HipHopDX Premiere: Hailing from the indie rock capital of Omaha, Nebraska, Dilla Kids are aiming to put 402 Hip Hop on the map. Fronted by MC Marcy Yates, and rounded out by fellow MC Xoboi and Glenn White on the beats, Dilla Kids put their love of golden era Hip Hop at the forefront with their new video, “Angry,” which paints a portrait of a house party’s aftermath.

“The song is about choosing to fit in order to have fun or just being you to have fun,” Yates explains to HipHopDX. “The song touches on the conscious of being aware of where I’m from historically and where I’m put in reality, and how to navigate through temptation. It’s like a ‘look don’t touch kinda of deal.”

Dilla Kids represent the Raleigh Science Project, a Hip Hop collective out of Omaha, and their name was obviously inspired by the late, great J.Dilla. Produced by Yates, “Angry” comes from the trio’s latest EP, Crisis Actors, which is based on the seven deadly sins, and the notion the government uses staged events and crisis actors to fool the American people into deception. Let that one marinate, check out the video above and cop the album here.