Yelawolf Reveals Production Credits For "Radioactive"

UPDATE: Production comes courtesy of WillPower, The Audibles, Diplo, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and more.

The official tracklist has been revealed for Yelawolf's upcoming Shady Records debut Radioactive, due November 21st.

The album features a healthy roster of guest appearances including Lil Jon, Mystikal, Fefe Dobson, Rittz, Eminem, Gangsta Boo, Shawty Fatt, Kid Rock and Killer Mike.

[November 9]

UPDATE: The production credits have been revealed for Yelawolf's Radioactive. Check the official lineup below.

1. Radioactive (Intro) (prod. by WillPower)
2. Get Away (feat. Shawty Fatt & Mystikal) (prod. by Phonix Beats)
3. Let’s Roll (feat. Kid Rock) (prod. by The Audibles & Mr. Pyro)
4. Hard White (Up In The Club) (feat. Lil Jon) (prod. by Tha Hydrox)
5. Growin’ Up In The Gutter (feat. Rittz) (prod. by WillPower)
6. Throw It Up (feat. Gangsta Boo & Eminem) (prod. by WillPower)
7. Good Girl (prod. by The Audibles)
8. Made In The U.S.A. (feat. Priscilla Renea) (prod. by Emanuel Kiriakou, co-prod. by Blaqsmurph)
9. Animal (feat. Fefe Dobson) (prod. by Diplo & Borgore)
10. The Hardest Love Song In The World (prod. by WillPower)
11. Write Your Name (feat. Mona Moua) (prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
12. Everything I Love The Most (prod. by WillPower)
13. Radio (prod. by Jim Jonsin)
14. Slumerican Shitizen (feat. Killer Mike) (prod. by WillPower)
15. The Last Song (prod. by WillPower)

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  • James

    This album is an instant classic. Every single track is a hit. I haven't heard an album this good since Em dropped The Eminem Show. Download it and give it a listen. But if you agree Yela just dropped a bomb, please help white dog out and buy it.

  • Hanna

    I had to comment again... why oh why did he put Gangsta Boo on here. She is trash!!!!

    • Jonathan Stolte

      agreed, the song throw it up woulda been better with out her on it. shoulda done a track with just Em and Yela.

  • Ozzy Salas

    No eminem produced tracks!!??? WTF!! Em is either extremely busy or gettin a little lazy. Em better produce the songs on D12s album and slaughterhouse album. I'm tired of hearing those poppy just blaze beets

  • SandNigga Potential radio play. Not just good lyrical content but a good sound to it too. Only song that surprised me from yela

  • Piru st blood

    why did eminem sign dis guy for hes gonna be a massive flop , eminems gonna be the only white boii to ever make it big in hip hop i swear nigga g

  • bigbog hip hop fans check out this site^^

  • Anonymous

    How is he going platinum when Bad Meets Evil only just went gold after months out? Not a chance. Maybe gold in a year.

  • crazyjoedavola

    This album is going to be Hot. The track with Gangsta Boo is sick, and don't even get me started with "Let's Roll" with Kid Rock, just amazing...this album will be a legend. However, I am scratching my head as to why the hell he would get Mystikal on this album. Mystikal is a registered and convicted sex offender who pleaded guilty to sexual battery on a woman, and there was video tape proof of it. He and a bunch of his friends forced a woman to blow them and they taped it. I know it's one thing for Yelawolf to say Mystikal was an influence on him, but're going to ask a convicted sex offender and sexual batterer to be on your album? Sometimes we have to put our ethics above our like of someone's know what I mean? I'm not saying Mystikal isn't talented...but eesh, he is a registered sex offender. I always knew the hip hop community was quick to forgive certain offenses, like drug dealing, assaults, etc. but theres just certain types of crimes I believe mostly everyone, including hip hop artists, just don't put up with. After Mystikal's prison stint for sexual battery, I didn't think any artists would want to touch him with a ten foot pole at this point. So I disagree with Yela's decision to do a song with Mystikal, but besides that see so much promise in this album. Yelawolf is a breath of fresh air.

