Killer Mike Says Black People Should "Demand Reciprocity" From The Democratic Party

Exclusive: The always outspoken Killer Mike sounds off on his Grammy Award snub and why he's not mad at blacks that vote for the Republican National Party.

They’ll never come out and say it, but the Grammy’s are essentially structured so an album containing a song that more or less calls Ronald Reagan the Anti-Christ has a small chance of winning. With all due respect to Drake’s Take Care, and the other nominees, Killer Mike would beg to differ.

“I feel I got snubbed for the Grammys,” Mike offered, after a performance at the 2013 Paid Dues Festival. “I definitely feel like I deserved the Grammy nod for Rap Album of the Year.”

As it happens, critics still fawned over Mike and El-P’s R.A.P. Music, and were right to do so. The mix of sci-fi inspiration, and at least referencing Ice Cube’s work with The Bomb Squad in hopes of progressing the genre hit at the perfect time. And El-P’s off-kilter, sometimes double-time drums surely helped bring in a few EDM fans—intentionally or otherwise. And no amount of open letters in the New York Times from Steve Stoute may convince the Academy of how significant that was.

In the meantime, Killer Mike still knows the crowd that both financially and critically supports him. And, without becoming stagnant, he gives nods to both this site and a few select others for spreading the word. Besides, anyone who’s been following him knows Mr. Michael Render doesn’t need a gramophone (gold or otherwise) to make sure he’s heard.

Killer Mike On Being Snubbed By The Grammy Committee

HipHopDX: R.A.P. Music had to be one of the dopest albums of last year. Do you feel like you got a different response with that album than you did on your previous albums? Do you think hooking up with El-P connected you with a different audience? Or do you feel it was the same audience...just amped it was you and El-P this go round?

Killer Mike: I think I brought my audience, and we got introduced to a different audience. And it’s a big audience.

DX: How do you feel about the response to it critically, and how do you feel about the response to it commercially?

Killer Mike: Commercially we all want to sell a million records. That’s not as possible as it used to be. With that said, I’m very happy; it’s been economically profitable for me. It has been on every major list, including Time magazine #10, Rolling Stone #20, Spin magazine #8. I feel I got snubbed for the Grammys; I definitely feel like I deserved the Grammy nod for Rap Album of the Year. I think it was a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times that put me down for being snubbed for Album of the Year, and Rap Album of the Year. I think that’s just a powerful statement, for a music critic to first even hold Rap in that high regard still, and to hold it high enough to feel it should have been in the Grammys. And I feel it should have won.

DX: Considering you got all the praise you got from all the publications, why do you think it got left out at the Grammys?

Killer Mike: Well Atlanta is waking up to it late. Shante Dawes, who’s on the Grammy Committee over there, and I’m on the Grammy committee—once you win a Grammy, you pay and you vote—she worked very hard at creating the awareness. And we just didn’t have enough time. You get voted on by a board of people from your city, and those guys, their eyesight was somewhere else. I returned to Atlanta last night and conquered. I returned last night to a capacity show that was just Killer Mike and couple opening acts. When I left Atlanta, really I left Atlanta five or six years ago with the Pledges, and really started running up and down the East Coast and the West. And for the last three years, I’ve just been touring and building off those. So returning back to Atlanta in that way, and going back June 7th with Big Boi, it’s just a different Atlanta.

I don’t think it’ll happen again out of Atlanta. But I just think that there’s a critical mass happening in Atlanta, and the people who got it—the Kawan Prathers, the Shante Dawes, the Big Boi’s, the Andre 3000’s, the Tip’s, and Jason Geters….I’ll never forget, [Young] Jeezy hit me out of nowhere like, “Man, that shit you did…” Now, people outside of my core fans…see, my core fans in Atlanta knew, they made their friends listen. So now, you get some of the last guys to jump on board are actual the radio guys. So the radio guys actual get it now. And we’re shooting “JoJo’s Chillin in Atlanta, so that’s gonna create some more awareness I hope.

DX: Speaking of how you went home and did the solo show In Atlanta, how do you feel about performing at events like this...big festivals, as opposed to doing your own show?

Killer Mike: It was a pretty big show, but this is where I’m meant to be. I’m meant to be on world tours. I just got back from Europe about six-to-eight weeks ago. We did a great run over in Europe...had a ball over there, knocked that shit down. I’m happy. I’m old enough that when I first saw Rap, I saw it in an arena. So as impressive as these festivals are, they aren’t arenas yet. These festivals are impressive, and I appreciate them and being here. But the first time I saw Rap, I was in the Omni. The second time I saw Rap, I was in Fulton County Stadium.

DX: Who did you see perform?

