iTunes Pass Available For Lupe Fiasco's "Lasers"

A pre-order and pre-release tracks are available with iTunes' package for Lupe's upcoming album.

On Thursday (February 17), iTunes made available a pass for Lupe Fiasco's upcoming - and oft-delayed - album Lasers, available at this link.

The iTunes Pass allows fans to pre-order the album and receieve pre-release tracks from the album weeks before its official drop date of March 8.

Fans purchasing the iTunes Pass will receiver the album's first two singles, "The Show Goes On" and "Words I Never Said" featuring Skylar Grey, in addition to "Never Forget You" featuring John Legend.

In the weeks leading up to the release, fans with the iTunes Pass will receive one new track from the album ever week, including "All Black Everything" on February 22 and "Outta My Head" featuring Trey Songz and "Coming Up" on March 1.

On the day of the album's release, the iTunes Pass holders will receieve the Deluxe Version plus two music videos and two bonus tracks.

Lasers is Lupe's first full-length album since 2007's acclaimed The Cool.


  • Anonymous

    what you want him to lose his job? wtf

  • AussieFan

    I went out and bought an itunes card when i heard about the pass... i got home, went onto the site promoting it, then found out i couldnt buy it because im only allowed to buy shit from the australian itunes page... WHAT THE FUCK Im soo dissapointed, i couldnt even buy words i never said, the only new track that i could buy was show goes on FUCK WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE OF LUPE IN AUSTRALIA he has so many fans here and if atlantic or whoever is in charge dont notice that then theyre loosing sales but we get lasers on march 4th so that might make up for the bullshit

  • Anonymous

    GET A NEW WRITER DAMN i know we all in a recession and shit but.... cmon really? "receiver the albums first two singles"

    • Rogelio Marquez

      Maybe they meant they'll do like a "receiver" and fetch the new singles when they throw them to the streets. lol

  • LupEND

    I agree that Lupe is not a struggling artist, but when you got guys like Lil Wayne hitting almost a million with the worst album of the year, imagine a million people buying LASERS. That would get real rap noticed. Lupe is the best out there, and it's 10 dollars worth of music, unlike garbage from Lil Wayne, Gucci, Wacka, or Wiz Khalifa. LASERS=album of the year.

  • Mike Meraz

    Lupez my favorite rapper but I smell a sell out Pop Album :( I hope not... 1 question... Why aren't the following tracks on the album: I'm Beaming What You Want Shining Down ...If those songs were on it, it would be a classic. Disapointing the way these record labels run shit. Concerning his record label..Lupe won the battle but he didn't win the Way... Idk I'm hoping for a classic but from the looks of it.... I just don't understand why they can't throw Shining Down, What You Want and I'm Beaming On It? 11 Tracks? C'mon! I'VE WAITED 4 YEARS FOR 11 TRACKS? WTF!

    • Anonymous

      Because lupe was so pissed of with the leaks....think about it...if you were trying to create a classic album you would'nt want some niggas downloading your shit...cmon son cmon lupe dont let these downloaders get to ya, ya hear just put your shit out and persevere.

    • anonymous

      i dig lupe. i've payed for both his albums. i agree with mike though. i hope he's not putting this album out just to get out of his contract with the label. @Hunit- really? i didn't think words i never said was that good. just because he blatantly brought up a bunch of controversial issues doesn't make his lyrics "amazing". to me it sounded like he dumbed down his flow a bit. i like the more introspective, soft spoken lupe. i listened to "words i never said" once and felt like i heard pretty much all of his points. and with an annoying ass hook like that, i'll probably never intentionally listen to the track again

    • Hunit

      Those tracks aren't on it because of annoying pussy ass bitches who leaked them when they weren't supposed to be. It's not Lupe's fault, it's people who downloaded those tracks illegally when they weren't supposed to be out (and im sure you're one of them). And the album is going to be more pop-based, but Lupe is still gonna go SLR on it. And he already proved that with Words I Never Said. Mainstream beat, catchy hook, and amazing lyrics. Lupe will never disappoint. And this is the people's album. So let him have a mainstream album and get his name notcied. LASERS

    • Christopher Anderson

      artists get like no money from cd sales unless they arent on a major label. go to shows, that helps artists much more

    • fgjkfgk

      People who want amazing cd collections like mine 300+ and always growing and especially if you listen to real music like anonymous said and shit even to buy real music i gotta drive like 45 minutes...worth it.

    • Anonymous

      not that lupe is underground but i have to buy albums especially if the artist is underground.... e.g kool g rap,sunz of man,masta ace,percee p etc etc

    • Jeremy F Taylor

      i buy for certain artist i want to support. I will buy eminem, kanye west, lupe fiasco,jay z and kid cudi with out even downloading a leak just bbecause i know itll be quality music

    • da1

      People who support the artist. Not thieves like you obviously. I still even buy albums. I support those who make an effort to make good music. You fucking douchebag

  • rdtrt


  • rdtrt

    LOL. HHDX YOU HAVE TERRIBLE WRITERS. "Fans purchasing the iTunes Pass will receiver the album's first two singles" receiver? wtf?

  • Anonymous

    fuck that shit download for free lupe got money i don't

    • G($)

      Nah, I disagree. Lupe gets paid. Now Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R, I will buy. Lupe I'll D/L. Lupe is not a struggling underground artist by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Khurram Idk Siddiqui

      Me on the other hand, I will actually buy the album, like from a store, not iTunes. Yes I can download easily, but this will be the first album I buy since .. forever. Because I support Lupe, and true Lupe fans will buy the money. And FYI i'm DIRT POOR. aha.

    • G

      It's people like you that are the reason why Lil Wayne gets millions of sales. Lupe the GOAT, nobody competing why him.

  • Jugo

    Kinda weird that Matthew Santos is only on one track. I'll still be checking for this album though. Might even sign up for this Itunes Pass. Lupe can do no wrong in my book.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    itunes is gay. i might buy this cd opening week... might. his last full lengths, despite having some great tracks on them w/ great flow and content, were both 3/5 for me. and this one aint lookin so hot, we'll see how many other bonus tracks come w/ different deluxe editions

    • ari d

      3/5? Food & Liquor and The Cool were incredible.....and Lasers isn't lookin so good so far The Show Goes On was dope and Words I Never Said was quality

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