LA by way of Providence trap trio Code Green release a new video titled “Damn, I Took Too Many!” As the title suggests, the new single is a muted ode to the pitfalls of the lifestyle: sex, drugs, and all other accoutrements of the fast life, as they are all put under a microscope.
The trio states, “When we first recorded the song, we were in a state where we wanted to question ourselves, our lifestyle, and the things we were seeing in Providence. This was one of those therapeutic sessions for us. Sonically, the song was muted and wintery yet addictive and fun. We wanted the song to resonate with our fans and where we are at now by building up the courage to be as honest and raw as possible. Our verses on this record explore the vanity associated with drugs and the state of mind we were in. Since we’ve moved out to Los Angeles we’ve developed a stronger conception of ourselves and what we represent to the youth. ‘Damn I took to many’ represents the worst of us but recognizing we have room to grow.”

Evo, Nesi, and ER with The Dreads, continue to impress, carving their own lane, creating their very own unique blend of dark, melodic trap.