Amy Winehouse Found Dead In Her London Apartment

According to several news sources, the troubled singer was discovered this afternoon in her North London flat.

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London, England apartment earlier this afternoon. The troubled singer, 27, was discovered by police in her North London abode at around 4 p.m., though the cause of death is yet to be revealed.

London's Metropolitan Police issued the following statement: "Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05hrs today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased. On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene. Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”

Winehouse made her mark on the Hip Hop community, collaborating with Ghostface Killah on the remix to her track "You Know I'm No Good" and producer Mark Ronson on her multi-platinum Back to Black, released in 2006. Her close associate Salaam Remi, who also worked on her 2003 debut Frank, confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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    fuck this krack bitch and fuk all of you faggots

  • damn thats some shit

    ever notice how the people eminem disses a lot in video and song keep dying (amy winehouse, michael jackson) thats gota be some bad karma shit

  • r

    Trip as fuck how these artists all died at 27..

  • jdizzle420

    we will see her on vh1 one hit wounders in a few years, why are people caring so much for a girl that did nothing but use drugs and never wanted to get help. yeah its sad shes dead but she should have seen this coming, you dont due losts of drugs and live anymore, theres a reason why old rock stars kick the habbit, drugs ( not weed) ruins lifes. Are people really supposed to look up to her, a drug user. if so thats sad and you need help.

  • freemason 33rd Dgr.

    jay z and kanye killed here for the success of their new album.blood sacrifice how i know ?cuz them niggaz were talking about round the table last week and hov was like we need that crack bitch out she done f up .hovvvv ,and the grandmaster was yo jay u sure? kanye said fuk her mj gone nigga dead so rip amy as well.then we finished listening to the album and its dope as fuck and the rest just us doing homosexual shit to each other like we always do for good record sales .watchthethrone#

  • Corey Steir

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  • Lynn Green

    I love The Interracial Rom-ance! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. lol. I know him via (HotBlackWhite.)(C0M)---a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love. Check it out or tell your friends.all members of the 27 Club.

  • Soundmag

    Sad to see such a talented person go...

  • Neo

    I saw it coming way she was living but I also thought she saw it and woulda changed before it was too late, oh well RIP Ms Winehouse, you will be missed.

  • SMH

    for all you little boys out there, just incase you didn't know (of course you didn't), addiction doesn't kill you. When you get to far into drugs, your mind changes, and some people can't handle the new consciousness. Amy sorry to say, was one of them...all she had to do was stay positive no matter how much drugs she took, and she would've been fine.

    • smd (shakin my dick)

      that shit only works when ur own shrooms bro

    • SMH

      Ive smoked boat loads of crack before and im fine. I dont smoke it no more cause it does nothing for me. Look at Charlie Sheen, I absolutely guarentee you wont be seeing him die any time soon, because he has a positive frame of mind. Theres many more examples too.

    • Meh...

      Dang, I aint mean he was a super duper influential, but he and the Lost Boyz did make an impact on Rap. Even if his death just served as a reminder how senseless killings are.

    • Did this dude^^^

      Seriously mention "Freaky Tah" as a legend??? smh

    • Lilz

      lol wow you are dumb. How about u go smoke a boat load of crack and call me tomorrow... Any who. troubled geniuses. Wish it could've turned out differently. Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Freaky Tah,Kurt Cobain, and Amy are all members of the 27 Club.

  • HipHop_Is_In_REsession

    "Oh Amy! Rehab never looked so good, I can't wait, I'm going back, haha" - Eminem (We Made You) ... Smh she was such a standout talent, too bad her addictions overshadowed that....she doesn't even get respect after death. But I wonder if Eminem feels like a dick right about now LMAO. first, Just Lose it - MJ dies Toy Soldier- Proof dies, We Made You- Amy dies ... Superstion's a BITCH aha

  • wtf

    This is idiotic: the woman had success most people dream of, and basically offed herself. No sympathy whatsoever.

