.

Cypress Hill is currently gearing up to perform its classic 1993 album Black Sunday at this year’s Rock the Bells Festival in its entirety. In preparation for the gigs, the quartet spoke with Reebok Classics about how they musically approached the album, which spawned the singles “Insane in the Brain” and “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That.”

“What we did on the first album, musically, Muggs took to another level on Black Sunday and we followed with what that was,” said B-Real. “We sort of tailor-made everything. We never just take beats and put raps on them. We made sure that it was the right shit for the right beat, because we wanted to make songs and we wanted to make stuff that would stick. Make anthems.”

After their eponymous '91 debut failed to catch on, the group picked up some steam after they got placements like “Shoot ‘Em Up” on the Juice soundtrack, released in '91.

Black Sunday built from the momentum of that first album catching fire late, and then the fact that we followed through with some good music, from beats to what Sen Dog and I were rolling on top of that music. It all just came together,” he continued. “The first album was out there for six months, seven months, eight months, and it was dead in the water. But when they flipped ‘Kill a Man,’ it gave us a whole new life. That record started to build up momentum and then the Juice movie came out and blew it up. That was already when they would be writing you off if you didn’t click in about six months.”

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  • West Coast Offense

    Word to dockevoc, I'm also surprised to hear that the 1st LP was a slow mover. I had to have bought 2 cassetes of it and a CD at that time.

  • Bowski

    "Black Sunday" was on a way different level production-wise. Everything sounded crispier to me, and the beats seemed deeper to me than their previous album. Their 1st album drove me crazy (lol) I loved the hell out of that joint. I remember trying to record every Cypress Hill interview back in dem days on vhs (yeah I said it VHS). That was a great time frame in hip hop. It was also the same year Fat Joe was voted the "Most Improved" rapper on "The Source" magazine (back when The Source was dope) after he dropped that "Jealous One's Envy". Cypress' & fat Joe's albums that year always reminded me of each other, damn those were the days (SMH)....

  • jeremy

    i want to get hiiighhhhh, soooo hiiighhhhhhhh

  • SutterKane

    My favorite group of all time, first rap album I ever bought was Black Sunday Their new album was flat, but Muggs still kills it with his "Vs" series album, hopefully he'll rejoin the group for their next record, doesnt seem to be any beef, just for some reason he didnt produce the last album, which is what killed it for me

  • Anonymous


  • dockevoc

    wow, this is really deep...i never knew that their first album didn't catch on and then the 2nd one did because they, you know, tried to make good songs...thanks hiphopdx

    • Pat Neeland

      I couldn't agree more. I thought their first album was pretty damn good when it came out, and that album had a style like I'd never heard before. While I agree that Black Sunday, and their spots on albums and soundtracks leading up to it helped get them into that well-deserved limelight, I definitely thought the first album had done a lot better than it did.

  • Anonymous

    never mind black sunday somebody get sen dog a black coffee quick....dude looks high as fuk haha! props to cypress tho they the shit,ima big fan!! peace

  • Rick

    Black Sunday was my 1st concert EVER ....Its a trip cause the original date for that concert was on a thursday i beleive. But at the time L.A. had fires burning evrywhere and the skies in L.A. were black from all the smoke so the postponed it to sunday which happend to be Halloween.....BLACK SUNDAY! PERFECT...I bought an oz. and rolled blunts all night... On the bill - Cypress, House Of Pain, Funkdoobiest, The Wholiganz(alchemist first group)....CLASSIC SOULD ASSASSINS !!!!

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