Hip Hop’s greatest holiday hit has gotten a cable upgrade now IFC has recruited Darryl McDaniels of the legendary RUN-DMC to remix the group’s 1987 record, “Christmas In Hollis” to promote the network’s upcoming “Christmas in the ‘80s” marathon.

There is nothing but classics on this roster. No matter what era or generation you claim, prepare to be entertained.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Airs Sunday, December 24 @ 12PM
Uncle Buck – Airs Sunday, December 24 @ 2PM
Trading Places – Airs Sunday, December 24 @ 4:15PM
Big Trouble in Little China – Airs Sunday, December 24 @ 1:30AM
The Karate Kid – Airs Monday, December 25 @ 8AM
The Karate Kid Part II – Airs Monday, December 25 @ 11AM
The Karate Kid Part III – Airs Monday, December 25 @ 1:30PM
Dirty Dancing – Premieres Monday, December 25 @ 9PM