Much has been made of rapper V-Nasty’s use of the N-word—whether it’s interpreted as a racial slur or a colloquial term of endearment. Recently, fellow Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. stood up for the white, female emcee’s freedom to use the word as she chose. But late last week, V-Nasty herself weighed in on the matter, while still using the term.

“On some real nigga shit…how I really feel about these motherfuckers talking about, ‘Why is V-Nasty saying the N-Word?’ you motherfuckers have never walked in my shoes, bruh,” V-Nasty responded, during a viral video.

“Is it a fucking race?” she added. “Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way? Y’all mad at that? Y’all need to be mad at this album I’m about to drop on y’all ass. You fuckin’ haters…don’t be mad at me just because I’m doing me.”

In a similar viral video, also posted last week, former MTV personality and occasional parody rapper Andy Milonakis gave his take on the matter.

“I think the only thing valid that anyone can say is that, ‘I don’t like use of the N-Word from a white girl or from anyone,’” Milonakis noted. “That’s fair…that’s valid. My problem is people spinning their own fucking idea of another human being that they don’t fucking know.”

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