    • hah

      lol eat me faggot. if i were some drug addled cunt like wino here, i don't think I'd deserve any sympathy. the bitch wasn't in need, she was a fucking fiend. last time i checked, being rich and talented isn't a fucking daily occurrence and doesn't make you invincible. she had more means and more to get clean for than most fiends, so it's population control as far as i'm concerned.

    • haha

      haha that's okay faggot, if i were the kind of out of control cunt that wino was, I doubt I'd deserve any sympathy. Population control as far as I'm concerned. btw dipshit, being a drug-addled loon is not being in need. As I said earlier, she had means and everything to live for (6 grammy noms) and she blew it away on being high all the time. that's not need, that's being a fiend. accept the consequences of your actions. Pussy.

    • Anonymous

      no sympaphy???? whqt a loser you are. Lets just hope your never in a time of need, cause i dont think anyone would ever offer you sympaphy

  • gutter man

    what did you overly sentimental emotional fools think was gonna happen?

  • deadboy90

    its a shame her problems had to catch up to her like this but is anyone really suprised?

  • Damn

    we lost an incredible talent!..don't worry amy, your restless soul has now moved on to the next level of existence. R.I.P

  • onEdaY

    All of you who is saying something bad and hurtful is a real piece of work rip amy

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    It's a damn shame this happened, not really surprising considering her lifestyle, but sad none the less...She had a lot of talent, but her addictions caught up with her as they usually do to most folks....

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Lotta good coments from the C-Section (myself included). This is what the internet is for, helping people with pointless lifes feel better by making people mad. And of corse you cant have them without the people who get mad. So keep it up, the internet is awesome!

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Ooooo who would have thought this would ever happen... I really wonder what the cause of death is...

  • Jesus

    Happiness is found within death because in death you know longer deal with the pains of yesterday and you wont see tomorrows drama. unfortunate but hey look at the bright side. your part of the club. and in heaven they have little jackets with 27 on em. oh yeah you woulda been hot as fuck if you were a clean girl =/ oh well i woulda prefered Ke$ha dying but wecan wait a few years for her

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    It's a shame that someone who was blessed with a gift and fortunate enough to have her gifts well received by the world, would ignore their fans, their family, the world and spiral further and further down into self abuse (dangerous use of drugs is self abuse) and eventually lead to her own demise. It makes me think someone else out there might have made better use of those gifts and fortune, and in their time on earth, attempted to make the lives of those less fortunate better individual by individual. Whether through donations, hands on charity work, or just by being a great friend to many. I'll mourn the loss of potential rather than the person I never knew or took interest in. May she find the peace that eluded her in the next stage of her eternal journey. And to anyone who isn't aware. True peace isn't found external, but hides in plain sight within.

  • killuminati fuck jayz

    the illuminati killed her dont believe all that overdose shit that's how they do ledger)...she was sacrificed by the industry satanists like many more stars were and will be ,she died at 27 =(9)their favorite execution number remember 9/11 ? .all died at 27 years of age cobain,hendrix,janis joplin,jim morrison,brian jones,add amy whinehouse.RIP AMY. KILLUMINATI

    • fuckz

      only blind retards who are never did research about it can say that this is false,stupid fucks she was worth more to the industry dead then alive .mofos blind as fuck believe everything you hear on cnn that's why your country is on the brink of collapse and you still thinks its all good cuz u watch jersey shore

    • CaliKushBlunt

      Yeah, every dope artest who ever died ever was killed by the illuminati or whatever the fuck they're called and now they're comein to kill me for sayin it... RETARD

    • Anonymous

      Your words are so true except that pimp c wasnt 27 but they killed him as well!!!

    • Anonymous

      your a fucking ass clown

  • Cealix

    We told her to pipe down when she was yelling, but nooooooo.

  • hellrazor

    in spite of the troubles that have befallen her and all of her flaws, she was one of the last formidable talents that mainstream music saw. R.I.P.

  • Hannibal

    wow. how do they all end up in the 27 club?

  • FACT

    I aint suprised cos the Bitch was such an embarrasment to Humanity !

    • Aydee

      The world would be a better place if people like you could try and be little sensitive to certain issues such as this. Grown folks do that. But If that doesn't seem to work out for you then say a little prayer before you kill yourself. Better you than her I reckon for humanities sake

    • agreed

      I agree with Mack. fck off.

