The undeniable flavor that is MadeinTYO (and producer K Swisha’s) “Uber Everywhere” has made its way to down through E. 110 St. in Cleveland and onto Paper Paulk’s radar.

LeBron James and the Cavs may have brought the city a shiny, new trophy but the hustle doesn’t stop for the hungry rapper, which is the basis Paulk has carved out for his new freestyle.

“‘Uber Everywhere’ is a tour of where I come from, a tour of my hood, city and the everyday struggles that go along with it,” Paulk tells HipHopDX.

“Growing up I was always taught to “dream,” but I don’t know if I can’t say that for many of my peers. So when they put a “DREAM” mural outside the projects, every kid had pass it on they way to school and I felt like it was necessary to remind the hood to keep “dreaming.” For me it was about capturing a young, older and wiser me! Come see where the hustle started, “they know I be everywhere.”

The new joint/video combo is just a small preview of the things to come when Double P drops his Fresh Vibes Sixteen mixtape on August 16.

Watch the HipHopDX-premiered video above and check out his previous work on iTunes/Apple Music.