Atypical of the Hip Hop played on the radio or floating around in cyber-space, Moodie Black comes in like a punch in the gut with its dark, twisted take on the genre. Its latest video for “Vanowen” featuring Pierre Mottron is no exception. Morbid and strange, it lets lead vocalist kdeath purge his deepest emotions through the music and artistic visual.

As a member of the Fake Four, Inc. roster (home to artists like Awol One, Open Mike Eagle, Sadistik, and Busdriver), Moodie Black is part of a minute class of noise rap artists like Death Grips, BLACKIE, or Dalek. The band’s unorthodox approach to production, mixing, and live performance has started to take hold.

There have been some recent and quite significant changes in the band’s situation. After the removal of one of the members, a move to Los Angeles and back to the Midwest, and the disclosure of kdeath’s trans identity, Moodie Black reemerges to build upon its quietly legendary history with a national tour in support of its upcoming album, Lucas Acid.

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“I identify as transgender gender fluid femme,” kdeath tells DX. “Basically, I feel like a man and woman, and I let everyone know. My girlfriend knew forever, but other than that I came out to friends and most of my family other than my dad. So yeah, it’s been awesome to get involved and be able to live openly without hiding anything.

“I think the community needs more representation from different trans people,” kdeath adds. “I hope to bridge some of those gaps and change the common narrative of what trans people look like, especially those that are cis males under the thumb of misogyny and the shame we are meant to feel for being femme.”

Moodie Black’s Acid Tour launches September 19 in Madison, Wisconsin. Lucas Acid is expected in early 2017.