Kreayshawn Addresses Drake Rumor, Speaks On Hectic Schedule

The White Girl Mob's Kreayshawn speaks on her busy schedule, says Drake is "not my boo thing."

With a quick rise to notoriety through her video and single for “Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn has been busy. With her White Girl Mob riding behind her, Kreayshawn has been the topic of controversy, co-signs, criticism and praise. Recently, she stopped by to speak with Mina Say What about her busy schedule and her relationship to Drake.

She first spoke on her impending album release. “I made up a  [release] date but I’m not the one in charge of making [dates] up,” she said. However, she also made it clear that the album’s holdup has nothing to do with label woes. “No,” she said when asked if there were problems with the label. “It’s just, [when] you’re a new artist, every one wants to talk to you. Even the label, they’re like, ‘We haven’t even had anybody do as much press and as much stuff as you’ve been doing.’”

As part of this media blitz, Kreayshawn said different types of media and not only for music-related publications are interviewing her. 

“I’m getting interviewed by Women Daily, and then fashion magazines. I just did a shoot for Japanese Vogue, which I’m so excited about.”

Finally, she also addressed rumors of a relationship with Drake by shooting the gossip chatter down.

“No, that’s not my boo thing. We’re cute. Like I said, me and him, we’re both cute. We could be cute. But, I’m not trying to snatch Rihanna’s [man] or nothing like that. You know, I don’t know if the rumors is true but I’m a busy woman anyway.”

Later, she added that they are merely friends and that they share a similar story.

“What, people can’t be friends?” she asked. “Me and him, we relate a lot from coming up quick.”

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    Regardless if this bitch is talented or not, her & her friend Lil Debbie could get it!!!

  • Anonymous

    As horrible as it/she is, and as much as it pains me to say this, with today's climate of hip hop she has as much a right to be in the game as pretty much anyone. It's sad I know. She wouldn't have been able to be in the game before, not cuz she's white, because she sucks, but times have changed man. Boy have times changed. Drake might let her suck em off, but she isn't even the same species as Rihanna. She look like Carol Burnette or some ish

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  • Ghost of hip-hop past

    Hip-hop is in regression mode.

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    Its official... Hip Hop is Dead.... R.I.P.

  • hey

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  • V-Nasty is the best rapper alive

    Kreayshawn is decent but the true talent that shines through is that of fellow WGM member, V-Nasty. She is the true musical genius. The way she depicts the struggle of growing up as a minority in a poverty stricken area in Oakland is amazing and her storytelling rivals that of Nas and Tupac. She is like a modern day Shakespeare, the poet laureate of the youth. On top of that, she's breaking color and gender barriers that are the norm of hip-hop music. Her saying nigga in an area dominated by black males shows her authenticity. I would liken her to the Rosa Parks of our generation. With that being said, V-Nasty is truly the best rapper alive.

    • V-Nasty is the best rapper alive

      I'm not being sarcastic, V-Nasty is truly a musical revolutionary. I'm not going off of what other people tell me, i'm going off of me hearing her divine symphonies firsthand. She's the opposite of "trash" and "fake", more like the realest thing out and a breath of fresh air to Hip-Hop. Trust me, when that album drops, it's gonna be 1994 Illmatic all over again. Also I would commit suicide, walk in traffic, or something, but I might die so no thank you. Have a nice day.

    • The187Worm

      ok now after i got that out the way..if your being sarcastic then dont die. lol


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      v-nasty is horrible. not only does she suck at rapping, saying that word makes her really ignorant. i hope they all get jumped.

    • V-Nasty the illest


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  • Lupe Espinoza

    Isn't Hip Hop about creativity & being yourself? Y'all are so orthodox & stuck in the past years of Hip Hop. Yes, some artists are just wack but this chick is different just like Odd Future & Lil B & J.Cole, MGK, Yelawolf, etc. Stop Hatin, Start embracing.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      And yes... me calling you Luis wasn't a typo. It was making my point that you are relevant as a can of shit so I refuse to get your name correct. I wear Magnum XL, Lucent. Now get.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      The nerve of some of these dumb people. It's not like we're stuck in the Golden Era. It's just the Golden Era provided a plethera of good great classical music. Timeless. That's what we want now. Hell it's asking too much to get good music. The majority of the ish that's "hot" as dictated by the misinformed, the wannabes, the industry, and the just plain blind sheep, such as yourself (Luis) just let weird and/or wack substitute for "different" and that somehow is being creative. No... it's just means the muf is WACK!!!LOL!!! Seriously....a lot of this ish now that gets released simply wouldn't back then. You had to show and prove. Now, you just have to come up with the weirdest and dumbest shit ever and you're certified. It's just disgusting. It's ok to have your own mind and with having your own mind... have that mind be reasonable and condusive to what's right and wrong. But it goes further to my statement of greatness: Common sense ain't common. I can't comment on Yelawolf cause he seems to me to be a little niche ass rapper. Dude might just be nice but I'm not really buying what he's selling truthfully. It's a little overbearing for me. He isn't bad per se... he just isn't that good by himself. Now go to the store and get me some rubbers. I have a girl to bone. She said she knows you. (shooing hand to say get going)

    • Akil Clark

      The problem is that anyone can get on now. All you need is one song and you are on. In the 90's you had to have talent in order to get on because people were not going to put there money on you. Rappers had to prove themselves. Additionally, music is easier to get now which helps one hitters get noticed. Yeah some of the guys you mentioned can rap, but none of them are proven as artist.

