HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: Scotty Apex is a 19-year-pld artist, coming from Indianapolis, influenced by Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, and Frank Ocean, creating a lot of noise right now through his musical abilities. As of right now, he is mostly recognized for his track “I AM ALONE,” which has hit 160,000 plus views on YouTube, but he is more than just a talented musician. He is also known for his clothing designs, modeling, and photography.

He recently released a project titled “ANXIETY” which is nine tracks long. The project has a feature from Tre Capital which stands out and the two make a great combination for the song “City Savior.” The project tells Scotty’s story as he opens up emotionally and takes the listener on a journey through his battles with depression, loneliness, anger, and many other dark feelings expressed through his sound.

This music video is for the introduction track off his project. It was directed and edited by Sam Miro, the same person who edited and directed Mathaius Young’s “GO” video. The first song in the video is titled “ANXIETY”, and it was produced by Mathaius Young whose name has been on the rise lately. The first half of the video takes place in an abandoned building, with balloons surrounding him representing his desire to keep growing as a person. This is also a reference to Scotty’s alias title of “balloon boy.” Once he finally takes flight, he realizes it was all just a dream, and the video transitions into another one of Scotty’s tracks titled “Issues.” The rest of video is in a very trippy effect and slow motion which is a smooth outro to the video.