Killer Mike: I was so young, I was standing on the benches to see over people. I saw Run DMC. My mom took us to see Whodini or some shit at Fulton County. That’s like when they would have all Funk and Soul bands and one Rap act. Like Whodini might have been the one Rap act. My mom dropped me off at like 9-10 years old at the corner by the Omni, told me and my cousin, “Go in there and watch the show. If you ain’t back after the show I’m gonna kill your little ass.” We went in the Omni by our self and watched that shit go down. I saw Luke and 2 Live Crew in the Omni— the same place Dominque Wilkins slammed basketballs. I saw Luke in a club in high school…like Spring Break. But I saw 2 Live Crew in the Omni.

Killer Mike Talks The Progression Of Rap

DX: So what do you think about the progression of Rap, if that’s where you saw it originally?

Killer Mike: Our sales have progressed. I was just talking to a promoter friend of mine who runs a venue, and unfortunately our live show, some of it has regressed. Not all of it; you still have great touring bands. Outkast, whenever they want to do it again, The Roots, when they do it. Jay, Nas puts on a show, Tip, Jeezy, put on a show. I think the guys that are at my level, some above, some below, all of us have to focus on giving a dope show. I pride myself on giving a dope show. The first question I asked you was, “Did you see my show?” So for me, I think that we’ve digressed in that, we don’t have the ability to put on the type of shows our audience deserves until corporate money is all the way behind us. We should be thinking of ways now, before corporate money is all the way behind us, to give people a dope show that they’re gonna give people an experience.

People describe my show as an experience. It’s like the Rap church. That’s what I want people to leave with. So whatever experience you want to give people, figure out a way to give that to them. With that, the audience has to be responsible for two things. This is what my friend the promoter said, he said, “It’s hard for us to stay booking Rap acts, because it’s always a coin toss about money, because of graffiti and because of fights.” So we have to know when we go, we can’t fight. We have to know when we’re tagging something, tag something on the way to the show, tag something after you leave the show, but don’t tag the show. Because as a business owner, the city fines us for that. So the city will come and say “Killer Mike, your barbershop got tagged, if you don’t replace that in two weeks, it’s gonna cost $400. If you don’t do it in two weeks, we’re gonna fine you.” So, it makes me say damn, as a business, can I keep a Hip Hop barbershop? So when we go into clubs, and we go to bigger venues, let’s not tag, let’s not fight, and let’s help Rap get back to arenas, where it deserves to be.

DX: So speaking of where Rap used to be, and arenas but arenas in a different context….

Killer Mike: Where it deserves to be, ‘cause I’m not an old dude talking about, “Where it used to be.” Let’s get Rap where it deserves to be.

DX: Yeah. Speaking of arenas, but we’re gonna use that term in another context…battling. You got bars. You can spit however they want it, whether it be subject matter wise, or whether it be just some hard aggressive stuff.

Killer Mike: Thank you

DX: A battle used to be, if you were the dude, somebody else said that guy was that dude, you ran into him, you guys had a cypher and battled it out. Now with battles, they have these battles where it’s pre-set. These cats have months to prepare and research. How do you feel about the difference in the two formats? Do you think one is harder, more complex?

Killer Mike: It’s all healthy. It’s all healthy. Nothing is as hard as true spontaneity. Nothing is as hard as, “I’ve never met this motherfucker; he’s never met me.” I earned my name in a battle. When you know an opponent, and you know yourself, it’s almost easy. That’s why I watch the people who dominate that shit, they’re studiers. Shouts out to Swave Sevah, he’s one of those people I look at, and I be like, “Damn, I’m amazed.” He’s funny as fuck. His ability to pull comedy out of anywhere to set you up for death blows. Shouts out to him, and all the guys who do the stage stuff. So I see the value in both. In terms of how difficult something is, spontaneity fucks me up. Nothings is as difficult as, “Y’all just met. Get it on.” I respect both in equal measure, because to have the courage to battle is to have true courage. Most rappers who have become even an inkling of successful, they shun that shit.

Killer Mike Challenges The Democratic Party

DX: A lot of times, you’re viewed as a conscious rapper. Now, you’ve never been one to bite your tongue in your music, do you feel like Hip Hop has gotten too close to Obama, to where they won’t speak freely?

Killer Mike: The bigger question is, are black people too forgiving of their leaders and politicians? The bigger question is what is the real place for black people in the Democratic Party? What concerns of black people are going to be addressed? In particular, a group of people within the black population…half of black population is black men, that’s double the unemployment rate. Understand the travesty of that. You have a citizenry that is double the unemployment rate, yet 60 to 70 times more likely to be incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. You’re selling drugs to feed yourself because there aren’t jobs, yet you vote for politicians that don’t insure your men get jobs. That’s not just a strike at Obama, that’s saying black people and the Democratic Party…because there’s not an option for black people to vote Republican, because they don’t. They just don’t. The few that do, I respect and admire because they do it for whatever their own principles are. Whether I agree with them or not, because they have the courage to step out of line because they have a firm belief in something.

