Lil Wayne Doesn't Like His Swizz Beatz Collaboration "Dear Anne”

Weezy F. Baby admits he isn't feeling his verses from the recent leak.

Following the leak of his collaboration with Swizz Beatz “Dear Anne” last week, Lil Wayne admits he isn’t really feeling it. The Young Money rapper told that the song was originally intended for inclusion on his smash album Tha Carter III and then for Tha Carter IV.

“That was actually a record for Tha Carter III that just leaked,” he said. “It leaked out and everybody’s thinking that it’s going on Tha Carter IV ’cause I was actually gonna put it on Tha Carter IV. But I had been listening to it and didn’t like it. I don’t like it ‘cause the song, all the verses are old. And me being a perfectionist, I hate going with old verses.”

Weezy explained that Cash Money’s Mack Maine and his manager Cortez Bryant encouraged him to keep it. “They be like ‘Man, you trippin, you killed it.’ I be like, ‘Did you hear what I just said? I don’t wanna do that anymore.’ But I heard that the ‘Anne’ song has been getting buzzed up and everybody’s buzzin’ about it so it might end up one of those you might have to put on the album, you know what I mean.

Looking back on how he approached recording the song, he isn’t feeling his own lyrics. “But I ain’t trippin’ on it like that; I don’t like the song. I love the beat; I love the idea. I don’t like my execution. I don’t like what I did, I don’t like how I delivered on it. The idea that I had for it, I didn’t accomplish that, what I thought I was gonna do. ‘Cause I was tryna make it a situation song. And I just don’t like it.”

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  • ^idiot^

    No duh, dipshit. You thought it really was Wayne talkin to currency. DUMBFUCK!

  • JFranks

    Ughh, thats nasty. I dont think its a good thing when you arent feeling your own verses.

  • seveer

    lol he's like, "whoever wrote these lyrics, you're fired"

  • TellinItStraight

    don't really like it either, if there is a deluxe edition, that's where the song should be placed.

  • Ho11ywood

    I love to look at men's butts & I am Queer.

  • Anonymous

    thanks lil wayne you are pleasing me right. i hate your music you made right decisision

  • bballslim42

    What a coincidence, I'm not feelin' Lil Wayne's lyrics either.

  • Espi

    I admit that when this song leaked I thought the beat was dope as hell, but I would find my self at the end of the song saying, "what the fuck just happened?"

  • Thabet

    Dear Anne won't be talked about 10 years from now, Stan will still be talked about. Stan Classic, Dear Anne garbage

  • Nico 3

    It's not rocket science. Just make it the last track on the album.

  • Derrick Rogersq

    REALEST SHIT wayne said in a minute. What a good business man. He knows he not puttin out his best shit. and Anne, in comparison to Stan anyway....well. its really not comparison lol.

  • PaddingtonBurr

    no wayne fan but this is is better than every song off his last album and the shit he's put out since carter 3!

  • me5to

    yay,now retired u fake a$$ rapper....take baby with you nd kiss on the wagon dumb fucks

  • chris

    wayne just cant tell a story..his wordplay is good but to be honest he has changed since he got out of prison..

  • Ddot

    Man, this dude is fucked in the head...this is much better than 99.9% of what he's done in his career.

  • Finally

    Finally he admits he sucks...


    101 comments saying nothing how old are you fools? grown men dont do this shit

  • Supadupa

    atleast he's willing to admit it.

  • jay

    thats teh first thing i said when i heard the song.. his verses wernt bad its just they didnt fit the style of song and it was dissappointin cuz i loved the hook. he should re do the verses make em fit n then put it on the carter.. uc ant have a song relatin to stan n talk about fuckin bitchs n doin all this shit..dont work

  • Anonymous


  • west west

    damn i was feelin the same way

  • Mike Hunt

    SMFH @ the fucking title of this article. Like Weezy doesn't like the song because of swizz.. SMDFH

  • skeetmanjones

    thats funny cuz i dont like it either, shits wack.. and im a big weezy fan

    • you'reafag

      I really don't like wayne much but god damn you must be one of those fag fanboys that just rides his dick. he goes in right here..this is some REAL shit.

  • Ho11ywood

    Just wanted to reiterate that I am mad gay & love the cock!

  • Birdman

    I love this Anne jam, weezy sings it to me before bed time

  • Anonymous

    Hello guys I'm a sad fuck who comes on to comment on articles about a rapper I don't like. I think that my comments are noticed by my favourite artist and that some day he will let me suck his cock for real. I like being ignorant. I enjoy when my mommy tucks me in at night.

  • ssk

    i actually thought the song was dope and im no ymcmb fan just thought it was dope

  • Currency

    This nigga ain't been about shit, since I stopped ghostwriting for his sorry ass. Hot Spitta!!! nigga who you thought it was?


    • teamwondough

      dont worry about that nigga the end he said fuck it dont check my music cause he knows his shit dont compare to yours so he disses. that nigga aint shit

    • Hey C-lo Dubai

      Let me ask you a question. How come its always people with avg music sounding like everyone else like you have the nerve to be dissing others with some shit thats dope and sounds like nobody else?

