Drake is the latest to hop on the Kreayshawn train, praising the up-and-coming rapstress for her fresh energy that she’s bringing to Hip Hop. Speaking with Invasion Radio’s DJ Green Lantern, Drizzy explained that he met the “Gucci Gucci” in Los Angeles, California and was hooked ever since.

“I’m excited about Kreayshawn, because that’s my dog,” he said. “I don’t know, man. It just happens amongst us young people. We just find each other. We met up with her in L.A. one time, and we just kicked it. That’s my dawg. From there, I just said, that’s my family.”

The Young Money rapper, who said he’s “got bars on deck” for when she’s ready to collaborate, shared his love for “Gucci Gucci” and flirts with her at the end of the interview, calling her a “cutie pie.”

“I honestly get excited when new things happen in Hip Hop, and when I heard ‘Gucci Gucci,’ I heard the flows, I was excited before I even knew who she was. I got to hear a little bit more of the music beyond that, and to meet her and the energy that she has, she’s just a great person as I’m sure you can tell having her around y’all in the studio. She’s good peoples, that’s my dawg.”

Listen to the interview below.

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