Group Home, Jeru Da Damaja Perform In Brooklyn

The week after one of their mentors passes, three former members of the Gang Starr Foundation share the same stage with Ghostface.

This Thursday in Williamburg, Brooklyn, an event called The Heavy Sound is set to take place at the Warsaw venue. Although the Ghostface Killah-headlined event is also joined by Brand Nubian's Grand Puba, it should be noted that the Warsaw stage will be taken by three former members of the Gang Starr Foundation.

With Keith "Guru" Elam losing a battle with cancer a week ago today, this event marks the first public appearance by two of his former proteges. Brooklyn emcees Jeru Da Damaja, Lil Dap and Melachi The Nutcracker (Group Home) worked by both members of Gang Starr, Guru and DJ Premier on several of the duo's albums. Additionally, Guru and Premier worked extensively on The Sun Rises In The East and Wrath of The Math by Jeru and Livin' Proof by Group Home.

None of the three artists have spoken publicly about Guru to date. This event has not been billed to be a Gang Starr/Guru tribute to date.

Pre-sale tickets are not available. Perspective attendees may contact



  • Bloodworks Production

    I liked everything Group Home ever came out with, even Lil Dap's last album. I guess anybody dissing Group Home or specifically Malachi, can't get pass the fact that the shit is about your drive, not your talent all the times. This shit aint but for certain people anyway, Rae been saying that for years.

    • SAMURAI36

      The problem with that, is that GH came out around a time when it was all about your talent. Fuck that drive shit. Drive means nothing, unless you are on the freeway. I wouldn't call GH "wack", but they were definitely sub-par. As others have said, there's definitely more wacker artists out there than GH.

  • Articulate1

    It would be an incredible tribute to Guru if the entire Gang Starr Foundation would squash their beef and reunite for an album produced entirely by Premo...sadly, that will probably never happen...listen to "B.I. vs Friendship" off "Moment of Truth" about Jeru, and Premo said in an interview that Group Home didnt "respect what fed them"...shit is a shame.

  • Christian2424

    REVENGE OF THE PROPHET!!! COME CLEAN!! TWO BEST JERU SONGS !! I REMEBER watchin this guy at the Opera House in Toronto back in 97..did a show with Ras Kass and The Roots....AMAZING!

  • I_Am_Beast

    If this show sets the prescident for another Jeru+Premo album then I will be mighty happy. At this point what do they have to lose?!? It's something for those two individuals to consider, and Hip-Hop would be happy to see it.

  • gfb

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  • box

    i agree the nutcraccer may not have been the illest mc,but i swear he always had ill lines that you could build a song around yell

  • icu ucme

    Group home was serious as shit back in the day. NIGGAS BE TRIPPIN".

  • doubl negative

    We all know Premo'z a legend and all da Gang Starr/Golden-Era ish waz dope, but did anyone else cop that Christina Agrurilla LP he produced?

  • doubl negative

    We all know Premo'z a legend and all da Gang Starr/Golden-Era ish waz dope, but did anyone else cop that Christina Agrurilla LP he produced?

  • Bauce

    Melachi The Nutcracker is by far the worst rapper that ever lived. Even Primos absolute best beats couldn't mask the fact that the man couldn't rap. Had to get that off my chest. The Group Home album is dope as hell but only for one reason

    • INOA

      I know alot of today's rappers that are far more worst than Malachi, and here they are. Gucci mane, Wacka Floka Flame, Shawty Lo, Soulja Boy, etc. Mostly South rappers for sure.

    • Powernupe

      Melachi was wack, but Dap was even wacker. I never understood how these dudes ever made a record. I remember thinkiing, if these dudes can be rappers, so can I; the same was I figured I could date Janet Jackson after she began seeing Jermaine Dupri.

    • Nike Champ 718

      Nah, he was one of the simplest rappers ever. As far as being the worst, nah. Pick any rapper from Atlanta not named Andre, Big Boi, Luda, or Goodie, and there's your worst rapper ever.

  • RomaPgh

    I still listen to all three of the albums they mentioned. Any of Group Home's or Jeru's follow ups post-Premo production weren't anywhere near the quality of Sun Rises, Wrath, or Living Proof. Living Proof are some of the hardest beats ever put together on an album.

    • johnnyo

      I've wanted a gang starr foundation album since I was a kid , that would be a hip hop fans wet dream. Lil dap's solo album was blazing hot too and i always thought the nutcracker sounded good with dap. None of them are the same without preemo. even big shug 's albums the best songs are the ones produced by preem. a yo Preemo give us a fucking album with all these cats together you would be amazed that shit would probably go platinum

    • Powernupe

      i agree - Living Proof's beat are dope. But to me, a complete waste, because Malachi and Dap are horrible.

    • west los

      Daps solo album is dope!

    • Zion You

      Man did Group Home's second album SUCK. Has anybody heard Dap's solo? Any good?

  • INOA

    Awesome. Wish I could b there, though I know I cant make it.

  • INOA

    Awesome. Wish I could b there, though I know I cant make it.



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