But for the most part, black people, before they wake up in the morning, before they eat their cereal or drink their coffee, they know they’re gonna vote Democrat. And they should demand something back. You deserve some reciprocity for loyalty given to this party for the last 50 years. You deserve more than pictures of Robert Kennedy and Dr. King on your wall. You deserve more than the feeling of feeling good because someone of your color is in office. You deserve something for that. So the bigger question, that I can firmly give an answer to, is that I think it’s time for the Democratic Party to give us something or for us to leave the Democratic Party.

DX: And, if we left the Democratic Party, what do you think would be the option?

Killer Mike: The option is bargaining with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is saying they’d like to send people money to go investigate the likelihood of getting support in black community. I would say no, reach out to people who are independents in the community. If you’re in Atlanta, reach out to Shelley Wynter, who’s a former radio host, but current independent. He’s a staunch conservative...huge Ben Carson supporter, as am I. I don’t even vote Democrat or Republican. My thing is, I’m a huge Ben Carson supporter. The Republicans should give Shelley Wynter the money to organize black men in Atlanta. That’s what they should do. Put me on the board of that; that’s a board that I would love to be a part of.

You have Shelley Wynter and Killer Mike in Atlanta, [and] I would bring on some other people. I’d bring on Democrats. I’d bring on Derrick Boazman, and I’d bring on some other people. What I would do, I’d give those men the millions you’re going to send to market, and I’d go to barbershops. I’d listen to what the concerns of black men are. I would have that panel of people go and take a census to barbershops. Then I would take those barbershops, much like the one I own, and I would take the findings, and try to find a strategic plan, that immediately injected money into the African American community to make the men in that community business owners. Meaning, men that were getting out [of jail] for non-violent drug offenses that would be willing to go back, get certain degrees, or certain trades. I would give incentives for hiring black plumbers or black business. I would also start to do small loans, where young men who have the ability to own small stores or bodegas, would then become the owners of that. If you don’t own nothing in your community, you don’t own your community. Essentialy, Republicans, I would put that money in the hands of black Republicans, who are not like the black Democratic servants that are now in our community and taking the money god knows where. I would make sure black men’s unemployment would start lowering, jobs are increasing, and I’d make it very public that we are doing this. I would also tell black men, “We know you’re living in a dangerous environment. And we’re willing, as the Republicans and the NRA, to back you all having firearms, with proper training and whatever else is needed. We’re willing to help you get your records expunged for that bullshit weed charge you got.” I would make a vested interest in the black community if I were a Republican. I would focus on stressing that Fredrick Douglass was a Republican. And I would try to be a lot more Fredrick Douglass-like, and lot less Bush-like in my policy.

The Evolution Of Hip Hop Media & Killer Mike Supporters

DX: That's a pretty elaborate plan. I want to switch gears a bit. The game has changed as far as the Hip Hop media goes. When we were younger, everybody wanted that five-mic rating, but the publications aren’t as strong as they used to be. The Hip Hop media has turned more to websites and blogs. How do you feel like that has affected the game?

Killer Mike: Well I think a big part of the reason I’m sitting in front of you is because of two websites in particular. That’s HipHopDX and The Smoking Section. A ton of websites have helped me out—2dopeboyz has helped me out, XXL mag... XXL [Editor-In-Chief], Vanessa [Satten] was one of the first people to do something viral with me that helped me out. Sermon’s Domain has shown love...Maurice Garland. Let me give you three websites, Maurice Garland, his website, Smoking Section, and HipHopDX are the first sites to carry the full Grind Time series. That introduced people to the new Killer Mike, or Mike Bigga. They kept people up on my music and videos, when I couldn’t get them played or aired. Those sites helped build the Pledge series; they helped build what you have today. Those sites were the first to post steller reviews about R.A.P. Music. So for me, it has been my life’s blood, and I appreciate you all in ways that I can’t even express. And, I still have every Source from ’92, every XXL from 1997, and 1998.

DX: I used to buy those from the liquor store every month. I didn’t even subscribe.

Killer Mike: Exactly, because it was about the adventure of finding it.

DX: Right. Is it there? Who’s on the front? What are the reviews?

Killer Mike: Every time we go, we raid their offices and bring all the old issues back to the barbershop.

DX: Speaking of the barbershop, I’ve heard you have barbershops, and you’re trying to open like 100?

Killer Mike: Yes, 150 if I can

DX: Where are they all located?