    • crazyjoedavola

      dmfslimm, You did not read what I said at all obviously. If you noticed, I said numerous times over and over again that I listen to lots of hip hop with rappers who have gotten drug charges, or assaults, or hell even attempted murder charges. I said repeadetly that my only beef is with rappers who RAPE people or molest children. You can't even say Mystikal was fucked by the system or it was a false charge, because in court they provided taped video evience that Mystikal filmed himself of the rape! Jesus christ, are you seriously defending rape her. Do you also have this much sympathy for Phillip Garrido who admitted to raping Jaycee Dugard? If not, your a hypocrite. You totally did not understand what I said at all. Rappers who sell drugs...I have sympathy for! Rappers who get arrested for assaults...I understand that they are products of their environment, and while I don't always condone their actions, of course I'll still listen to their music. But raping women or sexually abusing children is what I am against. I listen to plenty of artists who are convicted felons, but I prefer not to buy albums from rapists. Oh by the way, how are sex offenders treated in prison by felons? Hmm? Ever think about that? Even stone cold blooded murderers hate them and beat them up. Your basically defending rape here buddy. What if the woman who was raped by him was your sister or your mom, and her rape was filmed by mystikal? Would you stil be saying "man fuck yo opinion"? Think about it bro, this is someones daughter, someones mother, and she was raped on camera. Your criticizing me and defending a rapist? I still bought the album because I love Yela, but I don't like his choice of doing a song with Mystikal, even though the song is tight. I don't forgive and accept people who rape innocent women. If you do, you have problems. But I don't expect you to comprehend any of what i'm saying because your previous post didn't make any sense.

    • dmfslimm

      man fuck yo opinion on mystikal. do you know how many convicted felons you listen to when you listen to a rap song. please gtfohwtbs. so i guess you dont like ti cause of his drugs charges (drugs are bad m'kay) or you just like fuck 2pac cause of his rape charge he caught. nigga (or wigger) please.

    • crazyjoedavola

      I just listened to "Get Away", and I have to admit, the song is hot. However, that doesn't change my feelings towards Mystikal. I guess what I'm trying to say, is maybe Mystikal changed his life around, found god, whatever...but that doesn't change the fact that he raped a woman. When your neighborhood perv goes to prison for raping someone of fondling a 5 year old, no one wants anything to do with him, and I guaruntee you that you wouldn't hire such a scumbag. However some hip hop fans don't treat rappers with the same type of ethics, and that bothers me. I think certain types of crimes that go along with the streets/dope dealing, like assaults are one many rappers are the products of the environments they grow up in. But sex crimes against women and children just should not be tolerated in my opinion, ever. I still love the album and still love Yelawolf, but I know women who've been raped and abused, and let me tell you their pain never ends. But I don't want to get off on some huge long tangent here. I just disagree with Yela's decision to put Mystikal on the album. But you know what, i'm going to enjoy the album and I will always respect Yela as an artist. So peace out. lets just enjoy this album

    • crazyjoedavola

      You didn't get my point, at all. I said, just because Mysitkal is a talented hip hop artist, doens't make him any less of a rapist. Why is it when a neighborhood sicko pervert goes to prison for child molestation or brutally raping a woman, and most people shun him when he comes back into the community and no one wants anything to do with the dirtbag, put for some reason, with hip hop....some artists/fans forgive these horrible atrocities? I know rap artists are not saints. But theres a BIG difference between a dope boy going to prison for an assault with a deadly weapon, and a grown man who raped a woman on tape or fondled a child. My point is, I cannot stand the fact that some people in the hip hop community excuse rape and child abuse. Assaults, drug deaings, etc. are one thing. But we are talking about the rape of a woman here. Have a fucking heart.

    • KoD

      Actually they put great music above past mistakes and personal shit.

  • Anonymous

    he wont top obie thats for sure

  • firesome

    True. just having "shady records" on the album itself pulls in numbers. doesn't mean it would be produced by shady aftermath

  • jp3215

    If this album does above a 100k in its first week it would be a success for shady

  • Anonymous

    No Dre produced Track, No eminem produced track, no song with just eminem and Yela to boost this thing and get it moving.they stuck Gangsat boo "yeah hoe" in the middle. Shady scared to be on a track with another white dude. always has to have black people around him when they are togeather, u ever seen just shady and yela togeather? or just them to on a song or in a photo? No always slaughter house or Royce there. Dre jumped in for eminem and got him straight to the top rapped next to him to him with him,then shady helped 50 and royce and hes doing nothing for Yela..

    • HAHAHA

      Em is testing the waters with yela first before he goes and jumps on a whole bunch of songs with him. if yelawolf makes a nice debut without ems help that shows Eminem that people will buy yelas albums because they fuck with yela not because Em is on the album. Em doesnt want his artists to be dependent on him for sales like royce is. Royce cant sell shit by himself but with Em on the album nigga went Gold.

    • duhh

      maybe if you REALLY followed yelawolf, most of the songs except 2 or 3 were ALREADY recorded by ghetto vision.. all the production was pretty much done as he was getting signed by shady... this isnt a SHADY release.. this is a GHETTO VISION/SHADY release.. research before you yap

  • gangstaX

    I can't believe Yelawolf has j.u.s.t.i.c.e league, the openly homosexual production group. There beats are so gay. And that corny ass tag they have on every beat is bonus fag. Plus all there beats sound exactly the same. r.i.p.j.u.s.t.i.c.e.league......