    • Anonymous

      I liked it. He sounds alot better than alot of NY rappers so what you saying dont hold no weight or your opinion is invalid. One of those two

    • C-Lo Dubai on youtube tho?

      Yo fam! U ass. i checked your shit. You need to upgrade what you recording with, your flow and delivery and all that...straight wack. You need to be talented in NY to get love I don't know what Florida be on fuckin with you! No disrespect hahaha! Fuck it dont check my music

    • C-Lo Dubai on youtube tho?

      I'ma check your shit just because Im a fan of music. C-Lo Dubai just make music for his people and interested what the world thinks! I aint blowing heads off its just real. good. music.

  • Anonymous

    i think its a publicity stunt to hype album..smh

  • Ho11ywood

    I am a queer butthole lover & I eat mad peters around the way.

  • Anonymous

    play it on the radio fuck it I luv it

  • John Carter

    pffft perfectionist? tha carter 3 sucked, the beats was good but he sounded like he was carelessly freestyling drunk through out the whole album, like he was trying to be deep like pac on some songs but he failed cuz the man never struggled a day in his life. however post-jail wayne is much better he's actually spitting like an MC now (sort of)

    • John Carter

      waynes flow is garbage and he has kiddie punchlines

    • C-Lo Dubai on youtube tho?

      Nah homie. I aint really up on Wayne too heavy, but the Carter III was some real creative, respectable music.

    • Anonymous

      Carter 3 was actually one of the most well rounded and underrated albums. Dr carter was a exceptional song. A Millie was a great club banger, lollipop was a great mainstream single. Then he comfortable which was a great song for the ladies as well as miss officer. 3 peat which was a good opening and nothing on me which featured the greatest Collabs of the album. As well as the songs shoot me down and the one about katrina. Just because most of you retards think "I'm a rapist and I hate woman" or "I was on drugs but got off them and then got on them again, my friend died I was sad and went through a rough period" is the only form of music doesn't mean it was a bad album. Rap isn't just about growing up in hard times and reflecting upon it. It's about charisma, punchlines and metaphors just As much. This is why this site is a horrible site full of retards. Because they think anything that's in the public eye or something that isn't talking about their personal issues is trash.

    • Anonymous

      Sales and grammys mean nothing,by your logic relapse is a good album,which its not

    • John Carter

      yeah thats why wayne was the most unimportant rapper in the late 90's and early 2000's (REALTIMES) when hiphop was still alive and kicking. i mean we're living in an era (FAKETIME$) where someone as wack as soulja boy can go platinum.

    • King Tee

      Ho11y you are one dumb fuck, top 20 pop acts, ahahahaha, FUCK POP! what a fucking pussy.

    • Kellen Roby

      Ho11ywood by that logic you think Taylor Swift is awesome too. Stupid fuck.

    • Ho11ywood

      Yeah the Carter 3 sucked, that why its only sold over 4 million copies and it won a Grammy for best hip hop album of the year. Oh and growing up in one of the worst communities in the US and signing a record deal when youre 12 is easy. pffff struggles? Yeah right, anyone could 16.5 million records and have one of the highest grossing tours of all time.

  • Anonymous

    I swear, half the people who end up commenting on anything here are either really dumb, or just plain ignorant. If you hate Weezy so much, and he's a "faggot", why do you bother talking about him? I'm not going around bloggin about Adam Lambert, cause I think he's a stupid fag and his music is terrible. Face it, Wayne is considered by many to be one of the best. C4 will probably have record breaking sales, his tour is sold out in every city, the artists he discovered and signed are now becoming superstars. I know his haters just like to get attention from his real fans, but save it. Your dumb comments dont make a difference in the hip hop community. Go learn how to read and write, cuz haf u dum fuks tak like dis , like ur 9 and flunked outta middle skool.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Haha, damn, you sir are who he is speaking of, try talking like you have a little bit of sense and or education, right now you just sound like a dumb nigger.

    • Anonymous

      stfu nigga gon do wat dey do n say wat dey say stop cryin like a lil ho defendin her nigga from gettin picked on

    • Anonymous

      Ahahaha, the first part of that was stupid as fuck but that last part was great & very true.

  • t

    If your a jay-z fan listen to his NEW SONG!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hate rap songs with this feel, and this type of voices. Sampling modern songs. Sounds so corny. Can't make your own melody.

  • Ido Benji Efraim

    r u fucking kidding me, i waited years for wayne to bring this style he had back, i loved this track and im sure many ppl did too, but wtvr its his choice, i personally think its his best track this year ( yeah better than that john lennon shit )

  • Dustin6595

    Its funny how Wayne fans hate on his song just cause he doesn't like the verses cause there old, and real hip hop fans hate on him even when he makes a good song. Listen I listen to Ghostace Killah, Nas, Immortal Technique, Lupe Faisco, Talib Kweli, and 2Pac, and I still like this song. If he really has a problem with it, record new verses and put it on the CIV. Lil Wayne is an average rapper but I still like his pre Carter III stuff.