    • mack

      actually there are clearer examples of embarassments to humanity out there, your class-less comment being one.

  • mike the man

    this is sad amy was talented girl R.I.P ps.amy nor nicki are whores. GROW UP PEOPLE!

  • IDK

    RIP Amy Winehouse. we kept trying to take you to rehab, but you continued to say ,"no, no, no."

  • Doubl Negative

    RIP to home-girl, but unfortunately Amy's success and popularity brought about the surge in blue-eyed soul which has engulfed the pop charts here in the UK and worldwide. Hip-hop, pop and R&B have formed an unhealthy and strong coalition, and it's been detrimental to the quality of most music. White girls like Katy Perry and Adelle may have more street-cred than their peers of yesteryear due to their acceptance by certain rappers, but in turn these emcees; Snoop, Busta, Em, Fat Joe etc, produce music that can only be tolerated by white high school girls. A lot of music rap artists put out these days is so attenuated I don't even think of it as hip-hop. I'd like to see the music scene reverted back to my halcyon days in '90s when when white guys made rock (peace to Nirvana and Metallica), Sisters stuck to R&B, Brothers made rap music for the streets and white girls like Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Hole, L7 and Jane's Addiction could flourish in the charts tellin' their stories without havin' to be trendy and make pseudo soul music. Only white girls I'm feelin' now is KT Tunstall and Joan as Policewoman. Fuck all them minstrel chicks.

  • Almar

    First Time i ever heard her was with Ghostface, Dope Track, This is Very Sad, Not Surprising, But Goddamn what a talented singer, Everytime i heard that soulful voice it gave me goosebumps, I wasnt a huge fan but you just know greatness when you hear it, and this broad had all the potential to be a legend. R.I.P.

  • Louie

    When she wasnt all messed up, the girl could flat out sing. She had real talent. Another musician dead from a probable drug overdose, its real sad shit.

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Yea now all the fakes & phoneys gon' be like RIP Amy Winehouse. -.- SMFH!

  • TdotFrog

    People need to keep an eye on the coroner, whenever a young celebrity dies. The coroner will probably get his dick wet, before he opens her up to do the autopsy.

  • Anonymous

    People need to keep an eye on the coroner

  • jason

    Amy Winehouse is a dumb whore. Nicki Minaj is better than her. Nicki Minaj > Amy Winehouse Lil Wayne >>>>>>Ghostface Killah

    • hellrazor

      jason, you pathetic fucking cunt of a troll with no life whatsoever (yeah, i googled your username weezyjcolefan), fuckin kill yourself. she may have been troubled but she was FAR more talented than minaj. you devote your pathetic life to dickriding wayne all over the internet and now you resort to this? you have proven time & time again that your existence is utterly fuckin worthless. fuck you. fuck wayne. fuck your dickriding ways. yeah, this is me. i dont post under "anonymous" you stupid piece of shit.

    • hudes

      wayne better than ghostface? you know what... im not even gonna say anything. your a fucking tool

    • SiZZle

      LOL anybody who thinks that Nicki Minaj was more talented than Amy Winehouse is completely retarted. Winehouse had issues but the girl was super talented. Nicki Minaj is an idiot with zero talent (besides a good head game)

    • Cage

      Nicki minaj is a dumb whore too, you fuckin idiot

    • Anonymous

      kill yourself fool show some respect, nicki is better than NO ONE

  • Obi Patrick

    This shit is saddening, all the best talent deaded off every year while the fake ass rappers and stars live on..

  • Anon

    No disrespect, but why is this on hiphopdx?

  • Slruim

    Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse. Hope Its better up there.

