A Christian woman took her concerns to YouTube after discovering a Vince Staples song while driving her 11-year-old daughter to school. The emotional rant has been a popular topic on Reddit today (October 4). In the video, she is visibly upset and in tears, saying, “I can’t believe this stuff is on the radio. This is what our youth is being subjected to.”

She then goes on to quote the lyrics from Staples’ track “Norf Norf,” repeating the words, “Bitch you thirty/please grab a Sprite/my crips lurking/don’t die tonight.”

As she strongly encourages other parents to pay attention to what their kids are listening to, she continues to cry and is adamant she will never let her four little girls listen to the radio ever again.

Check out the video for “Norf Norf” below and she what she’s so angry about.