Killer Mike: Atlanta, right now. It’s called the Graffiti’s Swag Shop…or The Swag Shop is what we call it. That’s “Shave, Wash and Groom.” That’s ours...trademark, bitch! I wanted a place where you could be totally free. Where you could come as a black man, or any man, just say what you want to say, do what you want to do, watch what you want to watch on TV and hear your kind of music. We have these $1,600 beautiful, leather Pibbs chairs in there. We have beautiful portraits of Dr. King in there...beautiful paintings. More than all the cool shit the guys get, ‘cause I take all my liquor home off the road. And when I come in, we have “shot day” were people can come and have a couple shots. If you come and get a kid’s haircut, which range from eight to 10 bucks, they get a free Hot Wheels. So every kid, if you follow me on Instagram, KillerMikeGTO, I take pictures of Hot Wheels. My barbers are always hitting me with 50 to 60 kids a day coming and just enjoying it. For me, it was important to have that type of culture in the barbershop, because our barbershops have become kind of sewer-like. They’ve become kind of seedy. They’ve become drug places where the right things weren’t happening, and I wanted to do away with that. Every barbershop I open is an opportunity to affect communities, and I appreciate the communities having me.

DX: You gonna bring some of those out here to Los Angeles?

Killer Mike: Goddamn right, soon as I can.

DX: So, the future of Killer Mike…you’re expanding that. What’s up with the music, and what else do you have going on?

Killer Mike: I’m working on two albums this winter, me and DJ Trackstar are leaving for a tour in a couple weeks. Shouts out to my DJ, DJ Trackstar. We leave in two weeks, and we’re not back until August. We make music to get on the road, and after that, we’re gonna come home, we’re gonna make two more albums. Then we’re gonna get back on the road. We got a podcast, called “The Educated Villains,” so look out for my podcast to be dropping

DX: So the site’s already up?

Killer Mike: Yeah, I’ll be doing more podcasts talking about stuff like what we just talked about with black conservatism and stuff like that. And shit…I’m just trying to make money. The same shit everyone else is doing. I’m just trying to make money, take good care of my wife, go to Jamaica, do drugs and shit, hang out with pretty girls.

Peer Respect & Killer Mike’s Thoughts On A Reality TV Series

DX: That’s what’s up. So anybody at the show that you’re feeling...that you saw earlier, or you’re looking to see?

Killer Mike: [Freddie] Gibbs. He’s the young homie; I have such admiration for him. I love what he does, so it was real fun for me to see Gibbs. I got a chance to see Heiroglyphics, in particular Souls of Mischief. I was just fucking happy to see them. I did a show with them earlier in the year, so it was good to see them again. But I’m here for Scarface. Anybody in the world that knows me knows I’m here for that. Oh, and I saw Jean Grae, and my wife loves Jean Grae. Shouts out to Jean. I love Jean also, but my wife is at home pissed that she didn’t see Jean. You gotta know my wife, she likes only Southern music. If my wife was a rapper, she’d be Pimp C.

DX: Speaking of your wife, I seen an interview with you before, and people are trying to get you to do a reality show with your wife? What’s the deal with that?

Killer Mike: I don’t really want to do a reality show. We’re gonna end up on TV doing something. Our relationship is just a relationship that other people like us, and they want to see us. I don’t know, we might have a cooking show. I don’t know, I love her; I want that to be public. I have two daughters, and I need for them to know the images and stuff they’re seeing on TV aren’t the only options they have. I’m not with their mothers, and that’s through thoughts of my own, and our own. But for me, I’d like to be an example of the people I encounter. My DJ loves his woman, and my business partner holds his woman down...loves his woman. The men that I know, they love their women, and I would like to be that. Whatever public way we need to be…but I don’t like what I see on TV.

DX: We need more of that, like Tip and Tiny.

Killer Mike: I love watching Tip’s show [“T.I. & Tiny The Family Hustle”], ‘cause I know he loves his wife. That’s what gangsters do. For all you disillusioned children out there, and I mean children like grown-up children…my mom was a gangster. That’s why my grandparents raised me, because my mom was having fun. Like they took care of their children. My mother’s house is a beautiful home. It was child-friendly, because gangsters take care of their children. So just know, when your favorite rapper, or your favorite gangster is off work, they want to smile. So if you’re at home, treat your wife right, treat your fucking kids. Stop watching TV.

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  • sonya

    MIKE YOU ARE A STAND UP GUY. I like to see you run for Mayor you would do right for black and white men and women.I'm white and im tired seeing black democrates taking advantage of black people like they did in the Detroit.Blacks need their own business in their community. Look what the black leader doing Haiti Taking all the money they get from USA and stuffing their pockets and not feeding the black people.And all blacks that sent them donations for the earthquake over phone guest what the Haitis president stole that money to.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats and Republicans? When you have 2 choices for who will be the boss and neither of them will get the job done or save all the people then WAKE THE FUCK UP. We need to start a worldwide revolution! Democracy is an illusion and we are all slaves to the banks. You're fucking stupid if you believe what your government feeds you. REVOLT!!!!