  • William Munnerlyn

    i wasn't feelin the song either and i dnt blame weezy. i think it was disrespectful for swizz to even do the song with wayne after em didnt wanna do it smh

  • Samuel Snead

    Carter 4 will sell alot of records though, I can't stand YM but it will sell. It will sell in the hood, it will sell to the under 22 crowds, it will sell to the pop crowds, it will just sell. hell he might buy a 100 thousand copies or so

  • DIRK!

    Haha,well I have to agree with him the song sucks dicks, now he just needs to realize that the rest of his shitty shit sucks as well.

  • Gotdatonedisease

    Da women say DAMN! Dem dudes dnt say a dam thang.... That shotty make em bounce like a bed spring! Keep tawkin that thang leap off the hip keep sparkin pat pat... R.I.p. Lil wayne

  • Gotdatonedisease

    I'm thinkin of the old wayne on the couch snappin dat new Orleans flags freestyle in the Basement on Rap City!

  • Anonymous

    post jail weeezy ain tbeen the same.. the drugs make artist soo much better lol... hang em up weezy and soak in that drizzy money..

  • KrayZ

    Shit most of waynes tracks are wack anyway.

    • 412

      yo anonymous u anonymous thumb in ya ass takin out and suck it/5some sex havin with ya mom, grandma, uncle, and sister/toenail biting with you teeth/flossin teeth with your pussy hair/ear wax racks on racks singin ass/crosseyed transexual get a life u gogourt eattin ass eattin nigga

    • Anonymous

      Damn son you must have wikipedia handy with all those #'s you keep boring us with. Let me help sum it up a little for you. Wayne kisses another man on the lips, he also calls this man "Daddy" & his favorite phrase is Weezy Fucks Baby. That is the gayest shit I have ever heard of.

    • John Carter

      sales sales sales. FUCK SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ho11ywood

      yeah, thats probably why C3 sold 1.3 million copies in the first week and his 2009 tour grossed a record $54 million. cause he really sucks, bad.

  • Nomedication

    Its a mixtape cut now!! Its like stan in a way, but if he doesn't have anything else to replace it for the CIV then throw it on the album to rush the project.

  • SavvyDuck

    This fool only sayin he doesn't like it and that it's hella old so his P.O. doesn't give him shit about the lyrical content.

    • Anonymous

      ....are you fucking stupid??? all these rappers that are on probation or at one time were on probation and still doin music wouldve went to jail as well by your logic dumbass. Only speak what you know. Camrons probation didnt end until 2007 but he still had records leading up to then with him talkin all that gun and drug talk. You can say whatever the hell you wanna say on a record/song cus its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Now if hes caught with pictures or seen drinking then hes fucked

  • hahaha

    "and me being a perfectionists"...alright Wayne, you should know by now that you can't perfect shit, if that were the case you wouldn't even be a rapper because your shit is garbage.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    sick beat.... thats about it

  • slapyobitchass

    Wayne aint had a hot verse since Carter II. All his songs sound the same mumblin like he got gumballs or Birdman's nuts in his mouth.

  • john bonaducce sicilian mob

    WEEZY F BABY = WEEZY FUCKING BABY = weezy putting a dick in babys asshole =faggotz

  • Anonymous

    the song is 3 years old now ... Its old as hell, he doesn't even rap like that anymore. For them to put that song on the CIV would be idiotic.

  • john gotti from the grave

    he didn't kill shit on anne in fact that nigga mumbled through out the old song lil wayne flow died with carter 2 and his mixtapes ,after the pop/rock star fame he hasn't and will never be the same

  • FoReal

    Lil Wayne is dope period. Yawl can get on with that he can't rap bullshit.

  • Da1

    Swizz beatz is a fag.

  • Bronto

    This is a misleading heading...come on HHDX, don't make us read these types of articles.... making it seem like Wayne had beef with Swizzy. That was very MTO like. SMH.

  • Seth Gecko

    I cant believe the guy admitted that he sucked. Maybe there is still hope for him.

    • info

      I said it before and i will say it again Lil Wayne suck, period! nothing special about his lyrical skills.



  • Ryan MacQueston

    his fans didn't like it either... neither did hip hop fans

  • ANOn

    "I don't even know how to rap" - Lil Wayne He actually said this.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I really liked Anne. It was dope, keep it on the record

  • LastWordClique New hip hop ^^^^^^ take a listen

  • Philly

    Where all the wayne dick riders at that where saying how great this song is, lil wayne is a good artist ill give him that but in no way is he the greatest ever only youngbucks think him and soulja boy are the best

  • Reddywang

    IS that Eminem or Lil Wayne? WTH Wayne do not put that trash on tha Carter 4..Sounds Like a fake Stan...Fail

  • Anonymous

    Even Lil Wayne agrees with his "haters".

  • Jeff

    I felt the same way..his lyrics were poor and no story was told but glad he felt the same way.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    so boring

  • Anonymous

    "Did you hear what I just said?" "I fuckin suck" ...the words that followed

  • Meh

    So...he's finally listening to himself?

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