    • After-life

      @Anoymous If you believe in "up there", then at some point everying becomes relative. Whether you're in church 7 days a week like I was growing up, or whether you don't go at all like I am now. Man, I learned that God knew the ending before the beginning before I ever got here. As I got educated, i had a hard time trying to figure out what that meant when combined with the concept of free will. Live the life of a good man and be a light for others to see and seek your source of comtentment. You cant do that on the corner slinging rock though, or boosting cars, or not feeding your kids. You come to know when its time to do more based on your strength. You don't know what that woman's struggles were or whether she had a relationship with God. You don't know whether or not shooting up in some dark hole she was suffering, delivering a word that no preacher could enter to deliver, and whether she helped others out of a Hell that she was not meant to escape. You dont know her pain. There's no such thing as chance in my eyes. Like I said, I have a hard time believing in an all-knowing God that would condemn a person to suffering through eternity before they were even born. Yet, I cannot understand the existence of evil to explain it to you. You see a small fraction of my struggles, yet I choose to believe. That's a faith that I don't think will go unrewarded. I think every person's will be different based on their strength and understanding. Some will be sheep. Some will be scientists. Some will be rock stars who go on to be preachers.

    • Cage

      No one can judge who will go where, we're all born sinners

    • Anonymous

      u really think she'll make it up there

  • Anonymous

    is anyone really surprised?

  • SutterKane

    Now here come all the hypocrites who made fun of her to give their condolences, SMH Worst thing in the world is a hypocrite, right up there with Pedophiles and Snitches You made fun of her problems while she was here, so dont stop now, make some jokes about her death..... Whats wrong, not as funny anymore huh?? People gotta learn that kicking somebody when there down isnt right, and feeling bad about it after there gone doesnt make up for it

  • Makela Williams

    Wow that is truly sad My sympathy goes out to her family

  • Anonymous

    no matter if you liked her and her music or not, it's always REAL FUCKED UP when someone is gone (especially in such a young age). her death must teach to the kids one prior thing : STAY THE FUCK OUT FROM DRUGS AND ALCOHOL !! maybe it wasnt the cause of her death but it damn sure contributed a lot !! RIP

  • peacesexytats

    nobody even tried to help her all we did was make fun of her when will we learn its a cold world. she sure did have some sexy tattoos. she in a better place i guess no more monkey on her back.

    • GODSON


  • Right On

    why is this on hiphopdx

    • Fail

      @Anonymous Yeah, Norway was tragic news that I hope people visiting this site have enough presence of humanity to appreciate. Yes. But check out how fucked up the world is...breaking news is so common place with tragedies like these and worst, that YES you should expect better coverage of it somewhere on CNN. I fully expect major breaking news in music that has some connection to the lifestyle and influence of hip hop. Stand up. Don't marginalize and undervalue your impact on the world. Take responsibility for what that impact will be in the future. That's the difference in the hip hop generations to's not just about telling the world to eat a dick! I fully expect to grow out of what's hot in hip hop music, but I'll be repping hip hop culture 'til I die!

    • Chris hansen

      haha so many fails in these replies! Norway! Really?! ahaha...saying why is this on hiphopdx twice haha. man, i love all u guys

    • Doubl Negative

      Re: dude in Norway who shot all them kids; I thought his grievance was with Muslims, but most of the people massacred were his own people. That's fucked-up.

    • SIzzLE

      @Anonymous I didn't realize the people in Norway were in the music industry?? You are fucking retarted.

    • Anonymous

      @Fail Yet there's not one thing on this website about the 90+ people who died in norway? Fail.

    • itopia

      why did you say nas twice?

    • Tim

      Bcoz the biggest names in this industry of hip hop tried to/had/ worked with her or had immense respect for her as a vocalist. Jay, nas, ghost ace, nas, slaam remi, mark ronson, ye, etc. Respect the dead my man. If a person that was as talented as her gets treated like that when she's dead by you... I fear how people will react to the demise of your pretentious and shallow, and untalented guy like you. She contributed. People recognized. We gave props. Why are YOU on a hip hop site? You should know better. Rest in peace Amy. You're singing with the greats now. Where you belong.

    • Fail

      Dumbass, hiphop is a way of life, some which reveals interests in other things besides rap music, gold chains and teeth. Stop the ignorance.

  • Recognize

    Dang, that 27 Club steady taking applications!

  • Recognize

    Dang, that 27 Club steady taking applications!

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