Boston rapper Kyle Bent has released a new video for the thought-provoking track, “Rotten Apple Seeds.” For a 19-year-old, the subjects he covers offer poignant insight some grown “adults” never comprehend. From observations on money-hungry corporations and race wars to sexism and the basic human condition, he’s seemingly light years ahead of his peers.

The video can’t help but elicit a smile. It features Bent and friends going around the streets of New York City handing out apples to anyone and everyone. According to the official press release, the video is meant to depict the power of youth and how easily goodness can spread with even a small gesture. “Rotten Apple Seeds” delivers a refreshingly unique experience atypical of a lot of mainstream Hip Hop floating around these days. Bent’s forthcoming album, Complex Simplicity, drops September 19 on Denver’s Made In The Shade Records.