Minneapolis-based MC, Sims, released the new track, “OneHundred,” earlier this month and has followed up with the visuals today (September 20). Produced by fellow Doomtree affiliate Lazerbeak, the song is undeniably catchy and puts Sims’ rapping prowess prominently on display.

The Otis and Stanley-directed video is filmed on a pastel colored set and finds Sims reading a book, playing with balloons, and hanging with a cat while looking like some kind of demented psychiatrist.

Always chalk full of humor, there is undoubtedly several layers to the seemingly nonsensical video, but pre-order his new album, More Than Ever, to figure it out. The album drops November 4 via Doomtree Records.

Tracklist below:

01. A Bad Flying Bird

02. Icarus

03. Brutal Dance

04. OneHundred

05. Flash Paper

06. Spinning Away

07. Oakland Ave Catalpas

08. What They Don’t Know

09. Badlands

10. Buckets

11. Shaking In My Sheets

12. Voltaire

13. Gosper Island