  • Nick

    AND JUST TO PISS PEOPLE OFF MORE. I'd like to point out to all of you that Obama is a puppet that is funded by old white guys. And when your campaign is funded by someone else youre obligated to push your economic backers agenda. Barrack Obama is a trick to wrongfuly lure black people into the democratic party in order to secure its votes so that it can take over america and turn it into a communist haven. I have no animosity towards black people, i make no pre judgement of any black person i walk by, shit i dont even take note of their skin color when engaging in conversation. Really I am trying to give some sound advice. I'm telling you to think for yourself and analyze your own self worth. Nothing in life is given to you and there is no such thing as a free lunch. No matter who you are you gotta take it.

  • shelley wynter

    Mike is what hip hop needs to be again. His lyrics reflect his mind which is is always moving anf growing. If more MCs were like Mike I believe we would have the cultural revolution we need to make changes in our communities. 40 years we have adopted a big govt, liberal mind set which is counter to who we are as a people of melanin. we need to go back to a time we thrived in spite of all odds. consider at the end of our enslavement, men worked for miles to find their families. Now baby mama mentality is such that your kid could be right next door and many dont see them. That springs from culture brought up on the belief and reality that govt will feed those kids. I could go on... Long live Killer Mike and your website.

  • SBMobile

    Mike seems & sounds like an intelligent brother but he deads all that when he whines about a Grammy nod! A "real" artist doesn't actually want an award or accolades, but earns them from handwork & keeping their focus on their craft. #NotJustWritingRhymes #duh I never understand artists that can't recognize that they only give out "1" award per category & sometimes the other artist is just better than the rest. #PlainAndSimple


    I just wanted to formally declare my hatred for hoes on twitter. I cant stand how twitter gives dumb females (and men) a voice. Let me list all of my grievances with Twitter hoes (forgive the language): 1. Thirst/Thirst Traps: Im tired of these chicks on the TL being so thirsty toward celebritiesjust STOP. You arent gonna go out with Chris Brown or Kobe or Justin Timberlake (even worse when they think they are clever by targeting a C-list star). Those men are all taken and nobody wants your lame asses. Seriously, stop posting playful/sexual/naked pictures as if anyone wants you. This goes double and triple for INSTAGRAM. MEN, stop endorsing this shit! 2. Fake Knowledge: Hoes on Twitter all think they know stuff about hip-hop, philosophy, sports, etc. Im tired of this shit. Nobody asked for your dumb ass opinion on how (insert local rapper here) is killing the game or how Dwight should win NBA DPOY. It wouldnt be so bad if their opinions made any kind of sense. Furthermore, you shouldnt be giving advice on Twitter if you cant navigate how to spell regular words correctly. 3. Casual Racism: Im fucking sick and tired of the casual racism on twitter. Twitter hoes take this to the next level. Since when was it the movement for White/Asian/Spanish girls to use the niggas be like/bitches be like meme from Black twitter to degrade AA females? Furthermore, wtf are #TeamLightskin and #TeamDarkSkin? And must every picture be a crack at Black women? I mean shit 75% of these funny pics are of Black woman doing shit other races of women do but basically being criticized for being unattractive. 4. Lack of creativity: If your twitter name has some kind of bad bitch or baby or barbie/Minaj or queen in it just kill yourself. I hate you and you deserve to be hated. And I swear to God hoes on Twitter killed memes. They destroyed my enjoyment of casual memes by overusing them to nauseating levels. Is it possible for these females to have personalities that arent all cut from the same ratchet clothe. The hoe culture is so congealed you cant distinguish one from the other. Also, stop trying to emulate stars with lifestyles, fame, and money you will never reach (see: Rihanna). In conclusion, I apologize for this rant but I couldnt post it on social media for fear of being chastised. *TLDR*

  • killer mike my sack

    shut up u fat fuck



  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Anonymous

    Mother fuckers act like Obama is suppose to write their resumes too these days. SMH.

  • Really

    Obama- Got Bin Laden Stop HC companies from dumping your sick asses Let gays serve openly Supports gay marriage Ended Iraq war Kept us OUT of a 2nd depression Fined BP Regulated bankers Responded QUICKLY to every natural disaster to this point DID NOT take your guns DID NOT take your religion Gave Women equal rights pay legislation HE CUT TAXES- YES CUT TAXES YOU WANT JOBS RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT? Guess what, Budget cuts equal LAY OFFS! Deal with it. That huge infrastructure project he pushed for was killed by NO votes from the right. Raising taxes on the rich (so called Job creators) STILL has not happened thanks to you know who on the RIGHT. Oh let's not forget all the OUTSOURCING in the name of capitalism- that's why A LOT of fools who support this CAN'T find work! Check CHINA! Yeah CHINA, you know the communist country, communist just like Cuba. Cuba don't got your job.

