K. Sparks is a recording artist from Queens, New York that prides himself on creating what we know as message music: strong lyrical content accompanied by solid production. Given the recent events and social climate in regards to race, police brutality, and other issues, he created the record called “Trendy.”

In this music video, Sparks chose to utilize symbolism as a method of creating positive dialogue. The dining room table represents today’s society. The African American woman and the Caucasian woman come to the table (society) to engage, but unfortunately, the main topic that is always the main and only course of discussion is race. As a result, the discussion of race causes conflict and anger. Ultimately, the waiter brings out the gun because in today’s society, that’s how we chose to handle race, with a lack of understanding and violence.

The video is a metaphor. Find the message and drop your comments below.