HipHopDX Premiere: MC/producer IAME of the Northwest Hip Hop collectives Sandpeople and Oldominion has been releasing music under his new moniker Wool See. After sharing the video for “Somber Zombie” in September, he’s teamed up with director Tim Slew of Soundlapse (Sadistik, Onry Ozzborn) to breathe life into “Departures.” Throughout the song, Wool See attempts to come to terms with death and the decline of his loved ones as he oscillates between consciousness, and what appears to be a dream. 

“The video is a metaphor for how we can start thinking about what’s beyond this life,” IAME tells DX. “There’s no clear answer, so we’re just immediately lost.”

“Departures” comes from IAME’s fourth solo album, LifeAlert, and features cover art by fellow crew mate, Sapient. Purchase the album here.