    • SBMobile

      You're clearly fed a healthy diet of daily "government-propaganda". Your list is long, but Obama hasn't actually done anything to help U.S. citizens. Only the "Money-Masters" that control him have reaped benefits through their private-banks & Federal Reserve Bank. #duh

  • Honest Policy

    Fuck a democrat and republican We need to think more like Marcus Garvey and Nat Turner instead of having the we can't beat em so lets join em mentality like the majority of you all.remember how this country was founded it should be no mystery that us as a people a weak as fuck.

  • Yeah OK

    Fuck all yawl- Obama has done FUCKING WONDERS considering the shit he has to deal with on the RIGHT. These mother fuckers have only ADDED to the problems the nation is dealing with and everyone of you know it. Let me know when the Republicans remember they are Americans and get off their crying asses and help the POTUS get us on level ground. Saying NO to fucking everything that is suggested doesn't inspire people to vote for them AT ALL!

  • Sigh

    Democrats don't want free shit you idiots. But they would like to get more BANG for their TAX dollars. What fool wouldn't want that? Oh unless your cool with just giving your money to the feds just because. Man the wealthy got yawl ALL FUCKED UP. You ain't them.

  • Nick

    ^^^ dude must be some broke lazy fuck lookin for a handout

  • Anonymous

    You folks KEEP forgetting it was the REPUBLICAN POLICIES (you all of sudden think can work) is the REASON we are in this mess to begin with. THAT HASN'T CHANGED!

  • Oz. F

    He's got a point when he sais "if you don't own anything in your community it aint your community". The employment deck is stacked against minorities those are just the facts, add to that petty drug charges most minority males are gonna have on their records by the time they turn 21 and bam that's why minorities have almost double the unemployment rate. The only solution is for men to stop looking for people to hire them and be in business for themselves, being their own boss and not working for someone else doing minimum wage shit just cause your felony charge doesn't let u get a good job. Any black or Hispanic man can learn a trade whether its plumbing, Ac repair, flooring, fencing, electrician, carpenter, real estate, insurance, claims adjusting, mortgage broker, welding, etc and none of that shit requires a 4 year degree just a state license you can get in a few months. You get licensed then you bust your ass on your own trying to get clients, whether its knocking door to fucking door, marketing online, cold calling on the phone whatever the fuck it is, at least working for yourself and not some dipshit boss making him rich. You are taking a risk but so did every great entrepreneur and before you know it your business will grow, you'll have to hire a secretary and some laborers and you'll be free from the modern day slave system that is the minimum wage 9-5. Then you become the one looking at applications for people trying to work for you. Minorities don't need jobs they need to break free from the financial rat race that is the wage system, the indians figured this out when they cornered the convenient store market, the Vietnamese did when they took over virtually every nail salon. We need men to step up and take a risk and if their risk turns out to be profitable the whole community benefits because it creates jobs for those who are unwilling to take the risk.

  • Assassin221

    This is some real shit but it's funny, I remember another big Killer Mike interview on DX where he said straight up, "If you don't vote for Obama you're a fucking race traitor." And at the time I was thinking, that's EXACTLY why Democrats don't have to get shit right, because they've figured out how to market themselves as the "good guys" so people of all colors, not just black, feel like they HAVE to vote Democrat without learning a goddamn thing about policies. Of course Republicans aren't blameless here, they definitely play up being the "white" party and that's not cool, but politically speaking, why the hell wouldn't they when everyone else blindly associates Democrats as being the "minority" and "non-racist" party already? If Republicans already know black people won't vote for them, why bother and go after the black vote? Glad to see Killer Mike singing a different tune and outlining some shit that might actually help. Wish I could be more hopeful it might actually happen like he said.

  • DefRx

    In reply to the comments below... The GOP does not give away money to people, they'd rather people in poverty don't get a few hundred dollars to keep them afloat. They'd rather that goes to private business to the tune of billions of dollars. Both the Democrats and the GOP subsidize their favorite businesses, the people who bribed them (legal if you call it lobbying). The Democratic Party just occasionally give some to the disadvantaged as well.