    • real shit

      ^ truth. and the industry is showing more wack shit now because of this fuckin internet generation. all a nigga gotta do is sit at his computer, record some shit on garage band and put it on facebook, and bam. it becomes offically available to the masses, unlike in the 80's and 90's when if your shit sucked, it never saw the light of day


      oh just cuz my fav artists or yur collabs with these wack fucks doesnt mean shit...its all about MONEY and hittin that YOUNGER they can get they sales up as well...but you honestly can say they in the booth and think damn that muthufucka crazy hot? lmfao fuck no...they dont want to beef with whats takin over the industry today... its fuckin sad


      Yela isnt wack.. but Kreayshawn, Lil B , Waka, Gucci , Soulja and many others are pure fucking retard music..Enough with the term hate..fuck that i HATE remedial ass hiphop/rap..plaina nd simple and if you like shit like that then you ride the fuckin shortbus as well...sick of fuckin people stickin up for these muthufuckas , just cuz they doin them and makin "paper"...most these cats dont deserve to be where there at ..other muthufuckas do who make Good, GREAT, PHENOMENAL shit...i can go on youtube and find 100's of artists with lyrcal talent that smashes any of those artists you named..and they have character..but noooo were forced what the radio and these fuckin labels feed us..and its the youngins that take it in like its drugs..most the listeners of this so called hiphop today are WHITE/black suburbia..i call them FOLLOWERS...just like Kreayshawn and V-Nasty..just cuz they hang with couple black folk who arent real ass muthufuckas ..i bet my families life on it..and theres youtube vids of it...has a right to drop N-Bombs..which she does but not in the presence of media ..thiswhole game is fucked up...i never heard of the 80'era bitch bout the 90's...this shits gettin worse and needs to stop..muthufuckas gona say im hatin and im jealous..lmfao...gtfoh! i dont want to be a rapper i want to listen to fuckin HIPHOP!..i am a tru HATER..and proud of it..

    • $100

      A black man cosigning white rappers saying nigga is indefensible coon shit

    • Duke

      ahh Lupe i usually agree with your comments. most of the time you seem like an intelligent dude, but this time i respectfully have to disagree. sure there have always been a few wack artist even in the 80s and 90s but it's like an overpopulation these days, some of us just can't handle it and come to terms.

    • Lupe Espinoza

      Co-sign ^^ These "real" hip hop fans are stuck with Tupac and all that shit. Dont get me wrong, the 90's was like a Golden Age in Hip Hop but c'mon yall gota stop being such whiny bitches & acknowledge that their are some very good rappers out there that are gonna help keep HIP HOP ALIVE. P.S. Yelawolf is NOT Wack AT ALL. Theres a reason why Em signed him. Deuces

    • Everett Da Amin Rucker

      how can you even say Yela is wack? I swear I hate hip hop nerds. Always calling this wack and that wack. Do you have the balls to get on stage and do what they do? no you sit in your computer and talk shit.

    • Anonymous

      Every artist you named is wack except J. Cole Thats alright tho, like I said, at least we have the memories, ya'll can miss me with this garbage, there's plenty of other forms of music that havent turned into a clown show yet

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  • jack johnson

    one day she'll look back and think holy shit i can't believe i used to wear those stupid looking glasses, what was i thinking

  • Anonymous

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      sorry but if the game and his blood goons go beat up some little white bitches that is going to be sad and a bad situation for everybody

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  • E

    Wow, I hope artists read these blogs so as not to embarrass themselves any further. I guess when you have that mentality you don't really care if you're talented or not, and all that matters are the sales. Can we please start the revolution, already?


    Im white and both those bitches are a disgrace...V-Nasty especially...the shits not hiphop..its complete fuckin trash..hope both these fucks get beat, fucked up, anything that puts them eatin through a straw...muthufuckas drip fakeness...all u youngins that like this shit can eat a dick...remedial muthufuckas

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  • Muhammed Ali

    Didn't Game diss her for calling a black person "NIGGA" like they were her bro.. I would do the same... Bitch that shit aint cool.

    • Anonymous

      Although to be fair in his diss, he used the word "NIGGA" like 20 time...Come on now. How is a person going to talk about killing niggas, then turn around and act like he's Martin Luther King all over sudden?

    • Anonymous

      she never even said it though, its v-nasty from her group that keeps saying it but everyone thinks its her

  • Chairman

    Who is this guy? Is he, like, some tranny rapper or some shit? WTF is happening today???

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait till an interviewer asks her about her uncle Bruce Willis. These media people all ask the same bullshit safe questions to these new artists.

    • Anonymous

      shes still wack as fuck though.

    • Anonymous

      that rumour was already shot down by her a few weeks ago on shade 45, it was actually the same interview that drake called in to show love which started this she said her friend made a really good photoshopped picture of her with bruce willis and posted it on facebook and then that rumor started about him being her uncle


    i just want the bush

  • Batow

    What rumors? Do people actually gossip that kind of crap about this lame bitch?

    • Anonymous

      for realz dude calls into the radio and says he likes whats she doing music wise and that was pretty much it,

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