  • Anonymous

    Why are people saying this gonna go platinum... hard white has like 1.2m views and lets roll has like 200k... He's going to sell less then 200k units first week for sure..... (here come the ignorant hater comments even though i don't even dislike the dude or his music!)

    • Almar

      He won't sell like Wiz, Cole, or Cudi, more in the range of The Red album.

    • Seriously?

      come on man...what age are you living in? You really think 200K is bad? less than 25% of albums, and Im being extremely nice, get 200K first week. Thats the nature of piracy. You sound like if he sells 150K first week thats a failure. Thats a joke. If he sells 95K that should be considered a success. if he reached 200K please believe that would be a HUGE deal. 200K just does not get tossed around any more man. Ive never seen commercial hip hop is a worse state than what it is now. Yela is nasty. Shady 2.0 is grotesque. But we have to accept that people dont give a shit. So 100K is a very good first week number for anyone who isnt a heavy hitter. Get real.

    • Tim Chandler

      No you make sense. If neither Em or Wayne did a milli in their first weeks no way Yela even sniffs it. It *IS* going to be awesome though!

  • NoMedication

    Who cares about street cred!!! He isn't trying to b gangsta. he has always rep being a country boy. He raps good and tells his story, thought that wht this game is about. Staying tru to yourself!!!1 Either u like or move around.

  • johnny monster

    how u gonna have a shady records debut without no eminem productions ... still be hot though i love YELA

  • SupG's

    Been a Yela fan since 2010; this album's first week sales will be like 50k-200k. Total sales: 350k-500k. It's sad how bitches like Drake sells a milli whenever they want, lol. Even though Birdman buys 80% of their own shit just to make it look like Fag Money is selling. Can't wait to see Miller's first week sales tomorrow. Blue Slide Park was projected to sell 285k in the first week AND HE'S INDEPENTED!

  • Anonymous

    i wanna listen to Write your name produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League!!!

  • Anonymous

    10 features!? on your debut shady album?? Call it a mixtape. They don't make rappers like they used to..

  • itopia

    When hard white first came out people were saying its the best lil jon beat for a long time....turns out he didnt produce it should be a solid album though

  • Nick Crookshank

    It's gonna go plat, no questions. While his "street cred" may be non-existent, he can rip a beat and he's backed by Shady. The album is gonna be dope. Borgore? I'm fucking pumped.

    • Jake Drennan

      it might go platinum...but not right barely sells these days and this guy isn't THAT popular..he's tight and one of my favorite rappers lately but platinum i really doubt...think about it this way..artists can usually divide the amount of facebook followers they have by at least 10 for their album sales...and this dude only has like 300,000 followers which is less than someone like the kottonmouth kings even has...he's still an underground artist at this point..

  • Anonymous

    it makes a difference that Eminem is only featured on here once as a verse with no production. Yela standing on his own with Shady backing is a better look then 4-6 beats and 3 verses. I would even say Yela had a lot of this album done before coming to Shady Records. Jimmy Lovine had signed him to Interscope earlier, probably moved him to Shady for a better image and look. Shady Artists automatically sell.

  • jg

    2011 is one of the biggest years in a long time for hiphop. Can Yela top Cole, Drizzy, Weezy, Jay, Yeezy, Game, Phonte or Ghost!?

  • rideonemjixxer

    I love how the haters put "anonymous" ....hate hate hate. cynical people like that will go nowhere in life. losers.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever you're just jealous hater. I post anonymously all the time and I'm an anesthesiologist who does pro bono law work for underserved rural communities in my free time.

  • Anonymous

    music for skateboard faggots

  • Anonymous

    Isnt Mystikal not rapper who has raped a 50 year old woman.

  • Anonymous

    album will go platinum but his fast flow sucks. he is annoying to listen to. he will go plat because he is o n shady records

    • Almar

      He aint going platinum bro, Watch the throne recently just went platinum so i think yela will yop out at maybe 250k.



  • Anonymous

    i wish i didnt hear the em collab already

  • Anonymous

    All the BEATS, PROMOTION, FAKE STREET CRED, cannot save this album! Overrated, wack!

