In the cinema that is Carlton Ave, the music video “Temp Tags” is the climax/twist of the movie. For Danté Wolfe, everything in his life is leading up to this point. In the most practical terms, this song is a vivid depiction of a pivotal time in the 24-year-old rapper’s life.

Danté states, “Every verse is a page ripped right out of the book of life… look in my eyes or listen to my music, the story is the same.” His music tells the story of his life, his experiences, his struggles and what he has overcome to reach the success he has obtained. Fans should expect the same story-telling style in his upcoming record Carlton Ave.

In the all black and white music video, Wolfe is shown in a brick style warehouse with Mvstermind, rapping about heartbreak and money problems. The video features frequent flashbacks to shots of Danté recording this song in the studio. The intimate look at the production of this song paints the picture of the musical process of “Temp Tags” and Danté’s journey as an artist.



Initially, Danté started recording “Temp Tags” as something intended for a future Mvstermind project he was featured on. However, Mvstermind encouraged Danté to release the song on his solo album Carlton Ave. As a result, Danté chose “Temp Tags” to be the first single off the record.

Look out for the LP slated to drop November 28, and drop your comments below.