HipHopDX Premiere: After recently hitting multiple Billboard charts, Whitney Peyton has dropped a new video for “Burden,” which she describes to HipHopDX as a “relatable, un-sugar-coated love song that you can play in the background while you drunk dial your ex.”

The artist, who has collaborated with artists like Twiztid, R.A. The Rugged Man and Kung Fu Vampire, is also vocal about her stance on anti-bullying, something she had to overcome in high school.

“I’m considered an artist that’s rough around the edges, quirky, and certainly not perfectly wholesome by any means,” she explains to DX. ‘But my overall message and theme is about being yourself despite what others say and transforming from an underdog to an alpha dog! I definitely had to overcome many people naysaying to get this far. My warm fuzzy morals might be wrapped up in curse words and punchlines, but they’re there!”

Check out the video above.