Versatility is the name of the game in Hip Hop today: if you can turn out a trap record, a conscious tale, and a club banger, you’re an all-around master of the trade. From LA to L.A., Duney Kush has embodied all of his experiences to bring one unique, versatile artist to modern rap — and his newest music video “Junkie” proves exactly that.

While a “junkie” is normally a bad thing to be, Duney explores the inner workings of the human soul and brings out the junkie in all of us, the junkie many of us maybe weren’t aware of. Through the vibrant visuals and an uptempo beat, Duney Kush touches on the perils of success, money, chicks, and kush, and how we all have a vice.

Growing up in Baton Rouge during the golden era of Hip Hop and with a record label-owning father, Duney Kush was immersed in a whirlwind of rap culture that was not only of quantity, but immense quality. A complex relationship with his father and more of life’s obstacles have set up Duney Kush to reach the top of the emerging rap scene with his KUSH team by his side.