  • Brandon Payne

    Listen. I am really not a Yelawolf fan, I think he has a cool flow but I don't listen to his music cause It doesn't seem nearly lyrical enough for me.. However I would never Hate on the kid.. that's just my personal preference and that's not to take anything away from him as an artist.. so how can you say that he is going to flop indefinitely before the albums even released? he has mad buzz.. sales are shitty but you can't just doom someone out the gate before they even started.. that actually shows a strong lack of faith in YOURSELF to project it on others like that.. smh.. Respect yourself First sun, oh and even if Slaughterhouse did flop.. it wouldn't matter cause they are ALL BEASTS and will probablly shape up to be one of the most Lyrical albums of 2012, I will cop that jawn Regardless... but please Just respect yourself so that you don't reflect that hate needlessly on others. it's bad energy and bad energy makes for bad business and so on.. B

  • inside

    looks like SHADY saved money bracing for the inevitable flop. congrats to yela. dropped on SHADY. FLOPPED on SHADY. DROPPED from SHADY. slaughterhouse is next SHADY 2.0 = epic fail yelawolf fanbase consists of eminem dickriders and skater faggots. HIP HOP LOST

  • shadyfamily

    what no deluxe-_- bullshit

  • Anonymous

    i kinda liked the other album cover more

  • JDG

    CaqNudg: AZ wasn't famous, hence the line still rings true

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    WTF !!! No song features slaughterhouse ? Sad !

  • Ozzy Salas

    i want eminem rappin like he did with royce on hell the sequel

  • Almar

    Gangsta Boo and Eminem on The Same Track? sounds dope, They need to throw that hard white remix on there too, that shit is bananas.

  • Sam

    white dawg.... get em!!!!!

  • ETK

    slaughterhouse better be somewhere in the bonus. and co-sign to whoever shouted out big boi as a viable choice

  • Anonymous

    After reading the tracklist, I immediately thought of Nas' "Got Ur Self A..." line: "My first album had NO famous guest appearances. the outcome... I'm crowned the best lyricist" NINE guest spots on your own debut... hmmmmmm!

  • Tylerthedestroyer

    Should be bangin.

  • Young King

    looks coo, but i think there should be a slaughterhouse feature in there somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    should of had chamilionaire on here

  • MJ

    Whats so good about tech nine he is garbage

  • Terry Parker Jr.

    Is nobody else surprised to see Gangsta Boo and Eminem on a track like me?

  • Nick Crookshank

    Looks to be a decent lineup. Should have ninna on it though.

  • Corey Hilton-Yates

    no tech n9ne?

  • This weak ass wigga

    can't wait for this... LOL HATE!

  • gabegaloshes

    What about the CyHi (BEST rapper on GOOD label) guest spot? Oh well. Trunk Muzik has been rattling my speakers for day on end now.

  • Anonymous

    Killer Mike feature should be huge for this album. The Eminem feature will draw people to listen to the album but the Killer Mike feature will give people the raw lyrics and message that they are looking for.



  • Brandon Hamm

    If it's anything like that Kid Rock single, I'm not looking forward to it.



  • Agent Orange

    Haven't looked forward to someones major debut album in so long. It's good to see this project come out moderately quick since the Shady signing.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for this to drop



  • anonymous

    shady records motha fuckas

  • catfishbilly

    lookin good, but I really wanted to see a Big Boi feature

  • Anonymous

    Would have been nice to have a Slaughterhouse feature, guess he didnt wanna get killed on his own shit like the cypher, lol I'll peep this when it drops, Good looks to him on the Killer Mike & Gangsta Boo collabos, two unsung hero's of the south



  • southcakc23

    good look at the Mystikal and rittz features. HUGE hell yeah for havin Killer Mike on the album. Thumbs down for not having a feature from struggle or Jellyroll!!!!

    • Hanna

      No Struggle is a monster, have you seen the video for Outlaw shit? he tells a story don't sleep on Struggle... FREE YOUNG STRUGGLE,

  • ob1thefool

    can't wait for this to drop!!! yela is dope! my boy cham on the album and that boy rittz is nice too

  • tyler66

    i saw this tracklist and cover about a month ago, when i googled the tracklist for this album gucci mane has a line about yellow canaries in 'i just wanna party' and radioactive was the original name for 'you ain't no dj' on big boi's album, plus there's no hard white on their and there's a video of him performing a song called 'hands up' or something like that and saying this one's off radioactive when i saw the cover a month ago, a commentator found an image that was this album cover minus the words yelawolf and radioative and the deer head logo



  • BobbyGeorge

    track list is fake, No "Hard White", and Yela said himself that "Gangster of Love" won't be on the Album.


    Yelawolf and J.Cole's album on the same day.


    Yelawolf and J.Cole's album on the same day.....Cant Wait!!

  • hard white

    where the hell is hard white on the list? this tracklist is bogus

  • prewoz

    This album is going to be beasty

  • stevie b.

    Felt yela was hype for awhile, but the new stuff I've heard from him as sounded great. Gonna be checking for this.

  • rodjilius

    dam thats some heavy hitters for his features

  • Anonymous

    actually some pretty nice features there

  • blzd

    i like this dude but its a shame this album will most likely never see the light of day shady records signs good artist but never release their shit what gives

  • PeteKDS

    If it's true than this shit will be hard as hell.Yela said that gangster of love won't make a final cut and what about hard white? Is is a official single or a street one?

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