In the midst of the United States focusing heavily on racial injustice, there are not enough white Hip Hop artists speaking on the issues at hand. “Brass Noose” presents energetic visuals and masked characters to signify that we are all human beyond the color of our skin. Rah-C puts himself in a very vulnerable place by speaking on race, but does it in a confident manner displaying unorthodox dance moves while delivering energetic lyrics. This song was created as an anthem for everyone to shout together as one.

2016 has been huge for the 19-year old Hip Hop artist. Participating and advancing in official Hip Hop competitions such as Futuristic’s OneTakeContest and TeamBackpack has allowed Rah-C to work within his peer group and succeed by standing out.

Representing for the next generation of Hip Hop, the ambitious artist continues to create new music with a fresh perspective for his fans. Striving for greatness, awareness, and clarity, Rah-C explores topics and personal issues such as loss, race, pride, and tragedy. Inspired by the classics, Rah-C combines old-school flavor with fresh samples and energized beats creating his unique original sound.

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