HipHopDX Premiere: Often times, turntablists don’t get the credit they deserve. Without them, MCs wouldn’t have a beat to rap to (unless they’re a lame who raps over CDs). Albuquerque, New Mexico native DJ Stigmata (real name Jhette Gonzalez-Duran) has taken the craft of vinyl manipulation extremely seriously and shows off his skills in a new live scratching video for “That’s Deejaying.”

“’Thats Deejaying’ was inspired by listening to KRS One talk about the elements of Hip Hop,” Gonzalez-Duran tells DX.  “I stumbled on the sample used in the video, and was instantly inspired by what he believed to be the definition of what makes a real DJ. It’s always been important to me to respect the culture of Hip Hop and the art form of DJing, while simultaneously knowing that technology and the Hip Hop culture is ever-evolving. The idea that as an artist I have the power to add my own unique style and energy to express myself through the music is what keeps me inspired and excited to keep honing my skills, working on my craft, and keep the culture moving forward.”

Gonzales-Duran started scratching in early 2009 and quickly developed his own style of DJing, integrating turntablism with his love for underground music. Over the past eight years, he has established a name for himself in the New Mexico scene and works closely with the Too Zany Collective. Watch the video above.