HipHopDX Premiere: Oakland-based MC, award-winning spoken word poet, activist, and educator Karega Bailey has been married to wife Felicia Gangloff-Bailey for the past five years, but the couple has been together since 2003 when they initially met. Their incredible modern day love story is often depicted in the music of their SOL Development artist collective and the new video for “Diamond” is no exception.

Directed by B.Free Films, the video brings the heavily jazz-influenced track to life while Karega “prays for peace” and Felicia sings the sultry hook, “Work all day/work all night/wake up in the morning/gotta keep on grinding” as they describe what it’s like to be so far apart while she wraps up her Ph.D work at Howard University on the other side of the country. Like the saying goes, the distance has truly made their hearts grown fonder.

“Let me tell you about this man here,” Felicia tells HipHopDX. “[He’s a] freedom fighter, spiritual warrior, rebel, and light. We’ve been apart for sometime, but his support goes the distance. He challenges me and pushes me to new heights. My vertical is higher with him. And he knows how to grease a scalp. I say all that to say, simply, I miss him.”

“More than any gift we’ve ever exchanged I am most grateful for her gift of patience,” Karega adds. “Through her patience and attention to detail she helps me accomplish the desires of my heart even if it means sacrifice, especially when life changes your plans. Through practicing love with Felicia, I am able to see that patience is more precious than a diamond.”

Watch the video above.