Helmed by MC Kalyn Heffernan, Denver-based Hip Hop trio Wheelchair Sports Camp (WSC) was recently signed to Sage Francis‘ label, Strange Famous. Consequently, WSC’s debut album, No Big Deal, was the first release under Strange Famous’ new imprint, SFdigi. Produced by the late, great Ikey Owens (Jack White, The Mars Volta), the album properly introduces the world to the inner workings of Heffernan, who at just three feet, six inches tall and 53 pounds, still fills up a room with her feisty personality and undeniable penchant for crafting unbelievably clever rhymes.

In the new video for “Hard Out Here For A Gimp,” she addresses her struggle with brittle-bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) while injecting her wit as she rolls around the city.

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“Not able to eat at a high table or live life stable/I fit all your right labels/didn’t get cat-called/and ain’t complaining at all/they’re like, ‘Kayln you talk too much/shut up, you walk too much,” she spits with defiance.

Directed by Chris Bagley, the video enlists the help of other physically changed individuals and stresses the importance of not judging them. The video caption includes a statement from Heffernan, which reads, “A year ago Chris Bagley and I and a bunch of crips filmed the ‘Hard Out Here For a Gimp’ video in a hurry because my leg was broken and the time was right… NOW IT’S YOURS VIA Strange Famous Records ‘cuz I’m in the same position with another broken leg in my undies and the time is oh so right! #NOBIGDEAL”

Watch it above.