  • Anonymous

    I just got paid $6784 working off my laptop this month. I was shocked when my neighbor told me she was averaging $95 p/h, and she convinced me to try. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless. This is what I do, Wow55.com_

  • nick

    PS...I'm a white boy from the disappearing middle class whose parents dont have shit to offer for help. I slang my dank part time and work a 9-5 and Ive paid for my own college classes out of my own damn pocket. The car, apartment, insurance, cell phone and the other shit i have are all paid for by myself without government or mommy and daddy aid and none of this is a result of my skin color. Its not about where your from, its about where you want to be

    • Nick

      @ANON ^^^ I see you like to keep racism alive just as much as the next democrat. Go ahead an continue to be a product of your environment instead of enlightening yourself and moving up. There is this nifty thing could home schooling, if your scared to go to school. If you think i got where i am cuz im white youre sadly mistaken. I am where I am today because I put my own emotional problems and life issues aside when it comes to getting a job and holding that job. I got here because of strong character and motivation. And the funny thing about chicago is that its not white people shooting up the blacks, its blacks shooting blacks. Sure the white man might make the guns but its not the white man squeezing the trigger in the hood. How can you say i havent done it on my own, I provide everything for myself and have never asked for a bank loan, student loan, financial aid, none of that shit. Pretty sure I had no high school diploma, car, home, or parents. The longer you hold on to this white man grudge the longer its going to take for you to become a well rounded educated person. See the white commmunitity has moved on past this race stuff. We dont care about color anymore, thats something for the primitive and simple. if you have manners, solid work ethic, keep your self looking clean and presentable then someone might just offer you a fuckin job. No business wants to hire an "angry black man" because that just brings negative energy to the work force. But what I say doesnt matter cuz im a white boy and dont know a thing about life just cuz im white right?! GTFOH with your ignorance, youre just holding the advancement of civilization back

    • Anon

      Right. Take you're lil white ass to the Southside of Chicago and pitch them you're little "rags to riches" story. Tell them how its not about where you're from. As they're deciding if going to school is worth the risk of getting shot on the way. You have no idea. You're so blinded by privilege you actually think you did all that shit yourself?? Just BEING white. You get breaks. Subconscious breaks through hundreds and hundreds of years of labels and stereotypes. Anyone who is a white male and claims that they "Did it all on their own." Is clueless....

    • Anonymous

      Shut up nobody even likes you.

  • lol

    his album sucked, whatever excuse makes him feel better. People have sold drugs forever, not based on availability of jobs. There might be less jobs now, but people will always be lazy and want free things. Support drug testing for these benefits to see what these people are really about.

    • Anonymous

      Let's drug test politicians, lobbyists, defense contractors, and anyone else who receives government money while we're at it. And not just for illegal drugs, test them for Oxy, Vicodin, Xanax, Percocet, all the legal shit that can get you higher than any shot of heroin can. Welfare benefits are a drop in the bucket. You want to make sure gov't money is going where it's supposed to go and doing what it's supposed to do? Test EVERYBODY that gets it, not just the poor.

    • nick

      I agree, lets all support more regulated drug tests for jobs and money programs. That is not something that solely affects black america, it affects anyone and everyone trying to abuse the system white or black.

  • nick


  • nick

    And one last thing. Remember that clip that came out a couple months back of Jay-Z talking about Obama winning again and why hes voting for obama? Yeah in that clip Jay says hes in favor of smaller government and the states and people should have more power to makes it own decisions. But then he goes on to say hes voting for Obama cuz hes the first black president and he has to be about that. Doesnt Jay know obama and the democratic party are about large government control. So once again another black man chooses ignorance over knowledge and votes black just because he himself is black, although they havent different political views.

  • honest policy

    Killer Mike is the new and improved Chuck D.

  • nick

    Funny thing is about the rrepublican party is that it doesnt like to just give money out to people just because that person believes they are entitled to it. Essentially Mike is asking the republican party to buy black americas votes. now what does that say about black americas character? What I'm getting out of this really is that Killer Mike will get his black communitity to vote for whoever wants to give out a larger amount of free money. why should anyone (white or black) get some type of incentive for getting out of jail. you did something wrong, and you were punished. no one, and i repeat no one is supposed to feel bad for you regardless of skin color if you commit a crime. Killer Mike just made black america look awful and weak in cahracter, by saying give us more free money and we will vote for you! Dont you guys get it, democrats need racism to continue to exist and civil rights issues or else they would be out of jobs. People have to realize the idea of republican vs democrat is dead. Now either you can choose to be a slave to the democrat society and let them decide what we get and ration out the wealth to the undeserving, OR YOU CAN BUCK THE FUCK UP AND BE A MAN AND WORK FOR YOUR WORTH INSTEAD OF BLAMING HISTORY OR YOUR SKIN COLOR OR YOUR FAMILY LIFE. Society has come along way since the days of slavery and hate, much more than liberal media likes to lead you on to believe. But if we all knew that they would be out of jobs and money.

    • Nick

      Slavery was quite some time ago, it really doesnt affect the outcome of your life at all. your parents werent slaves, neither where your grandparents and even their parents. Fuck my irish ancestors were slaves here in America and discriminated against but you dont hear irish americans bitching about it. There is no way in hell slavery that happened over 100 yrs ago holds you back. If it does its because you create this idea in your head that you have to make up for your ancestors and have to hold some sort of grudge. Whites didnt kidnap you from africa either, your chieftains sold and traded you to us. Fuck even the egyptians had slaves, you guys enslaved your own people to build the pyramids

    • Anonymous

      1. Democrats aren't giving out free ANYTHING to ANYONE. Where do you live? 2. Slavery, Jim Crow ARE the reason shit is so fucked for black Americans today. 3. You're right you can't use it as an excuse to do nothing but to totally dismiss it as if it has NOTHING to do with the dichotomy between whites and blacks is PURE IGNORANCE.

