Los Angeles-based MC Trizz returns with the official music video to “Suburbia.” The record comes with a dark synth-laden beat, which creates the perfect backdrop for Trizz’s personal stories of grime outside the city limits.

Speaking on the subject, Trizz states, “Don’t let the term ‘Suburbia’ fool you, my definition is clearly different. In my view, it’s a place that’s very deceiving to the naked eye. In the song, I mention ‘Friends killing friends over jealousy and money.’ That’s a real reference about my cousin, who was killed by a few of his ‘homies’ earlier this year.”

The record is featured on Trizz’ brand new album Leatherface 2, released via Below System Records (JR & PH7, Pearl Gates, Code Nine). First picking up a microphone at 9 years old and now at 24 years old, Trizz continues to prove why he belongs in the rap game.