HipHopDX Premiere: Parish Smith or PMD, one-half of the legendary duo EPMD, released his new solo album last month. Titled Business Mentality, the project carries on PMD’s tradition of delivering classic boom-bap Hip Hop and gritty lyrics. Now, the native New Yorker is back with a video for one of the album’s standout tracks, “Prodigy Tribute,” which also features rapper Agallah.

Beginning with a snippet of Smith’s “It’s the Pee ’97” featuring the late Mobb Deep MC, the visual quickly goes into black-and-white mode and pays homage to the fallen legendary rapper.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, PMD explained why the song was important to include on the new album.

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“I did the ‘Prodigy Tribute’ song to Prodigy to have a conversation with P and pay respect to him for his great contribution to Hip Hop,” PMD told DX’s Kyle Eustice. “Anytime EPMD and Mobb Deep would have a show together, P and I would chop it up for minute and catch up the next time we were on the same show.

“EPMD and Mobb Deep were on The Art Of Rap Tour in 2016,” he continued. “In June 2017, Mobb Deep was on The Art Of Rap show in Las Vegas, but EPMD wasn’t on The Art Of Rap Las Vegas show this year, so I didn’t get to catch up with Prodigy. I felt like I had to have that conversation with Prodigy.”

Watch the video above and cop PMD’s Business Mentality LP here.