    • DA1

      Greatest comment I've seen in years. Too bad there aren't many (black)people who think this way.

  • Jamil

    Killer Mike needs to learn a little bit more about the political parties and political history of this country. Sounds like he is talking about direct government intervention in black communities, yet he seems to think he is a conservative. Educate yourself man, there is a VERY good reason why black people don't vote for republicans. You're not somehow smarter than the rest of us just because you seem to know better and vote republican, dumbass.

    • KMuhamm1

      Naw boss, what he's saying is to reap the benefits of voting these "cosksuckers" in office. To realize that your vote does count for something. To be wooed by f****n" politicians. Basically, not give up the ass for free. Shit, they wanna f@@k, it's gonna cost 'em!

  • Wow

    Hip-hop fans live in a small world man. All black people are not poor, or don't have jobs. Does anyone ask the millions of MORE white people why they vote Democrat? Oh that's right they have legit reasons but not black people, they just do it just because according to this guy.

  • Yeah Whatever

    Blah, Blah, Blah. What about the black men WHO DO HAVE A JOB? What about the millions of black people WHO DO have careers and OR are going to college and are NOT getting popped for drug dealing? Mike you don't speak for all of us like we can't think for ourselves. So run your ass on over to the Republicans asking for shit- like that hasn't been tried before- and see how far you get. WASTE OF TIME! The ignorant ones do have people trying to help them and all they want to do is get mad at you or blame the illuminati.

  • Anonymous

    Another solid rapper making himself sound a fool involving politics and their own personal, retarded sounding opinions. Killer Mike sounds extremely closed minded here, reminds me of Lupe. At least those two can showcase skill, Immortal Techweak hasn't dropped a solid song since Vol. 2 and still talks politics. A subject who should never partake in and move to Iran while he's at it. Idiot rappers, please, keep your mouth shut when it comes to topics you know not enough of or about. It's like a cyclist talking about driving a tank, not even close.

  • jake

    i've got a whole new respect for killer mike..finally someone with some brains that isn't just following obama like a fucking zombie. it's nice to see someone that actually knows whats going on and can use examples of things to explain why they think the way they do unlike pretty much every democrat. he's absolutely right. it's a fact that democrats own every murder capital in the country and own literally every ghetto also. heavily run democrat areas all over the country are in absolute ruins because of their terrible policies. it's nice that he can see through all the propaganda and realize that democrats must be doing something wrong....

    • jake

      the red states collect the most "benefits", not welfare. they have significantly more retirees collecting their social security and using medicare which they paid into both of. also yes, the average incomes are a bit lower in most of the red states, but what you leave out is the cost of living. even with lower incomes, the dollar goes further in almost all of those areas with much lower living costs and less inflated prices due to better local economic policies. nyc was the only place in the nation with 80% of it's high school graduates being illiterate which is one of the most liberal areas of the country...that's not just uneducated, that's full blown retarded. some of the liberals are very book smart and tend to be more present in the fields of science but the red states are where most of the skillful trade work and blue collar jobs are at. many of those jobs are stereotyped because of television and the false image hollywood can paint but those types of jobs pay very well and take a tremendous amount of skill and training to do. I would say the red states have more people with useful education that can be used to put food on the table. liberals just seem to have big vocabularies most of the time...that's about it.

    • Anonymous

      YO man, you better go check your sources again. EVERYBODY except you know the RED states are the largest welfare states and lowest in level of Education. PERIOD.

  • DAD

    I bet all these blacks voted for bout you get a job

  • Anonymous

    "But for the most part, black people, before they wake up in the morning, before they eat their cereal or drink their coffee, they know theyre gonna vote Democrat." >>> classic!!!! I constantly try to explain to my black friends that almost all black people vote democrat "just because" and they always deny it! hilarious

    • Anonymous

      ^ Oh really, who else was on the Republican ticket in 2008? Shut up dummy. Obama was and IS the best choice.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody wants fuck ass mclame of failin. not every candidate is the best but every one in recent years has been better than "failure of first black president obama". what a legacy he has left in history. lol

    • Anonymous

      Yeah because YOU know better. Because black people NEED YOU to think for us. Miss me dude, you are WAY OFF. What would you have us do vote for Sarah PAlin and McCain? Why don't you ask your WHITE friends why they vote Democrat?

  • hypestyle

    "give the money to black republicans--" hell no.